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WHS COUNSELING PRESENTS: Future Senior Night. Senior activities Graduation Requirements High school requirements vs. college requirements Typical senior.

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2 Senior activities Graduation Requirements High school requirements vs. college requirements Typical senior schedule Registration College Planning Handout: “Guide for Seniors” Naviance Resources THIS PRESENTATION WILL COVER:

3 The information presented tonight can be accessed on the WHS counseling website:WWW.CONEJOUSD.ORG/WHS/COUNSELING

4  Senior Class Officer Elections: Mandatory Meeting THIS YEAR on April 2nd @ lunch in the ASG room, 31G  Senior Registration Mailers:  Mailed home over summer: Make sure your address is correct!  Important information in packets regarding Senior Portraits, Senior Contract, Off campus passes and PARKING!  Senior Tribute Yearbook Ads – September/October (see yearbook website to order)  Senior Activities Packets will be distributed in January 2016 and will cover: Senior Picnic, Grad Nite, Senior Showcase, Senior Awards Night, Baccalaureate, Graduation  Prom: Saturday, June 4, 2016 2015/16 School Year SENIOR ACTIVITIES 2015/16 School Year Look for this information and more in the summer mailer and online.

5 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS SUBJECTRequiredCREDITS English4 years40 Health1 semester5 Mathematics (must include Algebra 1) 3 years30 Physical Education2 years20 Phys. Science (Geosci or Chemistry) 1 year10 Biology1 year10 World Hist/Geography1 year10 US History1 year10 United States Government 1 semester5 Economics1 semester5 Visual Performing Art, World Lang or CTE 1 year 10 Electives 75 credits above and beyond required courses 75 CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) PASSING SCORE ON ENGLISH AND MATH230 Classes worth 5 credits per semester Must earn a D or better to receive credits Must earn C or better for university admissions Log-in to Zangle to view your transcript

6 CourseWHS Graduation Requirements 230 credits California State University (CSU) System “a-g”* The University of California (UC) System “a-g” Selective Private Universities ** Community College History (a) 3 years2 years 3 years Must either: English (b) 4 years Earn a high school diploma (or Certificate of Completion) Or… Mathematics (c) 3 years (1 year must be Algebra1)+ 3 years 4 recommended 3 years 4 recommended 4 years Science (d) 2 years Physical/Biological 2 years lab Physical/Biological 3 years recommended 2 years lab 3 years recommended 4 years preferred 3 years 4 years recommended Foreign Lang. (e) 1 year OR 1 year of a Fine Art 2 years 3 years recommended 2 years 3 years recommended 3 years 4 years recommended Be at least 18 years old to attend (if not a high school graduate) Visual or Performing Arts (f) 1 year OR 1 year of a Foreign Language 1 year visual/performing arts Electives (g)/ Additional Courses 75 additional elective credits 1 year academic elective minimum Additional rigorous academic electives 2 years of P.E. 1 semester of Health Testing RequirementCalifornia High School Exit Exam: CAHSEE Math CAHSEE English SAT Reasoning ACT SAT Reasoning or ACT plus Writing SAT Reasoning or ACT plus Writing SAT Subject Tests (Check each college for specific requirements) Math and English placement exams Comparative Minimum Requirements for College Download this handout and more on our counseling website:

7 TYPICAL SENIOR SCHEDULE:  Typical day: Periods 1-5 (7 a.m. to 12:07 p.m.)  May not enroll in less than 5 classes 180  To be on track for 5 period day, your student must have earned at least 180 credits by end of junior year  Required courses for ALL seniors:  English 12  Government/Economics  3 electives  Other classes your senior might need:  Math  Science  Visual and performing art  World language  P.E. Athletic (if required by coach)  Additional elective credits

8 CREDIT DEFICIENT STUDENTS  Some students may require additional classes based on credit deficiencies in various subject areas  Students entering grade 12 who have earned below 155 credits are considered “Credit Deficient”  View transcript and credit information on Zangle in the “Grad Requirements” section  Ways to make-up credits:  Pre-register for remedial summer school with counselor:  Session 1: June 16-July 2  Session 2: July 6-July 23  CEC (formerly ROP):  Vocational ed. classes in computers, health careers, graphic arts and more.  Held at Camarillo Airport & WHS  Transportation available  Adult Education Courses (counselor referral required)  Online Courses (counselor referral required)  Transfer to CVHS if under 155 credits

9 12 th Grade Registration Form, Side 1:

10 12 th Grade Registration Form, Side 2 Make sure your student chooses alternates he/she is willing to take, in the event that first choice is not available: View course descriptions and prerequisite info in the online course directory on the counseling websiteonline course directory

11 Registration is online beginning NOW STUDENTS WILL MEET INDIVIDUALLY WITH COUNSELORS BETWEEN 2/25-27 TO DISCUSS COURSE SELECTIONS Must log in with STUDENT id and password and enter his/her courses PRIOR to meeting with the counselor. After logging in, students add course requests to Q. These requests are confirmed during the individual student meetings. Students must also bring the SIGNED registration sheet to the individual meeting.

12 Guide for Seniors: College Planning See Handout

13 GENERAL TIMELINE June/July/August Register for NCAA Clearing House if you plan to play sports in college Participate in a summer program Volunteer Reacquaint yourself with Naviance Research post secondary options CVUSD summer school: Students may pre-register with counselor to repeat a D/F through May 1. Information will be posted on the WHS website once it becomes available September Update Naviance account SAT/ACT College Information Night “Facing the College Application Process” College speakers in the CCC Request teacher letters of recommendation Schedule college appt. w/ counselor (Naviance completed prior)

14 GENERAL TIMELINE October SAT/ACT Finalize college choices College essays Finalize teacher recommendation requests Begin UC/CSU applications (open Oct. 1) Schedule college appt. w/ counselor (Naviance completed prior) November SAT/ACT EA and ED apps due Send test scores to colleges Submit CSU/UC application by Nov 30. Deadline for college counseling appt. (Naviance completed prior)

15 GENERAL TIMELINE December Complete any remaining college apps with later deadlines Research Financial Aid (FAFSA, CalGrant, institutional awards…) January Explore Financial Aid! FAFSA online Cal Grant GPA Verification Naviance scholarship lists WHS Scholarship Foundation Merit based scholarships Prepare for final exams!

16 GENERAL TIMELINE February Continue checking email for information from the colleges to which you have applied Continue scholarship research March-June Community College application period begins in March Apply for scholarships Acceptance/Denial decisions made Commit to your college of choice by May 1 Focus on ending semester 2 with good grades!

17 FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN RESEARCHING COLLEGES: Academics  majors offered  special requirements  accreditation—recognized by regional or national accrediting bodies as meeting its objectives  student-faculty ratio  typical class size College expenses  tuition, room and board  estimated total budget  application fee, deposits Financial aid  deadline(s)  required forms  % of student population receiving aid  scholarships  part-time employment opportunities Housing  residence hall requirements  availability  types and sizes  food plans Facilities  academic  Recreational  Other Activities  clubs, organizations  sororities/fraternities  athletics, intramurals (NCAA)  Other Visit campuses this summer! Doing your research will help you find the right fit!

18 What is it for?  College Visit Sign-ups  College Comparisons & Scattergrams  Track Deadlines  Track Acceptance History  Transcripts  Letters of Recommendation  Scholarship Database  Senior Survey  Email updates from WHS How to sign-in:  Username: student email address  Password: Westlake student id #  Log-in issues? See Mrs. Mertel in the College and Career Center What to complete over the summer:  College/career research  Resume  Brag sheets for letters of recommendation Naviance

19 19 Naviance Instructions for using Naviance can be found in the document library 

20 RESOURCES College and Career Center: Mrs. Rebecca “Becky” Mertel CCC On the Web: Naviance: Counseling Website: High School Course Directory WHS College Handbook Power Point Presentations Quick links to college and WHS information Counseling Documents and more SAT/AP  ACT  NCAA 


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