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Standardized Work Knowing What the Job Requires and Developing Good Orientation Programs.

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1 Standardized Work Knowing What the Job Requires and Developing Good Orientation Programs

2 Thank You NovaCare and Everyone here today taking time to LEARN © Copyright Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.2

3 Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center Mission: To be a catalyst for transforming the STATE of manufacturing Standardized Work3

4 About IMEC Who we are: IMEC is a private, public partnership that operates through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) What we do: IMEC delivers customized training, hands on technical assistance, and leadership advisement to help manufacturers improve bottom line results Standardized Work4

5 IMEC: Catalysts for Transformation Insert Presentation Title5

6 Standardized Work Developing and effective employee orientation program Aging workforce and need for standardized work procedures Developing Job Descriptions Occupational Safety & Health Training Resources in southern Illinois © Copyright Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.6

7 Developing and effective employee orientation program © Copyright Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.7 Cover the basics before exposing to the hazard Specialized training as needed for the specific job

8 Aging workforce and need for standardized work procedures AARP Workforce Assessment Tool Employee Age Demographic and Skill Shortage Projections Knowledge Retention Flexible Work Arrangements Training and Development Benefits Workplace Accommodations Positive Work Environment Recruitment © Copyright Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.8

9 Developing Job Descriptions Job Description Writer Performance management Training and employee development Compensation Recognition and rewards Discipline Return-to-work programs. You can prepare for light or modified duty options to allow for a smoother transition from a workers' compensation injury or leave. Essential job function analysis. A well-developed job description can provide details on the "essential functions" of a job. This is very helpful when an employee requests a reasonable accommodation under the ADA. The job description can contain prerequisites for positions such as educational requirements, employment experience, physical requirements, supervisory responsibilities and certificates or licenses needed. Well-developed, accurate job descriptions may also prove useful in providing a defense against charges of employment discrimination beyond the recruiting process. © Copyright Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.9

10 Occupational Safety & Health Training Resources in Southern Illinois Community Colleges & Universities Healthcare Providers NovaCare Rehabilitation & Speakers today Develop relationship close to home Referrals from trusted advisors and peers Online & Print Resources Search for webinars from trusted sources © Copyright Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.10

11 SIOSH DAY Register EVENTS Southern Illinois Occupational Safety & Health (SIOSH) Day Brochure is online Registration © Copyright Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.11

12 Keynote Speakers NICK WALTERS USDOL OSHA REGIONAL ADMINISTRATOR OSHA Overview and Update from the Regional and National Offices Perspective AARON PRIDDY USDOL OSHA AREA DIRECTOR OSHA Update from the Area Office Perspective CHERYL NEFF IDOL SIED Update from the State Plan Perspective © Copyright Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.12

13 TEMPORARY WORKER INITIATIVE Brandy Lozosky, IDOL. In this session, we will address the question: who is responsible for the safety and health of temporary workers? This session focuses on the employer’s responsibility to protect temporary workers. We’ll provide a clear understanding of both the host employer’s and the staffing agencies role in complying with workplace health and safety requirements. WORKER COMPENSATION PRIMER John Stinson and Scott Hendrix, Forrest Sherer Insurance, will give participants an understanding of the recent changes impacting worker compensation loss control lines. An overview of worker compensation insurance, including information on the various functional roles that parties hold in securing worker compensation coverage and changes to the experience modification formula in controlling costs. OSHA INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE AND HEALTH UPDATE Paula Lethiot, Kacey Cramer, OSHA. In this session, there will be a comprehensive review of current OSHA policy and “Emphasis Programs” which govern OSHA Industrial Hygiene and related health inspections. Inspection protocols, sampling techniques, and relevant resources will be shared. CONCUSSIONS IN THE WORKPLACE Josh Ice, NovaCare Rehabilitation will share best practices to identify when medical attention is needed. Understanding conditions and warning signs can save lives. According to OSHA’s $afety Pays Program, a Concussion costs an employer $71,777 in direct cost and $78, 954 in indirect costs. Return to Work considerations are important for the employee to make a full recovery and include repeated evaluation and restricted work activities. © Copyright Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.13

14 Questions? Lori R. Amerman Operations Coordinator Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center Southern Illinois University Carbondale Suite Innovation Drive Carbondale, IL © Copyright Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.14

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