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1 Yu Lei Zheng NPSD - Fall 2010. 2 About Signature Bank New York metropolitan bank with 23 locations and growing Proving bank and financial services for.

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1 1 Yu Lei Zheng NPSD - Fall 2010

2 2 About Signature Bank New York metropolitan bank with 23 locations and growing Proving bank and financial services for high network and private businesses Since business operation at 2001, bank has grown to be $10.4 billion in assets, $8.5 billion in deposit Business loans, commercial mortgages, commercial & industrial loans are also top revenue drive Employee growth at 11%, company revenue growth at 19.8%

3 3 Objective Signature Bank heavily promotes yearly corporate events concentrate on Health and Employee outings events To use phase gate to come up with new series of events for 2011

4 Organizational Strategy Business Strategy Ideation Ideation Screen Expansion & Surface Evaluation Surface Evaluation Screen Detail Evaluation Screen Cross-Functional Development TestingDeployment Launch Post Launch Review CFD GATE Testing GATE Deployment GATE PLR GATE NPSD Funnel Gate Process

5 5 Come up with couple of ideas in the funnel to start planning for next year Examples: Cancer Walk Ice Skating Corporate BBQ/Picnic, Six Flag Ice Skating Ping Pong Cooking class Phase 1 - Ideation

6 6 Ideation Screen Coming up with some criterias to help eliminate the ideas that doesn’t fit. Event must attract 60 employees and accommodate up to 200 Event to appeal to all employees located all over our metropolitan locations Event within budget (Bowling 100 employees = $10k) Event must be within specific time line in the calendar year (We have event every 2-3 months) Event location is easy accessible

7 7 Phase 2 Elimination - Surface Evaluation Evaluating the remaining 7 ideas and eliminates them to two round of screening, from 7 to 3, then from 3 to 1. Elimination involves: Surface evaluation: Doing desk research Calling each vendor Talking to employees Searching internet for event and locations

8 8 Surface Evaluation Screen Surface Evaluation Screen: The ideas that remain must pass through a second screen, made up predetermined specific criteria. The three ideas that pass through this second screen, must meet more specific go/kill criteria than they met at the first screen. Such as: Must have interest and at least 80% attendees for company to sponsor event Event location must be available on certain month avoiding holidays (usually September) Able to fit up to 200 employees with food and drinks

9 9 Detailed Evaluation Detailed Evaluation:Real research and in-depth investigation Event features and specification Date/Time Location Cost Detailed Evaluation Screen - Referee step in And make sure the money spent will achieve desire goal Manger reviews, then VP review of proposal then pass to CEO for final approval

10 10 Phase 3 - Development The one Idea drops out of funnel and into development phase. One ideas to develop and bring in people to help develop the ideas too. Cross Functional Development Marketing go into action with booking venue, creating flyer, strategizing to promote event for high attendance of employees Notify HR of upcoming events notice, update calendar, and verify any legal issues Notify Accounting for payment procedures

11 11 Cross Functional Development Gate The gatekeepers will ensure that the team performed all essential activities. VP will cross check any approval on promotional flyer and review timeline and timelines when to email notices to the employees and follow up schedules HR cross check calendar of events - Holidays or any other corporate events are not taking place Accounting have enough time to process down payment checks on time

12 12 Testing To run a test to ensure that the product/service meets the objective On site location visitation to see space and venue to have enough space Employee questionnaires if the event seems attractive and will want to attend the function Testing Gate Gatekeepers also can make sure the product service meet all the pre- determined broad and specific criteria originally specify.

13 13 Deployment Engaging in all the necessary activities that lead up to an actual product or service launch. Marketing flyer and notice created and gathered. Notified Manager, VP and CEO plan date of launch to announce to all employees about the event. Get the payment ready for the vendor to hold the space and date

14 14 Deployment Gate One last check before launch. To make sure everything is right. All preparation is set, everything is in position. Last call! VP, CEO, HR, Managers can stop the process of payment anytime or cancel event due any unforeseen events

15 15 Launch Everything is gathered and set for launch. Email sent out notified the employee of event and to RSVP notice Sign contract with vendor Send down payment

16 16 Post Launch Review If you meet all criteria and performed all necessary activities in every development process, the post launch review should review with no surprises. Number of employees signed up that met the original objectve goal Number of employees attended the actual event the day of Responses from employees and management Review vendor and location of event if will re-visit again next year

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