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Dental Laboratory Instruments Mr. Caputo Unit #1 Lesson #8.

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1 Dental Laboratory Instruments Mr. Caputo Unit #1 Lesson #8

2 Today’s Class Driving Question: How are dental laboratory instruments used in a dental office? Learning Intentions: We will be able to explain safety and infection control procedures required in a dental laboratory. Anchor: Describe a dental laboratory instrument you used last year? Explain its function.

3 Dental Office Laboratory

4 Requirements of a Dental Laboratory Must have written policies and rules on how employees and patients are protected Dental labs, whether in-house or off-site, should be isolated from possible transmission of pathogens Must follow OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

5 OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Wear eye protection and masks whenever indicated risk is involved Wear appropriate clothing Do not allow any food, drink, or cosmetics in lab Tie long hair back and away from face Follow manufacturer’s instructions when operating equipment Vent fume hoods used whenever there is a possibility of exposure by inhalation

6 OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Read labels carefully when handling chemicals Don gloves whenever blood or any potentially infectious material is handled Disinfect countertops after work is completed Wash hands with antimicrobial agent Notify dentist in case of accidental exposure to infectious material Know location of Material Safety Data Sheets, eye wash station, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher in case of emergency

7 Questions to Consider Why is it important that laboratory safety and infection control procedures be followed? What may happen if you apply makeup and eat food in the dental laboratory? To learn more about lab safety, click here or go to:here

8 Preparing Impressions Gently rinse impression to remove blood and other debris Soak impression thoroughly by spraying with hospital disinfectant Loosely wrap impression in plastic bag to prevent evaporation of disinfectant Once disinfecting process is complete, rinse and handle impression in aseptic manner, avoiding any contamination of disease-producing microorganisms

9 Question to Consider What effect would it have on the model if the impression is faulty?

10 Dental Laboratory Equipment Various pieces of equipment are utilized in the dental lab DA should never operate or use any type of equipment without first reading manufacturer’s instructions

11 Infection Scenario Students in each group work together to identify the following: 1. Where was the chain of asepsis broken? 2. Which disinfection/sterilization procedures performed were correct? Which ones were incorrect? 3. Did the dental assistant wear all the necessary PPE?

12 Scenario Kristie has just been asked by her doctor to take preliminary impressions on Mr. Williams. Kristie prepares all necessary equipment and proceeds to take an alginate impression on Mr. Williams. Kristie puts on examination gloves and checks Mr. Williams’s mouth to determine the size of impression tray required. Kristie then gets the correct-size trays and proceeds to dispense the correct amount of alginate material. Kristie mixes the material and takes both the maxillary and mandibular arch impressions. She then proceeds to the lab where she rinses the alginate out of the mixing bowls and dispenses the dental stone into the bowls. Kristie uses the inverted pour method to pour the impressions. After completing the pour procedure, Kristie disinfects the bowls, cleans the spatulas in preparation to be sterilized, removes her gloves, and washes her hands.

13 Homework #3 Using your Dental assistant textbook complete Check your understanding on page 376. Must write question and only your answer not all answers.

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