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2014 Signa Yearbook: Arrival & Distribution Eastern Alamance High School Mebane, NC.

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1 2014 Signa Yearbook: Arrival & Distribution Eastern Alamance High School Mebane, NC

2 This is what 29 boxes and 1625 pounds of yearbooks look like. The Jostens yearbooks arrived sooner than we’d imagined and sat in the front office for a lonely evening.

3 The next day, yearbook students moved the boxes to the classroom and were ready to tear them open to check out this year’s finished product!

4 But Mrs. Whitt (yearbook advisor) insisted on sorting the personalized boxes out and storing them in an organized manner first!

5 And soon a line of workers formed to move the heavy boxes to their appropriate spot.

6 Even work can be fun…when we work together…especially when we want to see these books ASAP!


8 One student, Ryan, gets everyone pumped up to open the first box of yearbooks!

9 Joey picks up the first box, anxious to rip it open and see the results of our hard work!

10 Yearbook students praise the box of new yearbooks… the excitement in the air had everyone smiling from ear to ear!

11 And the box is open!

12 Everyone grabs a book…

13 And immediately looks to see the pages they created, their secret senior ads, and the surprise yearbook spread and senior ad the advisor created for the students.

14 “Anyone remember what page YEARBOOK is on?” “Oh my goodness, look at my baby pictures!” “My Varsity Football spread looks AWESOME!”

15 “The cover looks amazing!”

16 “I can’t believe we made this!”

17 Asst. Editors Sara and Madison, excited about the yearbooks’ arrival

18 And they’re CRAZY about the cool cover!

19 “Everyone, we did so good. I’m so proud of us.”

20 Eastern yearbook students… proud of their hard work and their finished product

21 And the room goes completely quiet, except for a few giggles and squeals of excitement (possibly the most quiet the class ever was!).

22 Kennedy, Ryan & Zack

23 Alli, Gavin, Tyler, Kat & Hadleigh

24 DJ, Joey, Paddy & Liz are crazy about the new yearbook.

25 Editor-in-chief Liz is so proud of her staff and how beautiful the book looks!

26 Alli shows off the bold, graphic cover designed for this year! (We all LOVE it!)

27 Distribution day started at the Senior Picnic where seniors signed for their yearbooks.

28 Junior yearbook staff members handed out yearbooks to excited seniors!

29 Sydney poses with her new (personalized) yearbook at the Senior Picnic.

30 Crystal immediately said she loved this cover… “and it feels good!”

31 Seniors Kaylan and Allison are excited to pick up their last high school yearbook!

32 THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work in helping us with every aspect of our yearbook creation and printing. We have gotten nothing but compliments this year; and everyone has noted that the cover is so different and cool, the pictures are beautiful, and the whole yearbook is professional-looking and high quality! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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