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And Leisure. Ferran Colom David Salvador Maurici Esquius.

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1 And Leisure

2 Ferran Colom David Salvador Maurici Esquius

3 Introduction Our group has studied and analyzed the different leisure forms and their evolution along time. First of all, we have to know what is leisure. It’s all the activities that have the objective of having a good time. The main leisure sites of Terrassa are “Amics de les Arts”, “Gran Casino”, “Parc Vallés” and some others. One of the most important leisure sites of Terrassa is “Amics de les Arts” which has a great history. Also “Gran Casino” has along history. One of the greats events in Terrassa is the Jazz Festival. The Jazz Festival is the event we are going to study.

4 During the industrial revolution of Terrassa, people didn’t enjoy too much because those times were difficult. The war had just finished and people didn’t have much time to enjoy themselves because they needed to work in the industries and with the money they earn, they could only buy to eat. The only activities that people did was going to ``Gran Casino´´, a building where people could dance, play bingo, play cards, talk with other people, play domino… Nowadays, leisure sites have joined; The union of all the leisure sites with the same objective or the same activity is the called ``associacionisme´´. We’ve studied the different places where young people are associated.


6 We can see that young people aren’t very interested nowadays in being part of an association. 30 years ago, people were much more interested in participating in associations. Clearly, the association which has more members are the sportive. That’s because with these associations, young people don’t have a very serious commitment and this is one the worries of youth people. Nowadays they don’t want a very important commitment with anybody, so the sportive associations make this offer. And this is the part of the leisure we’ve analised and studied. In conclusion we think that leisure has changed a lot along the time.

7 Jazz Terrassa starts when a group of people who likes Jazz music wants to make a festival of Jazz music. This group decided to make the festival 25 years ago and the Jazz festival became very famous. Now the Jazz Festival is one of the most famous events in Terrassa, and because of that some people call Terrassa the city of Jazz. The Beginnings of Jazz Festival

8 Jazz Festival Terrassa From 7 March to 2 April, you can listen 275 jazz’s artists at the most famous Jazz festival in Catalonia, in total, 42 concerts The concert programme started on 7th March with the Latin jazz band Afro Blue, responsible for opening the event the event. Old musicians will return come back Terrassa, like John Scolfield, Joachim Kühn, Dave Schnitter, Frank Foster, Dennis Rowland, and more. In this year’s event there are going to be more places where you can listen Jazz music as Alegria Theatre where the band New Flamenco Reunion with pianist Chano Domínguez will play and in Plaza Ca N’Anglada where will play Connexió Argan. Lovers of Blues will also enjoy the traditional “Blues Night with the bluesman Charlie Musselwhite.

9 Picnic Jazz Vallparadis One of the most important events related to Jazz is the Picnic Jazz Vallparadís, a park where you can listen to music all around and have a break to eat or have lunch. In the Picnic Jazz, Eric Sardinas and Ana Popovic, two of the most important bands that are going to play, are going to introduce their new and dynamic albums. The national music will be represented with the music of David Pastor and his band Stringwords. Musicians as Víctor Uris, Vicente Espí, Joan Monné, Dave Pybus and the band Terrassa Dixie Sextet will also appear in the festival and bands such as the Big Band Jazz Terrassa, La Vella Dixieland, La Locomotora Negra and the Barcelona Jazz Orquestra will also be there. On its 25th anniversary, the Festival will increase the number of activities.

10 Picnic jazz’s photos People in Jazz Festival

11 People listening jazz music

12 A very famous band playing

13 People dancing

14 A famous actor (Joel Joan) in the Picnic Jazz

15 Mmmm...... I’m hungry

16 Vinyl CD’s on selling

17 People selling Vinyl CD’s

18 Final conclusion In conclusion, we think that this work it’s good because we have knowned the differents ways and the evolution of leisure on our city.

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