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1 Greenville County Schools Commitment to (Employee) Safety GCS is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all district personnel.

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1 1 Greenville County Schools Commitment to (Employee) Safety GCS is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all district personnel by reducing the frequency and severity of accidental injuries through education and implementation of safety programs and procedures. Our Goal is to have every employee return home in the same physical condition as when he/she began the day.

2 2  A federal and state mandated law  A no-fault type insurance  A program to promote workplace safety

3 3  Injury arising out of and in the course of employment  Occupational disease* arising out of and in the course of employment peculiar to the employee’s occupation

4 4  All employee’s on GCSD payroll  Outside contractors who do not have their own workers’ compensation insurance

5 5  Volunteer staff  Visitors  Students*  Outside contractors who have their own workers’ compensation insurance*

6 6  Approved Medical treatment resulting from a work related injury  Compensation for temporary or permanent disability and/or disfigurement resulting from a work related injury  Lost wages during temporary disability period

7 7  Compensation for pain and suffering  Treatment that is not related to the injury  Non approved medical treatment

8 8  General Information Page General Information Page  Employee Information/Procedures  Supervisor Procedures  Safety Administrators Procedures  Forms and Reports  Suggested Training Links

9 9  It is stipulated by Workers’ Compensation Law  Health care providers must receive prior authorization to treat an injured employee  Health care costs are predetermined by WC laws  Keep Control of the case

10 10  Non-Emergency ◦ WorkWell triage line (864) 449-1708 ◦ Complete required forms and report injury to Safety Administrator

11 11

12 12  Employee returned to work with no restrictions by physician  Employee medical treatments paid by WC Insurance

13 13  Employee placed out of work by WC physician  Medical Treatment paid by WC Insurance  Counted as Lost time on OSHA Log  If out > 7 days – employee will receive WC, weekly payments at 66 2/3% of AWW  Leave of Absence/FMLA forms to HR  Must have a WC doctor’s note to return to work

14 14  WC Physician will allow the employee to return to work but with limitations  Injured employee’s department and HR determines restricted duty  Counted as Restrictive Duty on OSHA Log  If restricted/light duty not offered, employee is placed in out of work status

15 15  Helps to minimize costs  lost productivity, OT  Hiring and Training to replace injured employee  Improve employee recovery  Stats show a >50% chance of an employee not returning to work after being out for 3 months or more  Morale - Helps employee maintain a positive outlook regarding the workplace

16  Claim (PMA) Reporting 16

17 17

18 18

19 19 Your PMA Account Number newclaim

20 20 Click on Down arrow to select state, then click Go

21 21 Click to move to next screen

22 22 Please try and get this information from the employee

23 23

24 24 Designated Medical Facility WorkWell or Center for Health and Occupational Services Other approved Medical Facility ER or St. Francis Urgent Care (After Work Hours) Preparer’s Name is Safety Administrator. Contact Name is Employee’s Supervisor

25 25 Type your email address here Add comments here Record Only = Did not seek medical attention* For OSHA form 301

26 26

27 27

28 28  Do not file a claim without a completed Employee Injury Report  Trash ALL “old” forms – access forms online  Conduct an Accident Investigation  Fax or email Employee Injury and Supervisor’s Reports as directed per Safety Administrator Procedures  List accident on your OSHA 300 log.

29  Proactive Management Involvement  Timely Reporting (Procedures)  Medical Treatment (Per Statute)  Corrective Action  Accident Investigation 29

30 30

31 Even in the most seemingly, straightforward accidents, seldom, if ever, is there only a single cause. For example, an “investigation” which concludes that an accident was due to worker carelessness, fails to seek answers to several important questions. 31

32  Was the worker distracted?  Was a safe work procedure being followed?  Were safety devices in order?  Was the worker (properly) trained? 32

33 33  Myth  Employee’s pay part of the costs  Fact  GCS pays all WC costs  Actuality  Cost affects everyone

34 34  Number of Injuries  Medical Costs  Lost-time compensation – No RTW policy  Administrative Costs  Lack of emphasis in Safety Awareness Program

35  Late Reporting/Missed Appointments  Safe Schools Training  Safety Budget Safety Budget  OSHA reporting OSHA  Safety Award Recognition  School Nurses 35

36 36  District support ◦ Continue with current WC procedures ◦ SafeSchools training available as a corrective action tool ◦ Continue working on Safety Culture change ◦ Recognize improvement through District Safety Award  How can you help? ◦ Promote Staff Safety Awareness program ◦ Conduct an Accident Investigation ◦ Be Proactive

37  Are safety rules communicated and understood?  Are safety procedures enforced?  Is there adequate supervision?  Have hazards been previously identified with procedures developed to overcome them?  Were unsafe conditions “previously” corrected?  Is emphasis placed on providing PPE?  How often do you communicate safety awareness and prevention? 37

38 38

39 “My iPad and camera was stolen from my unlocked car.” Avoidable “Employee went to grab a spatula from the store room and a knife flipped up and cut the tip of her finger.” Avoidable 39

40 “I fell over play-area border, trying to get a child’s hand to take her to time-out.” Avoidable “I was walking from my desk to the front of the classroom, my shoe twisted on its side and I fell. (I think I stepped on a surge protector cord).” Avoidable 40

41 “Teaching Assistant was walking in atrium and slipped on a puddle of water.” Avoidable “While trying to restrain a special education student who was attempting to run, employee strained her left thumb.” Avoidable 41

42 “While taking a tray of pizza out of the oven, the tray bumped the oven door and they tray burned her left upper arm. Avoidable “Was bitten on her foot by ‘something’ – possibly an ant during a fire drill.” Avoidable 42

43 “I was slicing a tomato when thumb slipped on the tomato skin causing knife to cut tip of thumb.” Avoidable “Employee was walking across the floor as the custodian was mopping another area of the floor. She did not realize the floor was wet, slipped and fell.” Avoidable 43

44 “Flying debris from lawn equipment hit car in parking lot, breaking window.” Avoidable “Students playing on monkey bars (or other playground equipment) and falling off.” Murphy’s Law 44

45 “A parent fell over a bicycle parked in the hallway after school.” Avoidable “A visitors car mirror was knocked off vehicle by loose gate.’ Avoidable. 45

46 46

47 47

48 48 Jamie McCutcheon Director, Payroll & Insurance Services

49 49  Continue communication with the employee while away from work  Do not discuss claims with anyone other than school/claim officials, especially if there’s attorney representation  Timelink & Smartfind absences follow regular procedures; enter/report absences  Follow HR’s leave (FMLA) procedures & Policy/Rule GBRIB(sick leave) – WC Dr. appts., etc.

50 50  Faculty meetings – talk safety  Resources – Safeschools’ courses & newsletter; WC website  Thoughts before actions – correct co-workers about PPE, unsafe work habits, etc.  Request $’s from the Safety Budget  Annual Safety Award

51 51  Lanyards – “breakaway” or “retractable”  Playgrounds – condition of grounds & equipment  Proper Supervision – students falling/tripping  PPE/unsafe actions of co-workers  Theatre Props, non-permanent structures

52 52  Fire  Theft  Flood  Vandalism  Machinery Breakage  Electrical Burnout  Other Causes

53 53  When do I complete the Accident/Incident form? Always, even if claim will not be necessary or coverage may not apply  Finance website, “Finance Forms;” sent to Insurance Services, Tina Carr  Page 1, Notification – provide written documentation from injured party, witnesses & police/fire report  Page 2, Investigation – details are important, identify corrective actions

54 54  District Hot Line  Police or Fire Departments  Secure the building as necessary  If possible, keep the scene intact, secure machinery or objects related to incident  Notify maintenance and/or facilities regarding repairs; get clearance before repairs start

55 55  Licensed contractors, not volunteers  Follow procurement guidelines  If repairs are not done timely, notify Kayle or Tina  Teachers should not bring personal property to work unless authorized (instructional aids)  Insurance adjusters are responsible for the claim decision

56 56 Complete Accident/Incident form; send form with all supporting documentationAccident/Incident form Tina Carr, Insurance Services, 355-1183,  Just because the accident happens on school property doesn’t mean the District is liable  Do not judge whether or not insurance will apply, complete report even if only for documentation purposes

57 57  Do not discuss the case/claim with anyone other than proper school officials unless otherwise instructed ◦ Jamie McCutcheon ◦ Tina Carr ◦ Doug Webb, school attorney

58 58  Volunteer slipped on wet floor and broke her arm; no signage or markings of area  Student shocked by switch in locker room  Safety Patrol – student’s jacket closed in car door, car began to pull away  High school gym flooded by broken sprinkler head – 2 weeks before notification  Parent leaving school tripped going down stairs

59 59  Parking lot car accident w/damage to fence, bushes, and tree – personal auto claim  District employee on leave, visiting school as a parent, tripped and fell; not WC  Mowing – discharge shouldn’t point toward parking lot or areas with students (car line)  Secure entrances and gates  Fall Carnivals – Cert. of Ins. from vendors

60 60  The Safety Administrator is the coordinator of information between the injured party, the District and the insurance company  When emailing an Incident form, state any related information in the body of the email i.e. claimant said she expects the District to pay her medical bills

61 61  Just because the accident/incident happened on district property doesn’t mean the District is liable  Insurance adjusters are not district employees, but they can help you manage claimants (parents, volunteers)

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