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May 8, 2010 2 – 4 PM. Let’s make this meeting flow smoothly.

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1 May 8, 2010 2 – 4 PM

2 Let’s make this meeting flow smoothly

3  Hold questions and comments until the end (take notes) Clarifications are OK  Turn off cell phones and other electronics  Try not to disrupt the meeting when taking washroom breaks  Keep in mind that this is just a proposal. No decisions have been made.  Respect the “talking stick” and keep comments and questions friendly

4  Thank you for pARTicipating  Agenda: Why are we here? What is the “Entity Team”? Why did we do this? What are we talking about today? What are we not talking about or doing at this meeting? Next Steps and Timing Question & Answer Period Social!

5  Present “Entity Team” recommendations for formalization of BurnT  What is the “Entity Team”? Not an elected body Comprised of volunteers; anyone can participate Went through an iterative discovery and definition process  good learning Spent 9 months in 2008; picked up again 2010 Membership and level of involvement varied

6 Where we all want to be  We had lots of spare time and thought we’d burn that time by sitting around pontificating about our favourite past time  Seriously… We’re at the 3 rd stage of group development Forming Storming Norming Performing!

7  Define, clarify and get agreement on what BurnT is and what it’s pARTicipants stand for  Identify, agree on and establish ways to make different types of decisions  Identify what types of decisions BurnT needs to make and how  Identify what roles we need; define the purpose and scope of the roles  Ultimately manage liability & risk

8  Open opportunities to access benefits & resources (i.e., for non-profits)  Figure out whether, and how to acquire and manage assets (e.g., generators, lights, storage space)  Surface other interests and concerns that hadn’t been previously considered  Because we love our community!

9  Mission, Vision, & Strategy  Guiding Principles  Governance Structure - roles & responsibilities Bylaws, rules, codes (e.g., of conduct)  Membership  Decisions and Decision-making  Legal entity type  What needs to be done next

10  Talking about specific events, past, present or future  Addressing Burning Man/other organizational affiliations  Making decisions  Voting  Setting anything on fire!

11 What is our purpose?

12 BurnT's Mission is to pARTicipate, collaborate and foster: sustainable community --- art --- events --- projects self-expression --- mutual celebration --- self-reliance information-sharing --- gifting fun --- creative --- respectful --- responsible --- civic-minded in a manner that is… through…

13 Where do we want to go?

14  BurnT's Vision is to: continue to grow in a sustainable manner beyond our current membership and volunteer community through radical community leadership while supporting an annual outdoor event, an indoor fall event and outreach events (e.g., newbie picnic) evolve beyond an event-oriented community to include more continuous forms of participation (e.g., special interest groups like DON (Department of Nerdery)) direct community resources (e.g., assets, documented learnings) towards artistic expression that continues to be showcased beyond the BurnT community produce more and more performance and installation art that ultimately encourages participation  create and maintain space for networking and community building, such as: - communications tools (e.g., websites, listservs, wikis) - workshop space put the ART in pARTy!

15  The Mission and Vision Were written in 2008 and presented at the December 1 st BurnT Town Hall meeting Reflected the entity team and community’s sentiment at the time Were well-received by the community Were not tweaked or edited except “civic-minded” was added Were put on hold to work on other important topics like decision-making  Ask yourself Do the Mission and Vision still work for BurnT in 2010? Do revisions or additions need to be made?  Note Becoming a fund-raising group and Burning Man franchise were specifically excluded. Does this still reflect the wants and desires of the community?

16 How are we going to get there?

17  1. Get Organized Establish a decision-making process ASAP Form an organizational & governance structure (e.g., Board of Directors, committees, subgroups) - Identify & agree on structures - Describe roles, responsibilities & accountabilities (e.g., Managing body, Team leads, Ombuddies, Listserv moderators)  2. Formalize Operations Register legal entity Elect a Board of Directors and Team of Functional Representatives Establish policies, guidelines, bylaws, etc. Obtain insurance as required Manage finances, membership, communications, etc.  3. Secure Infrastructure & Equipment Venues Tools & materials Workshop space/clubhouse to work in and display projects

18 Roots for laying a stable foundation

19 The following list is not definitive, but rather some sample principles that were discussed and recommended for adoption:  Most of Burning Man’s 10 Principles apply as-written Need to consider spirit and practicality of “radical inclusion” Ask: Should we follow a “one degree of separation” approach?  Politics and religion should remain out of the scope of community -related discussions, events and decisions  Membership growth should be manageable and sustainable Ask: Does size matter and how big is big enough for BurnT and its events?  BurnT should be operated for fun  not as a business with similar motives as, or in competition with other professional party or art groups  A “prudent reserve” to bootstrap BurnT-sanctioned events and fund future events’ creative projects that are in-line with our Mission and Vision should always be maintained (e.g., $5,000)

20  “Fundraiser” events should be clearly designated and promoted as such, and be for specific projects  The entity should be strictly staffed and run by volunteers who choose to contribute of their own volition up to their financial, material, and other abilities Ask: Should volunteers should be compensated to pARTicipate?  E.g., “comp-ing” or otherwise funding performers, leads, etc. Advanced emergency services and security services may be paid for at the discretion of the elected BurnT representatives (not event team)  While civic or charitable work is not a core objective, it is not out of scope should a community member wish to organize this type of effort and rally the community around it (e.g., Habitat for Humanity)

21  Bylaws, codes, rules, etc. still need to be explored and established  This should be done throughout the rest of the year and presented to the community Ultimately should be put in place by the elected community representatives

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