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ARLINGTON-FAIRFAX CHAPTER 10 CDR Shane Liermann ADJ John Maki October 2014 Social Media & e-Newsletters.

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1 ARLINGTON-FAIRFAX CHAPTER 10 CDR Shane Liermann ADJ John Maki October 2014 Social Media & e-Newsletters

2 Why Social Media and E-Newsletters?

3 Why Social Media? 84% of Americans are on Social Media daily 98% use Face Book 48% use Twitter 92% of age group 18-29 use Social Media 77% of age group 30-49 use Social Media 64% of age group 50-60 use Social Media 45% of those 65 and older use Social Media (Fastest Growing Group)

4 Why Social Media? Websites (static) are growing stagnant not used as frequently as Social Media (updates/interactive) Users do not want to find you, they want you to find them! To 78% of Americans if you(organization/business) are NOT on Social Media, you do not exist!

5 Why Social Media? Veterans are 400% more likely to join DAV due to Social Media

6 Every Chapter should be on Facebook Largest Social Community and Its Free Engage your Members and Community Meeting Information and Events Reminders Legislative and Service Information Link it with your website

7 Why e-Newsletters? Cost effectiveness vs. traditional mail (online/email marketing, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Stream Send, Active Campaign) Delivery is instant Provide vast information in less space with use of hyperlinks

8 Why eNewsletters? Readers are more likely to keep and share an eNewsletter vs paper Audience can grow without manual signup Link your website with your Social Media and your eNewsletter Tracking of reader engagement (opens and clicks)

9 Chapter 10 & Constant Contact January 2014 started e-Newsletter $294 for the year based on email addresses stored 10 monthly e-Newsletters and 4 event reminders have been sent

10 Chapter 10 & Constant Contact E-Newsletter (10 monthly issues) 11,012 emails sent 258 bad addresses (2%) 43 have opted out (.3%) 3,354 were opened (31%)(average 10%) 331 clicks (10%)(average 2%)

11 Chapter 10 & Constant Contact e-Newsletter (10 monthly issues) RESULTS 1 st 4 Meetings after e-Newsletter Increased attendance by 100% 12-15 average prior, over 25 after 24 NEW Faces 4 of those 24 are now Chapter Officers 2 NEW Full Life Paid Members Engaged 30 members via email who have had no prior Chapter contact

12 Chapter 10 & Constant Contact eNewsletter (10 monthly issues) Results April issue opened 23 times by National Adjutant Marc Burgess May/June DAV National started monthly Membership eNewsletter October issue opened over 60 times by one member

13 Chapter 10 & Constant Contact 4 Event Reminders (2 MSO, Chapter Picnic October Meeting) 4,494 emails sent 25 bad addresses (.5%) 10 have opted out (.2%) 1214 were opened (27%)(average 10%)

14 Chapter 10 & Constant Contact Event Reminders(4) RESULTS Increased participation at Events Chapter Picnic Largest attendance in last 3 years MSO Stops Many cited reminder as reason

15 Chapter 10 & Constant Contact September Meeting 1 st Meeting in 3 months 9 attended (did not have quorum) October Meeting Reminder Results Over 25 Attended 4 Attended for 1 st Time 1 member since 1980 1 member since April 1 member for 2 weeks 1 member for 10 years

16 Chapter 10 & Constant Contact October Meeting Reminder Results Over 25 Attended 2 Members were once Active 1 attended for 1 st time in 4 years 1 attended for 1 st time in 8 years Received email from National Communications Director He opened the reminder over 13 times

17 Chapter 10 & Constant Contact TOTAL RESULTS 15, 509 emails sent 283 Bad emails (1.8%) 53 have opted out (.3%) 4,568 were opened (30%) 28 NEW Faces this year Increased meeting attendance by 100% Past active members are re-engaged 2 Full Life Members

18 18 Questions? Thank You!

19 19 Arlington-Fairfax Chapter 10 Serving Disabled Veterans in Northern Virginia since 1950 Mailing Address: 2391 Hunters Square Ct; Reston, VA 20191 E-mail: Website: Facebook: Chapter-10/63801783443

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