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Welcome Meet: Jeff Underwood President Stephanie Carnot CWT Lead Agent & Carnegie Mellon University VIP Desk Manager David Underwood Account Executive.

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1 Welcome Meet: Jeff Underwood President Stephanie Carnot CWT Lead Agent & Carnegie Mellon University VIP Desk Manager David Underwood Account Executive

2 Presentation Agenda for Carnegie Mellon University  Introduction to Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT)  Review of travel management services available to Carnegie Mellon. To include CWT’s online booking engine, Internet Rate Desk, 72-Hour Traveler Alert, Global Hotel Program, Global Traveler Services, Express Visa Services, 24-Hour Emergency Center, and the CWT Service Guarantee  Carlson Wagonlit’s global network and current vendor negotiation strategies for Carnegie Mellon University  Brief demonstration of online capabilities. Demonstration will include Carnegie Mellon travel page, online booking engine, and online reporting tools  Comments & Questions

3 Introduction to Carlson Wagonlit Travel  Carlson Wagonlit Travel was formed in 1994 with the union of U.S.-based Carlson Travel Network and France-based Wagonlit Travel.  Carlson Companies boasts an annual systemwide revenue exceeding $22 billion and continues to be one of the countries largest private companies.  Carlson Companies owns many familiar brands: Regent International Hotels, Radisson Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Country Inn and Suites, T.G.I. Friday’s, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Travel Agents International, Thomas Cook, plus many others.  Wagonlit Travel, is part of the Accor Group. The Accor Group is a publicly held worldwide travel, hospitality and services company based in Paris, France, with $18 billion in system-wide revenues. Some of the company’s most familiar brands include: Novotel, Sofitel, Motel 6, Europcar Interrent, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, and Wagon-Lits Railway Service Company.  Together, Accor and Carlson jointly own Carlson Wagonlit Travel.  March 18, 2004 Carlson Wagonlit Travel purchased Maritz Corporate Travel, adding over $1 billion in annual air volume.  Underwood Travel is an associate of Carlson Wagonlit. We are the region’s largest associate and have been a resource for specialized corporate travel management in Pittsburgh for over 26 years.  Together, this partnership between local and global synergies, represents a complete travel management company where all of our resources are available and passed directly on to the Carlson Wagonlit Travel customer.

4 Local Strength, Global Reach, Cultural Diversity

5 Review of Travel Management Services  The Carnegie Mellon/CWT online booking engine  Internet Rate Desk  72-Hour Traveler Alert  CWT Hotel Program  Global Traveler Services  24-Hour Emergency Center  CWT Service Guarantee

6 The Carnegie Mellon/CWT Online Booking Engine Overview:  Convenient and easy to use  Compares your airline reservations with the best “web- only” fares offered by Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia & SideStep and many others.  Customized specifically to meet your travel needs to include all Carnegie Mellon travel policies, negotiated vendor discounts, and Travel Arranger interface with multiple travelers.  Local fulfillment of reservations by highly qualified CWT agents dedicated to Carnegie Mellon.  Integrated MIS captures 100% of agency and “web-only” purchases with consolidated travel data  All CWT negotiated hotel rates immediately available online

7 Online Booking Convenience Maps and Guides Up-To-The-Minute Status Seat Maps Anywhere Anytime 24x7 Bookings Fast Itineraries

8 Internet Fare Comparison  Save money by utilizing internet-only fares.  All fares compared side-by- side on one easy to read page.  Compare web-only fares against negotiated corporate rates.  Capture all travel expenditure data in management reports.  Enforce corporate travel policies to determine when internet fares should be utilized.  Feel confident that your travelers always receive the lowest available fare.

9 One-Page Internet Fare Comparisons & Custom Seat Maps

10 Reserve Travel (without Purchase) and for Approval

11 72-Hour Traveler Alert  Designed in response to the confusing rules and restrictions instituted by most major airlines.  s each traveler who holds a non-refundable ticket and notifies them that they have 72-hours to make any changes to their existing travel plans.  CWT Agents will discuss all options available to the traveler and the costs associated with each option.  Protects Carnegie Mellon from significant losses due to travelers who are not familiar the new airline regulations or who forgot about their non-refundable ticket purchase.

12 Global Alliance Hotel Programme  10,500 plus properties worldwide, all at Discounted Rates  Many Properties Offer Carlson Customers Exclusive Amenities (breakfast, phone calls, newspaper, room upgrades, etc)  Program Includes Property Descriptions, Price Comparisons, City Maps & More! Visit for a database of all properties. Sign in as a new user and register. Password is "cwtrates".

13 Global Traveler Services Program  Offers access from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through highly trained consultants who speak over 30 languages.  Customer Care Services - doctors, hospitals, medical assistance, legal assistance and emergency cash transfers worldwide  Lost or Stolen Services - travelers checks, credit cards and passport/travel documents  Financial Services - cash transfers, drafts, wires, foreign currencies and travelers checks  Concierge Services - courier referral, translation services, global messaging, worldwide event ticketing, and restaurant referrals.  Click here for more details on the Global Traveler Services Programhere

14 Express Visa Service  Visas & Passports to All Countries  Exclusive Pricing for CWT clients  24 Hour Emergency & Information Line for CWT Clients  For further details and Carlson exclusive pricing, click on hit27?46# hit27?46#

15 24 Hour Emergency Center  All calls are linked Directly to CWT Offices and Reservation System.  Toll Free Number or Collect From Anywhere in the World  Multi-Lingual Inbound Service  Automatic Access to Travel Information  All Information Secured by Carlson

16 Emergency Numbers Provided on Each International Itinerary  Australia  Bahamas  Bahrain  Belgium  Brazil  Canada  Chile  Columbia  Cyprus  Denmark  Dominican Republic  Finland  France  Germany  Greece  Guam  Hong Kong  Hungary  Indonesia  Ireland  Israel  Italy  Japan  Korea  Luxembourg  Malaysia  Mexico  Netherlands  New Zealand  Norway  Panama  Philippines  Poland  Portugal  Singapore  Sweden  Switzerland  Taiwan  Thailand  Turkey  United Kingdom  Uruguay  Venezuela  All Other Countries Call Collect to USA –

17 Group and Meeting Services  CWT has a Group and Meeting Specialist to assist Carnegie Mellon University Travelers.  Negotiated Airline Discounts for any group of 10 or more traveling together or to the same destination.  Provides savings of up to 45% vs. full fare  Airline discount programs are negotiated to include one free ticket with every 40 issued.  Group discounts also available on hotel accommodations.  CWT can manage all of the meeting planning needs for your group.

18 CWT Customer Service Guarantee  CWT disseminates a traveler satisfaction surveys upon the completion of each itinerarytraveler satisfaction surveys  Results of the survey are calculated quarterly.  CWT guarantees that the majority of Carnegie Mellon travelers responding to our survey will be satisfied with our service levels.  If the majority of respondents rate our service as below average in any category, we will reduce our fees by 20% until the results of the next survey are calculated.

19 Carlson Wagonlit’s Global Network & Negotiation Strategies  Carlson Wagonlit Travel is backed by more than 4,000 locations in more than 141 countries. Including cities and countries that are frequently visited by Carnegie Mellon travelers (Doha, Edinburgh, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Singapore, Frankfurt, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan)4,000 locations  CWT will develop an overall savings strategy for each market in which you operate and negotiate vendor negotiations.

20 Current Vendor Negotiations  Italy - A contract with Alitalia is currently under review. Discounts have been offered for up to 38% depending on the class of service with a minimum booking commitment. Non-stop service is currently being offered from New York and Boston and will also be available from Washington-Dulles on March 28.  Qatar - A contract has been finalized with British Airways for travel to Doha. The discounts will be 15-25% depending on the class of service. British Airways offers service from their hubs in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Trans-Atlantic flights will connect in London for direct service to Doha. We are also working with the CWT office located in Doha. This provides Carnegie Mellon personnel stationed in Qatar with a local point of contact and they can use their services for return flights to the United States.  Car Rentals - We have begun discussions with car rental companies concerning a discount program for CMU personnel. In addition to providing a discount, all CMU travelers would be enrolled in the car rental company’s preferred traveler program.

21 Contact Information Jeff Underwood President Tel ext Stephanie Carnot CWT Lead Agent & Carnegie Mellon VIP Desk Manager Tel ext David Underwood Account Executive Tel ext

22 Thank You!

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