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2 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  Overview  France Field School  Applying to Go

3 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  Kwantlen is proud to introduce the Language Field School to Paris which will provide students with remarkable and unique experiences focusing on language and culture.  Paris Language Field School Classes at Kwantlen: › May 1-30, 2013,  Classes and activities in Paris › June 4-17, 2013

4 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  You need to be: › Nineteen years of age › A student in good standing  You need to have: › Fren 1100 (if you just take the second portion of the Field School), or assessment by instructor to enrol in Fren 1101 › No prerequisite are needed for the students who take the 6 credits of the Field School (Fren 1100/Fren 1101) › Currently be a Kwantlen student to attend

5 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  You will have a chance to experience France in an intensive and in-depth way  You will be completely immersed in the language which will facilitate your learning  You will gain valuable learning experience with an international scope  You will earn 6 credits toward your degree  You will broaden your global perspective and enhance your academic experience with Kwantlen

6 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  Part of the course will be completed at Kwantlen and part on site in Paris  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in not-for-credit Business class at our partner school in Paris, INSEEC.

7 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS FREN 1100 – May 1-22, Surrey Campus 10:00 am -12:50 pm Monday to Thursday FREN 1101- May 23-30, Surrey Campus 10:00 am-12:50 pm Monday to Thursday Labs for only Fren 1100 (40 minutes, twice a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 1:00 pm) will be added to the class schedule on the Surrey campus.


9 May 1-30 Classes at Kwantlen June 3 Travel from Vancouver to Paris June 4-16Paris Sight-seeing June 6 Day trip to Versailles June 9 River Seine Cruise June 17 Depart for Vancouver

10 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  You will do much more than taking French classes in a Parisian immersion setting!  Visit the historical heart of Paris  Feel the beat of Parisian night life  Wander through the bohemian centres  Picnic by your favourite bridges and parks,  Commune with the souls of passed famous people at the Lachaise cemetery  Loose yourselves in the Louvre museum  Get dizzy from atop the Eiffel Tower  Enjoy the avant-garde vibes of street performers  Be awed by the aristocratic opulence of Versailles.  Just enough to get you to love Paris for the rest of your life!

11 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  June 4: Picnic under the Eiffel Tower, visit Le Sacre Coeur and dinner at a restaurant in Montmarte  June 5: Musee d’Orsay  June 6: Trip to Versailles  June 7: Les Catacombes  June 8: Walk through the Grands Boulevards: les Champs-Elysees, climb the Arc de Triomphe Place de la Concorde  June 9: River Seine Cruise  June 10: Rummage at the flea markets. Learn to bargain prices in French! Dinner at a restaurant in Le Latin Quarter  June 11: Get lost at the Louvres. Movie at la Cinematheque francaise  June 12: Le Centre Pompidou  June 13: La Cathedrale Notre-Dame  June 14: Sewers of Paris: Never read or watched Les Miserables? Then you might not realize how important the French sewer system is! You can take a guided tour in the most famous, and one of the oldest, sewer system in the world.  June 15: Free day in Paris. Suggestions: Parc Asterix, Euro Disney, Pere Lachaise Cemetery  June 16: The Pantheon and Saint-Germain-des-Pres. Dinner at a restaurant




15  Adagio Paris Butte Chaumont › An “Aparthotel” with apartment-like rooms for 4 to 5 people equipped with kitchenette and free internet access. It is a 25 minute walk (10 minutes by metro) to the university.

16 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  Flight for the Paris Field School › Given that each student has unique circumstances, we are giving students the option to book their own flights. › We will identify a group flight that students can join with Kwantlen faculty or they can make alternate arrangements as long as they arrive at the expected meeting points on time. Students may decide to stay in Paris instead of coming back on June 3 to complete the Berlin Field School, the Fine Arts Field School, or to explore on their own the rest of the country.  Visas › As of January 31, 2011 Canadian citizens do not need visas to visit France or Germany for less than 90 days › Non-Canadians might require a visa to enter either country. Non- Canadians should also check with Canadian Immigration to ensure that they will maintain their visa or permanent resident status while outside of Canada.

17 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  The program fee for the Paris Field school is $1875 and covers in country travel, accommodation, sight-seeing activities, three dinners, one movie night, and faculty support while in abroad.  A deposit of $500 will be required at the time of application and is non-refundable. The $500 deposit will go toward the $1875 fee. If applying to two Field Schools, only one deposit is required.  The outstanding amount owing will be due at the same time as the rest of your regular course fees. This date will be posted at: ›  A minimum of 11 students will be required for a Field School before it can go ahead. If the program is cancelled due to lack of interest, your $500 will be refunded.

18 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  Students who enroll in two Field Schools for 9 credits are eligible to apply for student loans.  Students also are able to apply for the Student Educational Enhancement Fund which is up to $500 for expenses related to your studies that are outside of regular tuition and fees.

19 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  Students will need to fill out an application form and hand it in to the International Liaison Office with their $500 deposit  Deposit cheques should be made out to Kwantlen Polytechnic University with a note: Paris Field School.  Application form consists of general information page and a statement of interest.  Application deadline: › March 15, 2013

20 KWANTLEN INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS  We hope you are excited about this opportunity.  Further questions: › Email: › Web:


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