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SÖLL Safe Climbing Systems

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1 SÖLL Safe Climbing Systems
SÖLL Safe Climbing Systems

2 GlideLoc® Söll GlideLoc is a fall protection system, perma-nently installed on buildings, towers etc. The system comprises rails for retrofitting onto existing ladders and ladders with a central safety rail.

3 GlideLoc® Söll GlideLoc systems are manufactured in
anodised aluminium, hot-dip-galvanized steel stainless steel. They are available for com-bined vertical-horizontal, straight and curved appli-cations.

4 The guided type fall arrester…
… is the heart of the system. This device, also called fall arrest shuttle.

5 The guided type fall arrester…
In the event of a fall... ...the fall arrester prevents the free fall by automatically locking in the rail.

6 For Existing Ladders The SÖLL Vertical Guide Rail can be fitted to the ladder This is done by simple clamps

7 The Ladder System Steel Ladders Aluminimum Ladder Mid Exit Point
Fold Down Foot Rests Brackets Entry Top Stop

8 The Ladder System Connector (17440) Top end stop (21052 or 11634)
Footrest (option) (17106) Mounting brackets (BB-STR< >) Bottom end stop (21051) Y-spar Ladder with entry (YAL < >)

9 GlideLoc® Rail System Vertical guide rails can be assembled on pre-installed ladders, step irons etc.

10 GlideLoc® Rail System Rails can be retrofitted onto existing climbing devices such as cage ladders or rungs used in wind turbines, power supply, oil rigs or other industries.

11 Special (Access)-Solutions
Rooftop or Platform Access Rotary Exit Section Pivoting Roof Exit Twisted Change over rail Moveable Insertion Ladder Vertical - horizontal Transition Turntable Ho-Ver turn table Roundabout

12 Applications Towers, Masts of Telecom companies The military
SNCF Railways, France Power supply mast, Germany Telekom antenna, Alps Radio Vatikan Railwaystation, Berlin United Utilities, UK Wind Turrbine, Scandinavia Dresden Airport Stadium lighting mast, Berlin Towers, Masts of Telecom companies The military The police, fire service Radio & TV stations Railways Power supply companies Utilities Wind power supply Lighting masts

13 Applications Buildings Motorway bridges Stadiums Ski resorts
Rollercoaster Riverdam, France Christmas fair, Dresden Christmas fair, Dresden Signal bridge A100, Berlin Northern point of mainland UK Scotland Mercedes-Benz, Hof Germany Stade de France, Paris Buildings Motorway bridges Stadiums Ski resorts Roller coaster Adventure parks River dams Advertising masts Monuments Light houses

14 Applications Industrial construction Transport and storage facilities
Water tower, Germany Oil rig SedcoExpress North Sea Power plant, Hof Germany Inside a riverdam, Germany Cooling tower, Jenschwalde Transocean, Oil rig Jim Cunningham, Egypt Industrial construction Transport and storage facilities Shipyards, dockyards Elevated shelves Tanks, Silos Steel construction Cranes, ships Mining's, Shafts Refineries Oil industry (i.e. oil rigs) Chimneys

15 Applications Shaft entry Device
Water tower, Germany Shaft entry Device Allows connection to the ladder from ground level Can be removed to close the lid Transocean, Oil Rig, Egypt

16 Applications Industrial construction PivotLoc Ladder on Tower Building
Wind Generator

17 Applications Industrial construction Providing Access
Fall Protection on Transmission Towers

18 Applications Fall Protection On Towers & Masts

19 Applications Industrial construction Protection in Transform Yards

20 Used by many Global companies
ABB AEG Aéroports de Paris Agfa Agip Airbus Alcatel Alstom Audi Babcock BASF Bayer Bosch British Airways British American Tobacco Daimler Chrysler AG German, Austrian Railways Degussa AG German Parliament German Weather Service German Red Cross DeWind AG E.ON Netz GmbH Enercon Ericsson Airports: Frankfurt Main, Hamburg, München etc. Gealan German Airforce Hochtief IKEA Krupp Thyssen Linde AG NEG Micon Nokia Nordex Philipp Holzmann Reemtsma Rehau SAP AG Scandlines SFR Shell & DEA Oil GmbH Siemens AG SNCF Thomson Viessmann Volkswagen AG

21 Telecom Customer Reference
Germany DB Telematik (Arcor) Deutsche Telekom MobilNet GmbH Vodafone e-plus o2 Netherlands Telfort (former O2) T-Mobile (former BEN) Orange (former Dutchdone) Vodafone (former O2) Belgium Mobistar Proximus Base Switzerland Orange Swisscom Sunrise Austria One (former:Connect) Hutchinson 3G T-Mobil (former: Maxmobil) Mobilkom 3G Mobile (has been taken over by Mobilkom Austria) France Orange France SFR Bouygues Télécom etc.

22 Worlds Best Practice GlideLoc®
The Advantages of a GlideLoc® Rail System vs. a Cable System Long Service Life – a rail system requires minimal maintenance No Replacement Cost – after a fall

23 Worlds Best Practice GlideLoc®
The Advantages of a GlideLoc® Rail System vs. a Cable System Greater Strength – a rail system withstands constant wear and incidental shock loads All-Weather Compatibility – a rail system withstands the effects of changing weather conditions, available in stainless steel construction to resist corrosion

24 Worlds Best Practice GlideLoc®
The Advantages of a GlideLoc® Rail System vs. a Cable System Safety Reassurance – the strong structural appearance of a rail system provides comfort and safety to worker Flexibility & Safety – a rail system can be designed with vertical and horizontal displacement without detachment

25 Worlds Best Practice GlideLoc®
The Advantages of a GlideLoc® Rail System vs. a Cable System User Friendly – easy to install; reliable Comfort fall arrestor slides smoothly along rail and guides the worker; Rail provides supports during rescue actions Systems provides ergonomic support

26 Worlds Best Practice The GlideLoc® System meets the international standards and regulations of EN, AS/NZS, CSA, OSHA and ANSI. Permanently installed climbing systems are tested and certified as a unity: The tests cover the guide rail/fall arrester combination and system accessories.

27 COMFORT Immensely safe, fast locking Extremely low impact force
Very smooth running Robust - made of aluminum and stainless steel Long lifetime Part.-No with sidewinder hook Part.-No with srew hook Weight: 0,9 kg

28 Innovative Shock Absorber
The impact energy is the very low 3.7 kN: 35% below the required standard! It's innovative design makes it very compact - being energy absorber fall indicator All in one.

29 UNIVERSAL II Removal or insertion at any point
Easy one-handed-operation, even in the dark Click-lock functions for ease of use Failsafe design ensures correct usage Made of 316 stainless steel Applications: Wind turbines Ski lift resorts Elevator shafts Part.-No Weight: 1,0 kg

30 Horizontal Life Line Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece The Xenon Horizontal Lifeline allows greater mobility at any angle. Versatile Adapts to both 8mm and 10mm steel cable Can be installed on a wall, overhead or at ground level Curved and Straight installations Easy to Install System comprises of few components Fixing intervals of up to 20 metres Calculation software to assist at the planning stage

31 Horizontal Life Line Minimum Maintenance Easy to Use
Components made from corrosion resistant stainless steel Easy to Use Use by up to 7 people at any one time Work can be carried out on both sides of the cable

32 SHUTTLE Exclusive Features
Improved safety with a double locking mechanism (user can connect and disconnect easily, anywhere along the cable) Increased Ease of Use – handle allows the use of any type of connector Resistance to the environment – shuttle is ideal for sandy, gritty or salty environments (Stainless Steel). SHUTTLE

33 Exclusive Features Increased safety – main purpose of the shock absorber is to reduce the load impact generated by a fall, hence protecting the user and the support structure. Load indicator on the shock absorber provides visual indication of the state of the lifeline Easier installation & Maintenance Greater Versatility – full range of energy absorbers and system components Multifunctional Shock-Absorber

34 Intermediate Brackets
Exclusive Features Increased user protection and manoeuvrability - intermediate brackets can be assembled as a mobile passing point (overhead) or a fixed passing point (wall/ground), and can also incorporate a spring (cable support springs back upright when on ground). Total safety through simpler maintenance – in the event of a fall the intermediate bracket conserves all impact forces (bracket can be replaced without cutting the cable) Intermediate Brackets

35 System Components Cables
Greater versatility and flexibility for reduced cost – 8mm and 10mm stainless steel and galvanised cables are available. Corner Parts Highly adaptable and easy to install. The corner part of the Xenon horizontal lifeline is adjustable for multiple angles, and allows it to be fitted to many types of applications. Swaging Components and End Brackets Stainless Steel parts anchor the system without compromising cable strength or integrity.

36 Horizontal Life Line Simple to Use and Safe Fall Arrest or Prevention wire System

37 MultiRail Stainless Steel Horizontal Anchorage System

38 MultiRail Provides Fall Protection Over Work Areas On Wharf
Restraint Protection for Ships Restraint System for Cleaners Restraint Protection Maintenance

CONTACT SPERIAN FALL PROTECTION Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG Seligenweg 10 95028 Hof Germany Tel.: Fax.:

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