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Special Government Employee (SGE) Program Matt Gaines, CSP VPP Manager – Region VII Department of Labor-OSHA

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1 Special Government Employee (SGE) Program Matt Gaines, CSP VPP Manager – Region VII Department of Labor-OSHA Email:

2 I. What is the Special Government Employee (SGE) Program ? SGE program was established to allow industry employees to work alongside OSHA during VPP on-site evaluations. Is an opportunity to work together and share views and ideas in a professional environment.

3 I.… cont.. SGE Program Allowing the SGE’s to bring a unique perspective to the team effort and take back to their sites new ideas and best practices to further improve worker protections.

4 II. Basic requirements Qualified volunteers from VPP sites are eligible to be part of the team. Must be approved by OSHA and funded by their companies. Must submit an application. Complete a required training, sworn as SGE’s and be approved.

5 III. Dates & Application Applications are processed four (4) times per year. January 15 April 15 July 15 October 15

6 III. A complete application includes the following forms: Eligibility Information Sheet; Request for Name Check; Optional Application for Federal Employment (or current Resume); Confidential Financial Disclosure Sheet; Waiver of Claims Against the Government.

7 III. Application Process When sending in an application, you are encouraged to use a mail delivery system that provides a return receipt or some other method of tracking your submission.

8 III. Please mail to….. Chantel Sollers – National SGE Coordinator US Department of Labor-OSHA 200 Constitution Avenue, NW Room N-3700 Washington, DC 20210 Phone: (202) 693-2213

9 IV. SGE general information.. All SGE’s are initially appointed for 3 year term of service. SGE’s serve at the request of the Assistant Secretary for OSHA. Service as an SGE is contingent upon proper ethical conduct.

10 IV. Roles of Special Government Employee SGE’s have the opportunity to participate in assessments of VPP applicants’ or participants’ safety and health management system.

11 V. Team duties include but not are not limited to: Reviewing the written safety and health management system and supporting documents; Conducting a site walkthrough to observe working conditions; Verify that : 1) Hazards are being properly controlled or eliminated;

12 V.… Cont.. Team duties Verify that: 2) A comprehensive safety and health management system has been successfully implemented; 3) Conducting formal and informal employee interviews.

13 V. SGE Training Must attend a 3-day OSHA training course; Include an overview of the OSHA VPP SGE Program; Discussion about roles and responsibilities of an SGE; OSHA provides the training free of charge.

14 SGE’s must sworn in at the conclusion of the class.

15 SGE Benefit SGE’s can waive the cost for the courses offered at the OSHA Training Institute or satellites. Need to be an Active SGE to be eligible. Conduct 1 or more VPP onsite visits during term.

16 2008 SGE Class – We are READY!!!

17 SGE of the YEAR- Annual National VPPPA Conference-2009 Unique opportunity to be recognized nation-wide for your commitment and excellent performance during your VPP onsite evaluations. Robert Sander, SGE, US Postal Service, and Jordan Barab, Acting Assistant Secretary-OSHA.

18 2010 Winner – Ray Magruder

19 2012 Winner – Jon Alexander

20 For more information -SGE Program… OSHA webpage-Click on SGE to see the upcoming new VPP onsite audits and the recertifications To know where and when OSHA is going to offer the next SGE training course

21 REGION VII: NEXT SGE COURSE On July 16 - 18, 2013* At Monsanto Headquarter in St. Louis, MO Instructors: Matt Gaines Mike Murphy Mike Minicky Jon Alexander *(PENDING SEQUESTER)


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