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Or Russia the USA Borodulin Andrew, Ivanov Mathew 7 A grade, Lyceum №1.

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1 or Russia the USA Borodulin Andrew, Ivanov Mathew 7 A grade, Lyceum №1

2 Contents:  Introduction  Food  Habits  Character  Leisure  Money  Sports

3 We want to tell you about two great countries: Russia and the USA, about their similarities and differences. We took 6 categories: Food, Habits, Character, Leisure, Money and Sports.

4 Food Russians Americans We always eat 3 times a day: breakfast, dinner and supper. Fast food is mainly eaten by teenagers. Adults don’t eat fast food. We can’t tell what our favorite vegetable is. We don’t have snacks usually. They usually eat 3 (4) meals a day: breakfast, lunch, (snack) and dinner. They prefer fast-food: hamburgers, hot dogs etc. Their favorite vegetables are potatoes and corn. They usually have snacks (candies, chocolate, crisps, pastry etc.) – this is JUNK food!

5 Habits Russians Americans Smoking – is our main problem. 70 % of our people are smoking. We drink too much alcohol (it is another bad habit of our nation). We do not go shopping too much. It is not our favorite habit as compared to Americans. Smoking is not popular, though they were first to start smoking. Americans don’t enjoy drinking at all. Shopping is one of their favorite habits.

6 Character Russians Americans We are hooligans (we are not bad) because we like extraordinary things. We are proud of our nation. Some of us are very emotional but some aren’t. Most of us are very open and communicative. 90% of Americans have guns (it is a proven fact). They are proud of their nation too. They are generally very emotional. They are communicative too. That’s why they easily make friends.

7 Leisure Russians Americans TV is very popular. Not all of us spend our free time at cinemas or theatres. We seldom go to restaurants. In summer many of us go to the country for the weekend. Some people go to the forest or lakeshore to have a picnic. TV is a part of everyday life. On weekends they go to the movies or to the theatre, or go out for a meal in restaurants. They enjoy picnics and barbecues.

8 Money Russians Americans The ruble and kopeck is currency of Russia. 1 ruble is 100 kopecks. We don’t have special names for coins. The dollar and cent is currency of the USA. 1 dollar is 100 cents. American coins have special names: 1 cent is a penny, 5 cents is a nickel etc…

9 Sports Russians Americans Some of us don’t like sports, but some of us like sports very much. We don’t play rugby, but we are mad about football. We have sport centers but less than in America. Many Americans take up jogging and cycling in order to stay physically fit. They play rugby and call it “football”. They have many sport centers and clubs.

10 All these features are very general. They are typical of the most part of these nations. But we should remember that every person is individual.

11 Results

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