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Ohio Staff Council of Higher Education 24th Annual Summer Conference June 19-20, Columbus State Community College and The Ohio State University,

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1 Ohio Staff Council of Higher Education 24th Annual Summer Conference June 19-20, 2014 @ Columbus State Community College and The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

2 Greetings from The University of Akron’s Staff Employee Advisory Committee (SEAC) The staff employee advisory committee, SEAC, serves as an advisory body to the president. The committee consists of eighteen full-time non- bargaining unit staff employees of The University of Akron.

3 Reporting Out Points Pay/Salary Increases: Staff - Non Bargaining Unit and Contract Professionals - 2% Faculty - 1.5% Union/Bargaining – 2% The increases were approved after a year in which salaries were frozen. The 2 percent increase accounts for a $1.4 million expense in the budget. Notes - Earlier this year, the CWA Union was ratified at The University of Akron. After several talks with administration and the CWA, SEAC could no longer represent union- represented staff. As a result, our SEAC committee council decreased by three taking us from a membership of 18 down to 15. The University of Akron has (286) Union bargaining staff, and (437) non-bargaining staff. The University of Akron Board of Trustees voted unanimously to name Scott L. Scarborough, PhD, the 16th President of the University. His term will begin July 1, 2014.

4 Reporting Out Points In 2012 SEAC incorporated a Welcome Program to greet new staff members to campus. Since June, 2013 approximately (23) new staff members have been welcomed with a personal E-mail message with helpful links, and a greeting card. Fall 2013 Faculty and Staff Profile

5 Reporting Out Points Change in Benefits Program: Affecting all employees Changed Pharmacy vendors – went to CVS Caremark Changed flexible spending vendors – went to Northwest Group Services Changed short term disability vendors – went to Signa (who also has our long term disability) – Due to this increased line of business the rate UA pays for long term went down and the rate for short term also decreased compared to what we were paying – Employees saw their premium decrease (% varies depending on age and annual salary) Medical Coverage premium increased a 1-2% per employee (varied by salary) The Healthy U program was created to encourage, support and empower employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. These choices over time should increase employee morale, quality of life, and productivity. Some classes include: Weight Watchers Reimbursement Program Smoking Cessation Program Wellness Wednesday programs Yoga classes on Thursday

6 Reporting Out Points CURRENT ISSUES / HOT TOPICS The Staff Employee Advisory Committee (SEAC) is requesting the creation of a leave-bank for The University of Akron non-bargaining unit employees. SEAC has conducted preliminary research on the topic with other state universities and agencies. There are a number of successful leave-bank models and the implementation of a program like this on campus could have a positive impact on the staff in terms of morale, staff retention, and productivity. This submission was sent to our University Council on June 10, 2014. Request completion by the end of the term: Spring 2015 Notes: Thanks to all OSCHE members and institutions that provided us with data and feedback information. Committee Goals: - To create a presence in the community. -To continue to keep open lines of communication with the President’s Office. -To continue to support our University Council.

7 Reporting Out Points “The University Council at UA is a deliberative and representative body that makes recommendations to the President on long-range planning and informs decisions on other substantive matters that affect the well-being and common interests of the university community. Most recently, the UC has heard and endorsed a recommendation on behalf of the Budget and Finance Committee regarding the University’s FY15 budget. The June UC meeting will hear a report from the Student Engagement and Success Committee regarding a campus- wide Retention and Completion Plan. Through this report, the committee is seeking University Council endorsement.” Our SEAC committee supports the University Council while providing nine SEAC members and nine At- Large staff members who serve on the UC standing committees. We also have two representatives that serve on the UC steering committee. -Student Engagement & Success -Information Technology - Budget, Finance & Benefits - Physical Environment -Communications -Recreation & Wellness -Talent Development & HR -Research -Public Affairs & Development

8 Reporting Out Points Layoffs/Terminations/Furloughs Six full time staff members were laid off - Although initially more people were identified as being laid off, many were placed in other jobs or some (who were eligible) retired. Approximately 80 staff members retired from January 1, 2013 to July 1, 2014. Six of them are retire/rehires. Four came back as full time and two came back as part time. Academic Unit Reduction FY-2014 Budget Planning (3+% reduction) Total of colleges $6,000,000 Achieving Distinction $3,000,000 Total Reductions = $9,000,000 Another 4-8% reduction expected for FY 2015 Our SEAC budget for the 2013- 2014 year was $1,620

9 Reporting Out Points Parking Faculty/Staff parking permit for the academic year is $220. The employee pays $120 and their department pays $100. This charge has remained the same for many years. UA Seeks smokers’ cooperation A committee was formed to review the idea of making the University smoke-free. It was determined not to act unless the idea was pushed by the student body. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

10 Reporting Out Points - Tuition Rate increase of 2% for Fall 2014 has been confirmed (Food plan) There has been no change in the tuition remission benefit for full-time faculty and staff. It covers the total cost of tuition, no matter how many credits are taken. The University has capped their scholarship awards for 2014-2015 at $9,500. Effective summer 2014, there will be no refunds of UA undergraduate scholarship awards that exceed the undergraduate student’s expenses for tuition, fees, on- campus housing and board as reflected on the student’s bill.

11 Reporting Out Points Enrollment Nearly 30 University employees earned undergraduate and graduate degrees as part of the Spring Class of 2014. We have approximately 27,000 students representing 45+ U.S. states and 80+ foreign countries. They're a culturally diverse group and they come from a broad economic spectrum.

12 Committee Accomplishments 2013-14 1. Operation Evergreen –prepared and shipped 588 ornaments to service men and women stationed in Kuwait. 2. Annual United Way Kick-Off event – Helped raise $214,971 to benefit the community. 3. Giving Tree donations collected for the Summit County Children Services. 4.Staff Appreciation Day – name change to Faculty/Staff Picnic, cost $10 pp, about 500 attended. 5.Brown Bag Luncheon/Meeting – Program hosted for all UA staff. Served as a meet and greet, and to encourage staff to join SEAC. 6.Baseball Night with the Akron Rubber Ducks – discounted tickets, SEAC provided meal vouchers (@ $5 each), fireworks, bobble head and First Pitch. This is an annual event now that replaced our annual holiday party.

13 Committee Plans 2014-2015 -Assist with the Gay Games (August 6-19, 2014) -Assist with the United Way Kick-Off -Assist with the Faculty/Staff picnic – Homecoming 2014 -Continue with Welcome Program -Create new ideas and ways to assist within the Community

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