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The USF SafetyFlorida Consultation Program

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1 The USF SafetyFlorida Consultation Program

2 Why would a company want our services? We provide free and confidential workplace safety consultation to Florida’s Small Businesses.

3 Florida's small businesses suffer from high out-of- pocket workers' compensation costs due to high rates of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Why is there a need for our services?

4 Florida Workplace Fatalities In 2008, workplace accidents killed 290 workers in Florida. This averages to more than one Florida worker dying every work day. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

5 Florida Workplace Injuries In 2008, 210,400 workplace injuries and illness were reported in Florida. Each week, 4,046 employees are injured or become ill in the Florida workplace. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

6 The Cost of Florida’s Workplace Injuries YearLost- Time Cases Total Indemnity Cost Total Medical Cost Total Settlement Total Benefits 200579,048$414,129,339$1,023,280,086$468,553,821$1,905,963,246 200676,251$377,953,846 $999,569,724$392,276,118$1,769,799,688 2007*68,537$319,964,783 $871,311,906$288,475,134$1,479,751,823 2008*59,867$236,036,781 $679,538,519$199,159,261$1,114,734,560 2009*47,259 $99,882,570 $310,159,108$41,038,642 $451,080,320 Source: Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation. *Preliminary statewide reporting; continuing claims costs will accrue back to the claim year.

7 The Impact of Florida’s Workplace Injuries 2009 Florida OSHA Violations 2009 Florida OSHA Penalties Willful 19 $673,950 Repeat 177 $673,484 Serious4,157 $3,970,077 Unclassified 0 0 Other1,034 $185,681 Failure-to-Abate 16 $68,570 Total number of citations:5,403 $5,571,762 Source: OSHA Region IV

8 Our Mission Provide free, confidential on-site safety consultation Assist Florida small businesses comply with OSHA standards Help businesses save money by eliminating workplace hazards that cause injury, illness or death.


10 The Employer Requests a Consultation Initial contact via USF SafetyFlorida website, phone, or in writing.

11 USF SafetyFlorida Prioritizes Requests on a “Worst First” basis Imminent danger situations Congressionally mandated activities Small, high-hazard employers targeted in the federal or state strategic plan, National Emphasis Program, Local Emphasis Program or other “Targeted Industries.”

12 We Prioritize Requests on a “Worst First” basis Small, High-Hazard Employers –High incident rates –High-hazard SIC codes –Alternative high-hazard listing –Secondary SIC –Process hazardousness –Small, non-high hazard employers –large employers

13 We Contact Employers to: Ensure the employer is aware of their rights and responsibilities Establish the scope of services Set up opening conference

14 Consultant Conducts: Opening conference Hazard assessments Training and assistance Follow-up visits Required site visit form Closing conference

15 Written Report Sent to company within 20 days of closing conference

16 Consultation Activity and Areas of Emphasis Primary –Construction –Non-Construction Area of Emphasis –Landscaping/horticultural –Preserve fruits & vegetables –Concrete & concrete products –Ship & boat building & repair –Public warehousing & storage Alliances –JEA –Consulate of Mexico, Orlando Amputations –Manufacturing –Construction Combustible Dust, Noise SHARP

17 What Are the Outcomes of Using Our Services? Eliminate the hazards that cause injuries, illnesses, and fatalities Reduce the cost of workers’ comp Defer OSHA inspections

18 SHARP Be exempt from OSHA inspections OSHA encourages employers to operate exemplary safety and health management programs. OSHA allows those who meet a few basic eligibility requirements to become exempt from OSHA inspections for a period of not less than one year, with eligibility for a renewal if qualified.

19 Defer OSHA Inspections with SHARP OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program How does SHARP work?

20 To Qualify for SHARP: Request a full-service comprehensive visit from USF SafetyFlorida

21 To Qualify for SHARP: Request a full-service comprehensive visit from USF SafetyFlorida Correct all hazards (serious and other-than-serious) identified by the consultant.

22 To Qualify for SHARP: Request a full-service comprehensive visit from USF SafetyFlorida Correct all hazards (serious and other-than-serious) identified by the consultant. Implement and maintain a safety and health management program.

23 To Qualify for SHARP: Score at least two on all 58 basic attributes of the Safety and Health Program Assessment Worksheet (OSHA Form 33).

24 To Qualify for SHARP: Score at least two on all 58 basic attributes of the Safety and Health Program Assessment Worksheet (OSHA Form 33). Agree to notify USF SafetyFlorida prior to making any changes in working conditions or work processes that might introduce new hazards into the workplace.

25 If you have satisfied all SHARP participation criteria: USF SafetyFlorida may recommend your site to OSHA for final approval. Employers who meet all the requirements for recognition and exemption will have the names of their establishments removed from OSHA's Programmed Inspection Schedule for a period of not less than one year. The exemption period will extend from the date of issuance by the Regional Office of the certificate of recognition. The renewal exemption period will be based on OSHA approval. Of course, a fatality or formal complaint will trigger an OSHA investigation, then the continuation of the exemption status will be determined by USF SafetyFlorida.

26 Sunshine Safety Award Certificate

27 Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award—What it Does: Recognizes employers who proactively work with their employees to improve work practices. Demonstrates employer’s commitment to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of their company’s workplace safety and health management system. Qualifications are: –Request and receive a full-service on-site visit by the USF SafetyFlorida Consultation Program. –Have no willful or repeat citations from OSHA on the job site within the past 24 months. –Have an established and effective injury and illness prevention program. –Be recommended by the USF consultant performing the survey.

28 Our Website Supports Your Safety Program Request a consultation Simplify OSHA recordkeeping Borrow safety-training videos

29 Request Consultation via Web

30 USF Web Recordkeeping When an Employee is Injured… OSHA requires you to record an injury or illness on your OSHA form 300 within seven (7) calendar days of receiving information that a recordable injury or illness has occurred.

31 Free Online Recordkeeping

32 The USF SafetyFlorida OSHA Recordkeeping Wizard fills out four forms with a single set of information. USF Wizard Saves Time

33 #1 OSHA 301

34 #2 OSHA 300

35 #3 OSHA 300A

36 #4 FL Workers’ Comp Creates a paper record of the DWC-1 for your file.

37 Borrow Safety Videos

38 Select over 400 Videos

39 Click here to borrow FREE videos. Order Videos Online

40 Access Online Safety Tools SafetyWriter lets you to “click” together a customized safety plan as a Word document. AccidentTracker collects data about lost- time accidents and develops reports so you can analyze accident trends. RecordKeeper fills in all three OSHA recordable accident forms, including 301, 300 and 300A.


42 What People Say About Us “It’s always good to have someone come in and look at your operation, to review your manuals and your documentation.” – Facility maintenance management firm “(The consultation) was nothing but good for us. It was a very positive experience and brought our safety program up to a new level.” – Healthcare business

43 What People Say About Us “Maintaining SHARP status is a badge of honor we impress upon our employees, trade contractors, partners, developers and surrounding communities.” – Commercial construction firm “Our workers’ compensation premiums dropped 25 percent.” -- Window manufacturing company

44 On-Site magazine USF SafetyFlorida e-Letter

45 To request your free safety and health consultation, contact USF SafetyFlorida 13201 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MDC 56 Tampa, FL 33612 1-866-273-1105

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