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ALL-COMMUNITY MEETING 1 December 2014. Steering Committee Mission To act as an organization through which families, teachers, staff, and the larger community.

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2 Steering Committee Mission To act as an organization through which families, teachers, staff, and the larger community can work cooperatively to support and enhance the educational and social experiences of the children and families at The Expedition School.

3 TESCA Priorities This year: Community building initiatives Playground and school grounds Technology and other tools Teacher and staff appreciation Arts enrichment Yearbooks Additional priorities for future: Teacher mini-grants Classroom and field trip discretionary fund for each class

4 TESCA Structure

5 Co-chairs Treasurer Secretary Communications Coordinator Room Parent CoordinatorsCommittee Coordinators Community Liaison Grants Coordinator

6 Laying the Foundation Established a structure for the organization Held an election and recruited committee chairs Have been meeting bi-weekly since September 4 th Drafted and approved bylaws Approved filing for 501(c)3 status, committed to completing application by the end of 2014 Opened a bank account and process for tracking funds Developed and implemented a communications plan

7 Laying the Foundation Meet weekly with school administrators Established policies and procedures for approving events, and funding requests Established and streamlined communications with the community Working committees have been meeting regularly and planning events and projects

8 Meeting Schedule We meet every two weeks at TES. First meeting in the new year is January 15 th. Meetings are Monday night at 7pm in the conference room. Community members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

9 It’s not to early to think about next year… The next All-Community meeting is scheduled for 9 Feb. At this meeting, we will ask you to elect a Nominating Committee of 3 current TESCA members. Committee is tasked with nominating 1 eligible person for each Steering Committee position. Nominations will be shared with the TESCA. Additional nominations may be submitted. Formal TESCA election will take place on 15 May. If you’re interested in serving on the nominating committee or the Steering Committee please let us know.

10 Treasurer’s Report Revenue/Expense Income Expense Donations 430.00 Bake Sales 30.05 Child Care 275.00 Hot Tin Roof 607.00 Hillsborough BBQ 312.85 Radius Pizza 230.00 Game Night 537.45235.00 Recorders 340.00 435.86 Yearbook Ads 250.00 3,012.35 670.86 Net$ 2,341.49 Allocations Rec’dSpent Current Balance Gaga Ball Pit 562.000 Recorders 340.00 0 Technology 230.000 Yearbook 250.000 Unrestricted 1,395.3595.86*1299.49 * Recorder expense paid with unrestricted CA funds.

11 Communications Website – Google Calendar eNewsletter Sent out every other Sunday Archived on website (Association Information tab) TESCA managed email list Facebook page Closed group Based on school directory (Parent Info tab on TES site) Posted guidelines for commenting Room parent emails as needed Paper notes sent home as needed

12 Hillsborough Holiday Parade

13 Room Parents Kindergarten Deanne Crawford Melanie Laskey Elaine Ortiz Sally Whitaker 1/2 Teachers Johelen Courliss Dauren Hamilton Jessica Henry Amy Hill Jennifer Juhlin Heather Rael Aimée Hobby Rhodes Laurie Timberlake 3/4 Teachers: Heidi Bell Nikki Bratten Amy-Jae Crawford Joanne Finkle Stacy Markwell Amanda Powell Jennifer Wiziecki Rukas Casey Russell Susann Westlake 5/6 Teachers Libby Barron Amy Carabetta Heather Norman-Scott Aimée Hobby Rhodes

14 Grants Writing Team “Full service” team of 12 parent volunteers We find, research, write, submit, & manage grant applications Submitted fall 2014 School Garden Grant (Whole Kids Foundation) Arts in Education Grant – creative writing residency for 5 th /6 th grade (Orange County Arts Commission) In progress Toolbox for Education Grant (Lowe’s) - deadline Feb 2015 Ongoing/Future directions Grants to support technology/purchase of iPads Grants to support specific classroom projects Teachers & parents please contact us with ideas

15 Working Committees Casey Russell Fundraising Hospitality Yearbook Gina Rhoades Arts Grounds Social

16 Fundraising Committee What we’ve done: Childcare / bake sale at first TESCA meeting Monthly Restaurant Night Guest bartender nights at Hot Tin Roof Pizza / bake sale at Game Night Customer loyalty programs What we plan to do: Read-a-thon / book fair Art by Me Coin Drive Yard Sale More Restaurant Night and Hot Tin Roof events

17 Hospitality Committee What we’ve done: Teacher Workday Breakfasts Early Release Snacks Fall Party Thanksgiving Pies Staff Survey What we plan to do: Holiday Luncheon Dec 16th Staff Appreciation Week April 13-17 th Planning Meeting for Staff Appreciation Week

18 Yearbook Committee What we’ve done: Selected a publisher Decided format & length Developed ad sales plan Set timeline Began collecting photos Selected class representatives What we plan to do: Sell ads Pre-sell yearbooks Collect more photos Plan signing event Examine scholarship need

19 Arts Committee Initial Ideas: School-wide art project Classroom volunteers to facilitate art education/projects Early release Wednesday enrichments clubs Art by Me fundraiser Collaborate with Ms. Glass to help with school performances Contact Hillsborough Arts Council to invite local artists to present to/work with our children

20 Arts Committee - First Official Meeting Monday, December 8 th 6:30pm The Whistle

21 Grounds Committee What we’ve done:What we plan to do: Gaga Ball pit Dec 13-14 Permanent 4-square and hopscotch Full size picnic tables Two benches Implementation of WSM garden grant matchbox car/racetrack station PVC pipe free play pieces Full grounds committee meeting January 15 at 8am  Widened & Mulched path to Gold Park  Fence (behind teepee)  Teepee  Tetherball  Log balance beam  Temporary swings and climbing structures  Tire structure  Beautification of grounds through windsocks, bird feeders, planters/pots, and other outdoor decorative items  Benches, picnic table, and shade sails in the courtyard  Bluebird house  Soccer ball donations from Sports Endeavors  Applied for and received a gardening grant from Weaver Street Market

22 Social Committee What we’ve done: Fall potluck at Gold Park Socials at Hot Tin Roof Coffee gatherings at The Whistle & Weaver Street Market Family Game Night What we plan to do: 3 rd Quarter Event – possibly a pajama movie night 4 th Quarter Event – Spring potluck at Gold Park

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