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Global Networking Concept International Branches Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bangkok, Thailand Manila, Philippines Jakarta, Indonesia Singapore Wisma Citidirect.

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2 Global Networking Concept

3 International Branches Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bangkok, Thailand Manila, Philippines Jakarta, Indonesia Singapore Wisma Citidirect Malaysia Sydney, Australia Kowloon, Hong Kong

4 Products

5 I-Guard Blood Cleansing. Detoxification. Rejuvenation MOST POTENT BLOOD CLEANSING FORMULA FROM USA By Nature’s Herbs Inc. U.S.A and Qualified Herbs Master

6 Yi Zhi Duo Dong Magnetic Headgear Triple Therapy – Herbs, Magnetic and Acupuncture Features and Benefits : Improve concentration Improve memory Overcome overactive Overcome laziness Improve slow learning Improves intelligence and expands awareness

7 American Ginseng Cappuccino Features and Benefits: The best instant 4-in-1 cappuccino Provides energy and vitality Increases resistance to effects of stress Improving blood circulation Perfect blend of American Ginseng and coffee

8 Couturiere Tailored to mould the perfect women’s contour Features and Benefits : Far-infrared Ray Polyurethen Made from 100% Roica and Opelon Space Fibres Polyurethen Retain natural contours and attractive figure 100% imported from Japan

9 Nanotech Energy Ozone SPA The Latest Innovative Nanotechnology Health SPA Product Features and Benefits: Faster energy recovery Massages your body thoroughly Purifies and disinfects Remove body odor Skin whitening effect Deep cleansing effect

10 E-Ion Jade Mattress Warm for winter and cool in summer Features and Benefits: Removes toxins Burns calories and control weight Relieves pain Increase blood circulation and strengthens cardiovascular system Eases joint pain and stiffness Improves the immune system Improves skin Reduces stress and fatigue

11 Nano Energy Sole The Latest Innovative Nanotechnology Far-Infrared Product Features and Benefits: Nanotechnology product Emits Electromagnetic wavelength of 7-12 microns Provides soothing warmth to improve blood circulation Break down big molecules to small molecules 50% more effective than FIR products

12 Juekitakara New Century health promotion method Toxin Absorbent Features and Benefits: Eliminates Toxins Reduces Pain and Swelling Before After Reaction

13 Rohsoku Takara Features and Benefits: Draw out earwax, toxins and fungus deposits from the ear Removes old and troublesome blockages from the ear canal Relieves ear, nose and eye discomfort Promoting healthy ears

14 Golden Propolis Nature’s Antibiotic Features and Benefits: 100% imported from Brazil Wax free Alcohol free 5.2% Bioflavonoids Rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals 100% natural Quality guaranteed by Brazil National Agricultural Board

15 Liquid Spirulina Healthy cell, Healthy You ! Features and Benefits: Organic High Bio-availability 350mg spirulina per serving ISO 9002, cGMO, OSHA 100% diimport dari USA

16 Super Organic G - 3 A healthy lifestyle the natural way Features and Benefits: Cleanse and Detoxify Provides complete nutrition Strengthen Immune System Non GMO Formula

17 Compensation Plan

18 CITIDIRECT GLOBAL SYNCHRONIZED COMPENSATION PLAN C.D. 3% 2% MASTER PLAN (50 PBV) D = Distributor S.D. - Senior Distributor D.D. - Diamond Distributor C.D. - Crown Distributor S.C.D. - Super Crown Distributor LDB = Leadership Development Bonus BDB = Business Development Bonus IPB = International Profit Bonus 10% 20% 4% 8% 13% 20% 5 4 2 3 6 S.C.D. C.D. D.D. S.D. 7 8 6% 4% 1. Unilevel Bonus 60 % PGBV 12,000 S.D. D.D. C.D. S.C.D. 2. L.D.B. = 28% S.D. = 1% D.D.=1%C.D.=1%S.C.D.=1% 4. I.P.B. = 4% 3. B.D.B. (1%) Maintenance : S.D. = 10,000 PGBV/ D.D.= 30,000 PGBV C.D. = 90,000 PGBV/ S.C.D.= 450,000 PGBV S.C.D. C.D. D.D. 1% D 1 PBV 250 and PGBV 1,500 Within one calendar month. Promotion 1 star will be on the following week. 5 STAR PLAN (50 PBV above) D 10% 1 Star 40% 3% 5 Star 83% 4% 5 Star 3% 4 Star 69% 4 Star 3% 3 Star 58% 2% 3 Star 2% 2 Star 48% 2% 2 Star 2% 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5% DD

19 Road to Success U AB C D E 9 steps RM3,000,000 * Based on Personal Sales 250BV

20 Your Income * Based on Personal Sales 250BV STEP ONE Bonus MASTER PLAN 5 X 50BV X 10% RM25.00 Bonus 5-STAR PLAN 200BV X 10% RM20.00 Monthly Income RM45.00 TOTAL INCOME RM45.00 STEP TWO Bonus MASTER PLAN 25 X 50BV X 20% RM250.00 Bonus 5-STAR PLAN (200BV X 40%) + (30 X 200BV X 30%) RM1,880.00 Monthly Income RM2,130.00 TOTAL INCOME RM2,155.00 STEP THREE Bonus MASTER PLAN 125 X 50BV X 6% RM375.00 Bonus 5-STAR PLAN (200BV X 48%) + (155 X 200BV X 8%) RM2,576.00 Monthly Income RM2,951.00 TOTAL INCOME RM3,226.00 STEP FOUR Bonus MASTER PLAN 625 X 50BV X 6% RM1,875.00 Bonus 5-STAR PLAN (200BV X 58%) + (780 X 200BV X 10%) RM15,716.00 Monthly Income RM17,591.00 TOTAL INCOME RM18,241.00 STEP FIVE Bonus MASTER PLAN 3125 X 50BV X 6% RM9,375.00 Bonus 5-STAR PLAN (200BV X 69%) + (3905 X 200BV X 11%) RM86,048.00 Monthly Income RM95,423.00 TOTAL INCOME RM97,948.00 STEP SIX Bonus MASTER PLAN 15625 X 50BV X 4% RM31,250.00 Bonus 5-STAR PLAN (200BV X 83%) + (19530 X 200BV X 4%) RM156,406.00 Monthly Income RM187,656.00 TOTAL INCOME RM199,556.00 STEP SEVEN Bonus MASTER PLAN 78125 X 50BV X 4% RM156,250.00 Bonus 5-STAR PLAN (200BV X 83%) + 78125 X 200BV X 3% RM468,916.00 Monthly Income RM625,166.00 TOTAL INCOME RM668,316.00 STEP EIGHT Bonus MASTER PLAN 390625 X 50BV X 4% RM781,250.00 Bonus 5-STAR PLAN (200BV X 83%) + 390625 X 200BV X 3% RM2,343,916.00 Monthly Income RM3,125,166.00 TOTAL INCOME RM3,324,566.00

21 See you at the top !!!

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