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Dale Carnegie Training ® The Global Leader in Business Training People Performance Profits Presented by Ralph Nichols-Team Canada.

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2 Dale Carnegie Training ® The Global Leader in Business Training People Performance Profits Presented by Ralph Nichols-Team Canada

3 To meet the Challenge in the Workplace Today Requires... Forward Thinking Relationship Oriented Service Focused Technology Literate Facilitative Value Added Team Driven Leaders …at every level

4 Breakthrough to Success! People… unlock the potential Performance… outpace the competition Profits… strengthen the bottom line

5 Dale Carnegie Training ® 4Built on 85+ years of success 4Innovative firing line skills taught in a highly interactive coaching setting 4Spaced - Learning approach enabling systematic habit patterning 4Building profits by building better relationships internally and externally 4Universal principles tailorable to any company in any industry

6 The Revolutionary Dale Carnegie ® Approach …uses team dynamics and intra-group activities to help people master the capabilities demanded in today’s tough business environment… …delivering enhanced performance levels in persuasive communication, creative problem solving, consensus building and focused, confident and enthusiastic leadership skill.

7 Customer Satisfaction Index Dale Carnegie ® Product Tailoring is ISO 9001 certified. More than 300,000 audits and still 96% satisfaction! More than 30 points higher than the competition.

8 Attitude Change - phase one builds on the resolve to learn and spurs individuals to envision who they can become Knowledge - phase two provides information, tools, methods and strategies Practice - phase three puts new knowledge into practice in real-world situations Skill Development - phase four hones skills to deliver breakthrough performance The Dale Carnegie® Difference

9 How do we tailor to your specific needs? The Tailored Solution Process

10 To Help XYZ Ltd. Go From... Operational Misalignment… people and teams going in their own direction... Company Vision

11 To This... Strategic Alignment! … people and teams going in the same profitable direction... Company Vision

12 Getting full involvement of team Develop people and organization in tandem Creating a shared sense of vision Achieving ‘alignment’ in order to get the best out of people Deal with corporate terrorists / bottlenecks To Help Clients answer issues such as...

13 Four Phases of the XYZ Ltd. Tailored Solution Process Research, Design and Development Project Focus and Commitment Implementation Reinforcement and Measurement Phase I Phase IV Phase III Phase II Taking Change Integration & Skill Development to a higher level at XYZ Limited

14 XYZ Ltd. Tailored Solution Process Working to earn sustaining resource status... First Phase: Research, Design & Development We listen to you and your team to audit, assess and statistically analyze team needs. Then, together, we custom design and structure the change process, choosing from more than 100 Certified Dale Carnegie ® Modules and different delivery methods.

15 Research, Design and Development First Phase Project Team Road Map Session Business Improvement Discussions Report Preparation and Behavior Series Designed 1 2 3 Taking Change Integration & Skill Development to a higher level at XYZ Limited

16 Business Improvement Discussions(BID): - groups of 20-25 at a time for the entire team involved in the project - group consultative process 90 min each - focused listening and auditing sessions producing the 7 Health Business Indicators as well as Personal / Professional Skill Set assessment D ALE C ARNEGIE T RAINING ® Project Partnering Action Steps… FOR INSTANCE, the first few action steps in the Partnering Process look like this…

17 Project Partnering Action Steps… 7 Business Health Indicators Report - graph charted report of BID’s results - Personal Skill Set Assessment of each participant presented for prgm design purposes Change Integration and Skill Development Behavior Development Series Design - interactive process with Client Leadership Team and the Carnegie Consultant Team, using Business Improvement Discussions and the Skill Set Assessments as guidelines. D ALE C ARNEGIE T RAINING ®

18 Second Phase: Project Focus & Commitment Presenting the overall Behavior Development Series design with a clear focus on the measured and guaranteed Partnering Project Objectives. XYZ Ltd. Tailored Solution Process Working to earn sustaining resource status...

19 Second Phase Report Presentation, Behavior Series Confirmation Logistical Planning, Management Team Preparation Kickoff Meeting (All Participants) Project Focus and Commitment 4 5 6 Taking Change Integration & Skill Development to a higher level at XYZ Limited

20 Third Phase: Project Implementation… With the Behavior Development Series Project underway, we audit and refine to respond real-time to changing conditions on the job with Project Team members. XYZ Ltd. Tailored Solution Process Working to earn sustaining resource status...

21 Implementation Third Phase Pilot Behavior Development Series Measurement Evaluate & Refinement Full Behavior Development Series Implementation 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 Taking Change Integration & Skill Development to a higher level at XYZ Limited

22 Fourth Phase: Reinforcement & Measurement “What gets measured gets done, what does not get measured does not get done.” Designing direct self authored links between performance and recognition, as well as strong Coaching Skill Training, ensures clear and positive ROI. XYZ Ltd. Tailored Solution Process Working to earn sustaining resource status...

23 Reinforcement and Measurement Fourth Phase Follow-Up for the Behavior Development Series Recognition, Measurement & Evaluation On-going Strategic Partnership development 1 2 3 12 10 11 Taking Change Integration & Skill Development to a higher level at XYZ Limited

24 A sample selection of Behavior Development Modules available from some of our foundation programs… All modules are ACCET certified and CEU accredited.

25 Take me to your leader... According to Peter Senge, “Producing leaders is about 80% leadership - establishing direction, aligning, motivating and inspiring people - and about 20% management… and in most cases, change efforts have the percentages reversed!” Where do yo spend your time? The Dale Carnegie Course can support you in getting results in your organizwtion through increasing your leadership effectiveness

26 The World Famous Dale Carnegie Course ® Drivers for Success...  Building Greater Self Confidence  Sharpening Communication Skills  Enhancing Human Relation Skills  Improving Leadership Skills  Managing Excess Stress and Tension

27 Session by Session Focus The World Famous Dale Carnegie Course ® Session by Session Focus Foundation for Success Team Orientation Building Self Confidence Setting Breakthrough Goals Using the Power of Enthusiasm Crashing Through Barriers Strengthening Relationships Using the Power of Recognition Becoming Flexible Stating Opinions Inspiring Others Identifying Breakthrough Results

28 “This course has been worth more to me than my engineering degree and MBA combined!” “I’ve found this training to be timeless in it’s applied messages of ‘ how-to’ develop and maintain higher levels of motivation and professionalism.” “I’ve found no other course as focused on ‘firing-line skill development’. It’s electric and fast paced.” “All 10 employees loved it. It changed their attitudes with each other. Productivity has increased and people get along.” The World Famous Dale Carnegie Course ® What Grads say…

29 What, are you kidding?... 40% of newly appointed managers fail within 18 months - that includes performing significantly below expectations or being terminated. Is your organization rpviding all the tools your managers need to succeed and breathrough?...

30 Leadership Training For Managers Based on a new paradigm of leadership that focuses on trust, teamwork, empowerment and accountability, the LTM develops the essential skills of creativity, delegation, communication, problem analysis, time management and motivation. Projects relate specifically to the workplace, where skills can be applied immediately.

31 Leadership Training For Managers The Working Person’s MBA Enhancing Leadership Qualities Encouraging Innovation Communicating Powerfully Recruiting and Retaining Talented Employees Improving Decision Making Building Cooperation Planning Delegation for Results Managing Conflict and Change Setting Performance Goals Build a Better Management Team & Save Money Build a Better Management Team & Save Money Coaching and Evaluating Others

32 Hellow, anyone out there?... 87% of customer inquiries are never followed up 23% or requests for literature never receive a response 81% of all sales are closed after the 5th call 40% of all sales verterans experience bouts of call reluctance Sales success lies in consistent and productive sales activity

33 The Sales Advantage An exciting cutting-edge program attuned to the demanding role of consultative based client relationship development. Salespeople at every level are trained in how to profile and develop customer relationships that create repeat business. It empowers you to use the best technology available to manage and track the entire sales process. Web based support and coaching is also part of the process.

34 The Sales Advantage ® Sales Funnel

35 The Sales Advantage ® Session Headings 4 Planning the Pre-Approach 4 Mastering Telephone and Interview Techniques 4 Obtaining Critical Information 4 Developing Sales Solutions 4 Interpreting Customer Signals and Negotiating Effectively 4Gaining Commitment & Excelling at Follow-Up 4Resolving Objections 4Applying the Sales Process

36 Good teamwork is an unbeatable advantage. In a hospital emergency room… on the deck of a sail boat… or in the trenches of business. But how do you turn talented individual players into a high performance team? This training concentrates on how teams can maximize their effectiveness by establishing ground rules, leverage shared values and the strengths of each player to attain team goals. High Performance Teams

37 High Performance Teams Session Titles Commitment Communication Between Team Members Communicating as a Team Collaboration Within and Between Teams Collaboration In Making Decisions and Resolving Conflict Coordination

38 World Class Customer Service This focused program gives employees the practical skills to develop and sustain long- term customer relationships. The training features the best practices on how to discover customer priorities, understand customer needs, resolve customer conflict and anticipate new customer demands. In addition participants learn ways to create add-on and cross-selling opportunities.

39 World Class Customer Service Session Titles Understanding World Class Customer Service Providing Sales- Related Service Resolving Customer Conflicts Negotiating with Customers Servicing Internal Customers Achieving World Class Customer Service

40 Wake me up when it’s over!... According to the Wall Street Journal, 200 CEO’s and VP’s rated presentations they heard accordingly… 40% put them to sleep 44% were boring 13% were neutral 3% were stimulating Are you in the top 3%?

41 High Impact Presentations A dramatic video-intensive program that helps eliminate bad habits that confuse presentations. It coaches participants to peak performance levels and is loaded with fresh ideas, practical tools and the latest methods. Participants will develop their communication and persuasion abilities as the instructors review videotapes of their classroom performances.

42 Creating a Positive First Impression Representing Your Organization Presenting Complex Information Communicating With Greater Impact Motivating Others to Action Responding to Pressure Situations Inspiring People to Embrace Change Session Titles High Impact Presentations Session Titles

43 The Global Leader in Business Training The Global Leader in Business Training Dale Carnegie ® Tailored to, and focused on, your People, your Performance, your Profits. Highly interactive and firing line oriented to your day-by-day challenges. Integrates pre and post 360˚ Job Behavior Feedback Assessment to maintain results focus. Guaranteed self financing.

44 MAGNA SEATING SYSTEMS A few of our Clients… Working to earn sustaining resource status...

45 People Performance Profits Dale Carnegie Training ® The Global Leader in Business Training This presentation produced by Charles Regan 800.463.6732 519.979.4141 D ALE C ARNEGIE T RAINING ® Presented by Ralph Nichols-Team Canada

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