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2 “ K-12 education is the source of future labor force, but it is also an indication of ‘quality of life and is often looked to as an indicator of the community’s values and commitment to its future.” Source: Mark Sweeney, McCallum Sweeney Consulting Business ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT’S – ROLE IN WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Why?

3 VERMILION COUNTY, IL Located in East Central Illinois Pop: 81,625 Median family income $43,809 Major Employers: McLane, Quaker, KIK, Freight Car Services, Genpact, Presence Health, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Dept of Veterans Affairs, ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft, ThyssenKrupp Presta, Danville Metal Stamping, AutoZone, Sygma Network

4 OUR APPROACH - PLAN Identify existing training resources/content of training Match skill gaps with training gaps Fill the gaps (The Plan) Industry Clusters - The Process

5 OUR WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT APPROACH Two-fold purpose: Community Awareness of Needs Enhanced, comprehensive PreK- 16+ training system Industry Clusters - Purpose

6 THE CLUSTER CHAPTER Evolved from local existing industry program (80% of all jobs to be created) Continuation of our role as a neutral link in the job retention/creation chain Aging workforce - Our wake up call

7 The Cluster Chapter Focus on key cluster areas: Manufacturing Logistics Healthcare Technology & Services Employing over 11,000 employees 1/3 of Vermilion County’s entire workforce

8 Our Approach - Data  “Critical Data” collection/ Compare with macro-trends Position TitleProjections from Jan 2012- Dec 2013 HSASBSMS+OtherTop Skills Required Manufacturing Cluster- Machinist, Engineering, Production, Management, Assemblers 735XXXXState LicenseStrong math and science background, good communication skills, State certification, mechanical and interpersonal skills, Healthcare Cluster – Physicians, RN, LPN, CNA, Physical Therapists, Pharmacy, Coders 509XXXXState LicenseState of Illinois license, excellent people skills, medical terminology, be able to function in diverse work environment. Strong science, math and technology background. Logistics Cluster – Warehousing, Management, Drivers, Buyers, Mechanics 348XXXMath and technology background, CDL Class A; clean driving record; good communication skills; ability. Mechanical aptitude, function in a team environment. IT Business Services Cluster – Office Support, Management, IT Specialist, CSR, Accounting, Marketing 244XXXXSolid work history; ability to follow directions; dependable, technology experience, programming, graphic design, positive customer service experience, effective communication skills. Strong science, math and technology background.

9 Our Approach – Budget $1.4 million invested over the past 14 years to support STEM-based programs focusing in the areas of: Scholarships Career exploration activities Internships Stem-based classroom activities Field trips Science Camps

10 Our Approach – Communicate/Evaluate Industry Clusters - The Ground Rules Speak with a single voice to community and education Address only common needs identified by data collection Develop system, not disjointed programs Get results or move on No more meetings than necessary – use technology

11 PreK-Elementary PreK-5 Birth To 5 Developmental Calendar Great Math and Science Adventure Summer Camps Electricity Simple Machines Motion Middle/Jr High 6-8 Career Exploration Lab Healthcare, Mfg, Robotics, GPS, Graphic Design, Landscaping, Electronics, Engines, CNC Mill, MasterCam Gateway to Technology (GTT) CHOICES Gateway Summer Academy High School 9-12 Career Exploration Laboratory Project Lead the Way (PLTW) College Express Industrial Tech Specialist Program Logistic, Distribution and Warehouse National Certification Program OSHA Online Certification Global Careers and Professions Post-Secondary NIMS Career Scholarship Initiative Logistic, Distribution and Warehouse National Certification Program OSHA Online Certification Alternative Career Exploration Laboratory CHOICES Industrial Tech Specialist Program Logistic, Distribution and Warehouse National Certification Program OSHA Online Certification Community Outreach Leadership Institute Summer Career Camps Career Lab OSHA Online Certification MATH AND SCIENCE FOCUS

12 CAREER EXPLORATION LAB Promote STEM careers in manufacturing, information technology and healthcare Tie educational components to the real world applications and careers in Vermilion County Ten career exploration stations

13 PROJECT LEAD THE WAY (PLTW) 2004Danville High School - 1 out of 10 pilot schools selected by DCEO 2006DHS is certified Danville Area Community College begins offering PLTW through College Express to area Juniors and Seniors – extended class period 2007 Gateway to Technology introduced to middle school levels at District #118 2011Gateway to Technology Mobile Lab introduced to 3 rural school districts.

14 STEM Educational Program Impact Summary 2011-2012 School year Data ProgramSchools/GroupsStudentsGrade Level Career Exploration LaboratoryAll 8 th grade classes in Vermilion County (total 17 schools) 1,0458 th grade Gateway to TechnologyNorth Ridge Middle School Southview Middle School Jamaica Jr. High School Oakwood Jr. High School Westivlle Jr. High School 1,2027 th grade Project Lead the WayArmstrong High School Bismarck High School Catlin High School Danville High School First Baptist School Georgetown – Ridge Farm High School Jamaica High School Schlarman Academy 909-12 th grade Industrial Technology Specialist ProgramDanville High School Georgetown-Ridge Farm High School Westville High School 812 th grade Summer Science CampsCounty-wide youth participation853-8 th grade

15 Enhanced, comprehensive K-16+ Training System Our Approach Industry Clusters - The Training System SCHOLARSHIPS: Accounting Physical Therapy Pharmacy Computer Networking Engineering Industrial Technology CRITERIA : Paid internships are guaranteed for the student each of the summers starting after the completion of the freshmen year. Candidates must be graduating Vermilion County high school seniors or DACC students preparing for a career in one of the selected career choices. Candidates must show academic excellence and meet minimum ACT/SAT scores as required by the post-secondary partners. Post-graduation employment in Vermilion will be required for two years. Apply to one-third of the annual tuition. Annual amount based on University of Illinois tuition rate.

16 Community Awareness: Monthly Tabloid Career Posters Radio, Cable TV and Network ads DVD – View MFG Facebook: Advantage WEB Page: Our Approach-Marketing Industry Clusters - The Message

17 Skilled Workforce for Vermilion County Post-Secondary High School Middle/Jr. High Elementary Manufacturing Technical Services Healthcare Logistics

18 Understanding the dynamics of changing skill needs/ opportunities Educational foundation/long- term and short-term Demographics Technology Business projections Implement systematic changes to respond to current and anticipated trends Active participation in the process of change Businesses, School Districts, Community Agencies, together - creating the future Our Approach Plan CommunicateEducate Evaluate

19 WHO BENEFITS? Students Community Existing Businesses New Businesses.............. EVERYONE!

20 STEM ulating our youth today for the WORKFORCE needs of tomorrow!

21 Contact Information Vicki Haugen President & CEO Kim Kuchenbrod, CWDP Workforce Development Consultant Vermilion Advantage 28 W. North Street Danville, IL 61832 217.442.6201


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