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MRWA Risk Management Protection of Assets Resources

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1 MRWA Risk Management Protection of Assets Resources
MAINE MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION Risk Management Services MRWA Risk Management Protection of Assets Resources Presented By: Ed MacDonald Loss Control Manager Risk Management Services Maine Municipal Association Self introduction – WWTP/MWCA experience – Transition to safety/loss control Training Vs. learning management through error

2 Management Plan Financial Management Includes: Risk Management
Budget Preparation Includes: Risk Management Protection of Workers Protection of physical assets (inventory and keep records) Protection for Liability Continuity and Integrity of operations (service) Who Here is responsible for the budget process? Who here has been involved in the budget process? Seen the operating budget? Been asked to provide input for setting a budget? Is there line item for managing safety? Is the reduction of losses a goal for cost control?

3 Workers Comp – Is Required by Maine Law
Premium is based on payroll, class codes and loss experience. Experience MOD Less than 1.0 is desirable Loss Ratio Less than 60% is desirable Frequency vs. Severity Experience MOD – Based on 3 years losses, doesn’t include most current year (open claims) 1.0 Ave MOD – Credit Mod vs. Debit Mod Loss Ratio – loss costs as a percentage of premium paid. Candy bar analogy. Frequency vs. Severity (cost)

4 Property & Contents & Other Coverages
Buildings & Appurtenant Structures Contents Boiler & Machinery ( B&M) Mobile Equipment (Equip & Machinery that goes to worksite) Fleet EDP (Electronic Data Processing) Liability POL (Public Officials Liability) Cyber Liability (New) Explanation of coverages EDP and CYBER – Use of portable devices – hackers New things to consider cyber and drones.

5 MMA – A Membership Association (Not a state agency)
Insurance Sources Commercial Self-Insurance Self/TPA administered Group Self-Insurance Advantages – Stable premium, services, dividends MMA – A Membership Association (Not a state agency) All of RMS under one roof, all in Maine – Municipal and Quasi Municipal insurance is what we do and all we do (Specialists) Working relationships with affiliate members and state agencies - MBOL MeWEA is an Affiliate Member We work cooperatively with MRWA, MWUA, NNS&H Council, SafetyWorks! and others.

6 MMA-Risk Management Services (RMS)
Member Services Underwriting Claims P&C and WC Loss Control Loss Control Department Overview Relationship between Underwriting, Claims and Loss Control – roles of each 7 Staff – Assigned Geographically Experience – 100+ years

7 What Does LC Do? For Members: Internal: Hazard inspections Training
Consulting (policies, procedures, risk management questions) Internal: Property Surveys Marshall & Swift evaluations (property values) Identify high risk exposures – The eyes and ears of underwriting. Hazard Inspections W/C exposures and loss exposures – MBOL employee injury only. Internal – Underwriting is the customer

8 Maine Department of Labor
Compliance Inspections are unannounced Can result in citations ($$$) SafetyWorks! Website resources “Ask the expert” Consulting – industrial hygiene SHAPE

9 Insurance Inspection vs. MDOL Inspection:
MDOL is focused on employee safety only. Insurance provider will look at lines of coverage (example: property and liability exposures). MDOL vs. OSHA MDOL – public sector OSHA – private sector

10 Compliance Directive: Water/Wastewater
Written Programs Respiratory protection program Confined space Hazard communications Blood borne pathogens/exposure control plan Lockout/Tagout (In-house maintenance on vehicles) Hazard assessment for personal protective equipment Emergency action plan for facility Hearing conservation program Subject: Public Works, Water, Sewer and Sanitary Districts Purpose: This list is a guide only. It is not a complete list of all items, but includes the “key” items to comply with the Bureau of Labor Standards inspection criteria. This list is based on MRSA Title 26, the adopted OSHA standards located in 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 and Code of Maine Rule. You should refer to these standards for a more detailed description.

11 Required Training Hazard communications (initial) Confined space (initial) Confined space simulated rescues (annual) Lockout/Tagout (initial) Hearing conservation (initial and annual) Emergency action plan (initial) Blood borne pathogens (initial and annual) Fire extinguisher (annual) Forklift (initial and an evaluation every three years) Ladders (initial) Work-zone safety and flagging (initial) Trenching and excavation (initial) Personal protective equipment (initial) Respiratory protection (initial and annual) Training commensurate with duties

12 Records Maintained Confined space permit(s) for one year Lockout /Tagout program inspection (annual) Blood borne pathogens (Hepatitis shots/waivers) Tabulated data for trench box(s) Inspection data for lifts and hoists Respiratory medical clearances Respirator fit test (specific to mask type) OSHA 300 injury/illness log Training records

13 Equipment Inspections
Ladders Slings, straps and chains Power and hand tools (safe condition) Lifts and hoists Personal protective equipment – (safe condition) Fire extinguisher (monthly) Fire extinguisher (annual maintenance check) Eye wash stations (operational and unobstructed) Respirators per mfg. recommendations Vehicle lifts (annual) Jacks – periodic inspection Jack stands (if damaged) Metering equipment calibration (per manufacturer) Welding equipment – covers and lead terminals Welding equipment – damaged leads Welding equipment – damaged Electrode Holder Storage of acetylene/oxygen cylinders Cylinders protected against damage Air compressor relief valve (per manufacturer) Sander body storage racks (load rated)

14 Facility Inspection Electrical outlets & switches – cover plates installed GFCI receptacles in wet locations and operable Extension cords – temporary use only Power strips – (not piggybacked) Electrical ground pins in place Electrical branch circuits labeled Electrical box knockout and breaker covers in place Electrical panels accessible Wiring supported and protected from damage Stairs, treads and railings – safe condition Ladders safe condition Floor loading protection (overhead storage) Furnace, boiler room and storage – housekeeping Exits unlocked and useable Exit signs in place and proper size Exit and exit discharges clear of snow and ice Exits and exit routes free and unobstructed Emergency and exit lights, alarms and fire doors operational Machine guarding of moving parts Eye-wash stations (operational and unobstructed) Flammable & combustible storage l Housekeeping & sanitation

15 Other Resources: Grants/Scholarships Online Training Safety Shorts
Since 1999 $3.3 million May & October Online Training Partnership with FirstNet Learning. 50+ courses offered. No cost to members. Since October 2004 more than 19,000 users have taken more than 110,000 courses. Some courses may be accepted by DEP/JETCC for CONT. ED credits. (up to 6 of required 18 can be safety) Safety Shorts Best Practices Samples are in handout packet Online training and grants/scholarships are available to participants in MMA insurance programs only. Other web based resources are not password protected.

16 Loss Control/Risk Management Program
Treat as an important part of management equal to everything else. Starts at the top but must involve employees at all levels. To make it work you must understand it, practice it and promote it! Needs positive involvement and visibility. Closing thoughts – questions/discussion

17 - Sources for Help - SafetyWorks! Maine Department of Labor 45 State House Station Augusta, ME Website: Maine Municipal Association Risk Management Services Loss Control Department 60 Community Drive PO Box 9109 Augusta, ME Website: Best Practices – Safety Shorts – Online Training – Grants/Scholarships NNE Health & Safety Council 405 Western Ave #317 South Portland, ME or Fax: Website: Office of State Fire Marshal 52 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333 Website:

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