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All About CISV.

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1 All About CISV

2 Who We Are We are a global community of dedicated volunteers creating opportunities for all ages to experience the excitement and enrichment of cultural diversity through our educational programs. We are founded on our belief that peace is possible through friendship - and that the real difference can be made by starting with children.

3 CISV Around the World CISV is an independent, non-political, volunteer organization promoting cross-cultural friendship through a variety of educational programs for youth and adults in nearly 70 countries around the world Over 200 worldwide More than 7,000 people participate in over 250 international activities each year First program ran in 1951 10 chapters in Canada from coast to coast

4 National Associations
Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Faroe Isles Finland France Germany Great Britain Greece Guatemala Honduras Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Israel Italy Japan Jordan Korea Latvia Lebanon Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Philippines Portugal Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey Uruguay USA

5 Our values Friendship Inclusiveness Enthusiasm Engagement Cooperation

6 CISV London Board 2014 Chair: Cathy Cuylle Vice–Chair: VACANT Past-Chair: Marsha Haggarty Secretary: Bobbi-Lyn Smith Risk Manager: Catherine Strathopolous Treasurer: Bill and Lynda McCauley JB rep: Elliott Gordon/Theo Geisen JB Liaison: Chad Downes 2-4 Members at Large

7 CISV London Coordinators
Membership: Holly Smith Fundraising: TBD Website: Bill McCauley Programs: Village, Step-Up, JC, IPP: Maria Calleja Peace Bus: Tammy Latta Seminar Camp: Marsha Haggarty Local Hosting: Lillian Drinkwater Travel Liaison with Robert Q: Marsha Haggarty

8 International, National & Local Programs
Make friends, have unforgettable experiences and fun

9 “People learn more effectively by doing things themselves. Experiences should be direct, not second- hand.” Dr. Doris T. Allen, UNESCO proposal CISV Programs Programs are interactive, action- oriented, sensitive to cultural variation, multilingual and FUN!! CISV participants learn through experiential education- the opportunity to learn from direct experience. Participant and facilitators share responsibility for learning. The focus is on cooperation rather than competition.

10 Your child will learn skills which will enhance her/his ability to achieve later in life.
interpersonal skills leadership skills communication skills teamwork abilities self-confidence understanding of his/her own and different cultures favourable attitudes towards differences

11 International Programs
Village (11 year olds) Interchange (12-15 year olds) Step-Up (14-15 year olds) Seminar Camp (17-18 year olds) Youth Meetings ( year olds) International People’s Project (19+ years) Canadian Programs Peace Bus (14 – 18 year olds) National Camp (11-19 year olds)

12 Village – Foundation for Global Friendship
Duration 28 Days Size of group Delegations from countries. Each delegation comprises 2 boys and 2 girls with an adult leader (age 21+). The camp is coordinated by an adult staff supported by Junior Counselors (age 16-17). The Village is a unique four week international camp that was the original CISV program and is still its flagship. Delegates to this multilingual and multicultural experience participate in a mix of educational, cultural and sporting activities, which emphasize cooperative global and intercultural living.

13 Interchange – Building intercultural competence
Age 12-15 Duration 14-28 days per phase (phases can be consecutive or take place up to a year apart) Size of group Delegations come from 2 countries and comprise 6-12 youth accompanied by an adult leader (age 21+) While based on the same educational principles as CISV’s camp based programs, Interchange encourages a deeper encounter between two cultures by placing young people within families. Group activities such as a mini-camp are vital in complementing the intense in-depth family experience. Interchange takes place in two phases with one delegation visiting another country and then reciprocating by hosting the delegation from the country they visited. Not only is this a profound intercultural experience for the youth participant, but it also engages the whole family, and potentially the community in which they live, in the CISV experience.   

14 Step Up – Building Leadership Skills
Age 13 – 15 Duration 23 Days Size of group Delegations come from 6 or 9 countries and are comprised of 4-6 youths, equally divided between girls and boys, who are accompanied by an adult Leader (age 21+). The camp is coordinated by an adult staff. Aimed at young teens, Step Up encourages participants to take responsibility for leadership and program planning. Each camp focuses on a specific educational theme. Participants work together to plan activities and discussions which build on the chosen theme.

15 International Youth Meeting – Building Skills and Regional Capacity
Age Duration 8 or 15 Days Size of group Approximately participants plus staff. People under 16 travel in delegations with an adult leader (age 21+) The short regional camps feature individual themes that allow young people to explore intercultural issues in a regional context. The program reinforces core CISV values, builds leadership and organizational skills, while promoting continued CISV involvement.

16 Seminar Camp - A dialogue for global friendship
Age 17 – 18 Duration 21 Days Size of group 30 participants plus international adult staff Selection completed by CISV Canada This personally challenging, intensive program is facilitated by participants. Participants develop their own themes and agenda to explore issues and form opinions about individual, international, and multicultural matters, within a framework which stresses positive conflict resolution. Seminar Camp fosters interest in the world as a whole and develops a sense of responsibility for its peaceful survival

17 International People’s Project - Go out, find out, help out
Age 19+ Duration 21 Days Size of group Approximately 25 participants including staff This innovative program is a way to learn while actively contributing to the community. In partnership with local organizations, delegates participate in hands-on work involving a specific theme or project, such as nature conservation or immigration. They also research the issue in their own countries and lead educational activities on the subject. Additional training may be provided by the partner or other experts in the field.

18 National Camp - Connecting Canadian Youth and Building Leadership
Age 11 and up Duration 6-7 Days Size of group Approximately participants plus staff. Each summer, during the month of August, one of CISV Canada's twelve chapters host the Junior Branch National Camp. National Camp is a six-day programme that is open to youth of all ages. Participants are encouraged to take an active leadership role within the camp. Following some experiential training in planning, facilitation an evaluation, all participants have the opportunitiy to plan and execute educational activities with small planning groups. National Camp is a dynamic, fun, learning experience for younger youth, older youth and adults alike

19 Peace Bus - Connecting Canadian Youth and Building Leadership
Age: (Eastbound: 14-16/Westbound ) Duration approx 6 weeks Size of Group 13 youth, 2 leaders

20 Leaders Age 21+ Duration Depends on program Size of group Depends on program Staff-Leader Application Form on-line at

21 Local Programs MOSAIC Junior Branch (11-25 yrs)
Senior Branch (all welcome) Mini-camps

22 Mosaic - Building partnerships with local communities
Age All ages Duration Up to one year Size of group No limits

23 Junior Branch (JB) - Youth building social capital
The very heart and soul of CISV, Junior Branch (JB) comprises young local CISVers between the ages of 11-25, who develop intercultural and leadership skills through educational and social activities. Juniors manage their own activities and take an active role in the administrative responsibilities of their chapters. Operating through a network at the national and international level, Juniors organize their own programs on a wide variety of themes, such as social justice and the environment. Junior Branch activities are aimed at building community, developing skills and promoting peace through education.

24 Mini-Camps CISV London holds two super fun mini-camps each year, organized & run by the JB. Fall - October – usually weekend after Thanksgiving holiday Spring – May – usually weekend after Victoria Day holiday

25 Details

26 “Exchanges use education and experience to build ties” Alliance for International Education And Cultural Exchange Age Guidelines Participants must be the proper age in the general program period, specifically: Some day between Jun 1 & Aug 31 for programs hosted during that period; Some day between Nov 1 & Jan 31 for programs hosted during that period; Some day between Mar 1 & May 31 for programs hosted during that period JCs must be 16 or 17 by the day of departure for the program.

27 Our Participants Are Our Priority
“As the temporary guardian of other people’s children, CISV is acutely aware of its obligations” Tommy Watson, a former CISV Great Britain secretary Our Participants Are Our Priority All children (under 16) travel with an adult leader over 21 Staff and Leaders locally selected and trained to international standards carefully screened Hosting families are carefully screened by CISV members CISV relies on the knowledge of local family volunteers for the health, safety and security of their guests

28 2014 Invitations – dates are subject to change
Village (age 11) Tampere, Finland June 29 - July 26 Tromso, Norway June 27 - July 24 Step Up Camp (age 15) Nykobing, Denmark July 3 - July 25 Quito, Ecuador July 25 - August 16 Peace Bus Victoria to Halifax (age 14-16) June 22 – July 31 Halifax to Victoria (age ) July 17-August 26 Junior Counsellor (age 16-17) Manchester, Great Britain (female) July 26 - August 22 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (male) July 4 - July 31 IPP (Age 19+) Schleiden, Germany July 19- Aug 9

29 Terms of Participation
Must be a CISV London member - $80/year/family Join online at CISV is a volunteer-run organization and depends on its members to help run the chapter and to raise funds to host international programs in London.

30 Terms of Participation
Volunteering is also a parental requirement for each family that is sending a child travelling. It is expected that each family will take on a minimum of 3 volunteer commitments. Board member Coordinator/Committees Events and Fundraising Mini Camp volunteers Halloween Cookie-a-thon Goodbye Picnic Help wherever the need is greatest If unable to volunteer - $250 If you would like to serve on the CISV London Board, please rank your top three choices. The board is renewed each Fall at our Annual General Meeting, and you would serve from November 2014 to November 2015

31 Program Fee CISV London wants to ensure it can remain fiscally strong while offering international travel programs for local members as well as fulfilling its requirement to regularly host international programs in London. The number of international travel programs the chapter is offered is directly related to the number of international programs we offer it hosts.

32 Program Fee Each delegate must pay CISV Fees;
Chapter fee (towards cost of hosting programs); Airfare & related costs (visa, travel insurance, local transportation); and Share of leader’s training, airfare & related travel costs (if travelling with a leader)

33 Travel Goal is to ensures safe and reliable travel arrangements for all participants. Delegation Travel All delegation travel and insurance is arranged by the chapter’s travel coordinator Must be booked on the same ticket so part of the group does not get bumped Must use the same insurance package May not use travel points

34 Travel Individual Travellers
May arrange travel and insurance on own or using the chapter’s travel coordinator May use travel points Must notify the Travel Coordinator of their travel plans and insurance coverage

35 2014 Costs (approximate- subject to board approval)
Village $3500 Step Up $2500 to $3000 Costs include: CISV international fees Leader training fees Flight + ¼ leader flight + insurance Local participant fee

36 2014 Costs (approximate subject to board approval)
Junior Counsellor $770 Cost includes CISV international fees training fees Local participant fee Flight – book and pay own IPP $345 Peace Bus $1620 CISV Canada fees

37 Next Steps Join CISV London on-line at
Complete and submit your application form. Available on-line at Submit applications by January 31 to: Village, Step Up, JC and IPP to Maria Calleja at Peace Bus to Tammy Latta at

38 Next Steps Attend Selection Day Date: Saturday January 25 Time: 1-3pm
Location: Art on Limb Studio (944 Western Counties Road – behind Parkwood Hospital)

39 Imagine… Volunteers from 65 countries working toward a common goal
“…You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you will join us, And the world will live as one.” John Lennon, Imagine Imagine… Volunteers from 65 countries working toward a common goal Children from all over the world learning to break stereotypes and skills to build bridges for the future A world-wide network of volunteers running innovative social action programmes to improve local communities Yourself contributing towards world peace Quote from CISV Longitudinal Reseach Findings. Follow up study. Watson (2003).

40 Join in . . . and make a difference!
Find out more about CISV London QUESTIONS ? Contact Cathy Cuylle at

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