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May 2011 MSC 2708. Agenda 2011-2012 Goals NEW Programs/Events EXCOMM Responsibilities EXCOMM Resources Fall 2011 Events Sponsorship Details Budget Summary.

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1 May 2011 MSC 2708

2 Agenda 2011-2012 Goals NEW Programs/Events EXCOMM Responsibilities EXCOMM Resources Fall 2011 Events Sponsorship Details Budget Summary Hands-On Time


4 Our Ultimate Goal To promote long-lasting IEEE membership to students

5 Goals INNOVATION EXCOMM Training Workshop FWCS/USF Mentorship Program Intramurals MEMBERSHIP FREE Membership Program FREE T-Shirt Program BUDGET IEEE Sponsorship Program PI Your Professor


7 IEEE EXCOMM Workshop Purpose: To meet new EXCOMM members To allow the EXCOMM to go over and vote on technical details of the semester’s events. To provide all EXCOMM members time to fulfill their duties TWO Sessions Summer (May) End of Winter (December) Chair and Vice-Chair

8 IEEE/FWCS Mentorship Program Purpose To give students the opportunity of creating a professional relationship with a member of the IEEE Florida West Coast Section Reason Allows students to meet professional IEEE members Details A database will be created of volunteer FWCS members that wish to participate in this program Up to 3 students will be paired with a mentor working in their field of interest. There must be at least 1 monthly meeting from each group (3 meetings a semester) Meeting time/location will be arranged by the mentor and his students. All meetings will be recorded by the Student Branch Chair

9 IEEE Presents: PI Your Professor Purpose To fundraise money for the branch Details Participation from 3 teachers $5 - students will have a chance to “PI” their professors Rules: Professors will be wearing a plastic cover Students will stand at least 6 ft. from them The “PIs” will consist of plastic plates with whipped cream Events Committee

10 Sponsorship Program: $500 Planning Fall/Spring Events Pamphlet Sponsorship Pamphlet FWCS List of potential sponsors Sponsorship Letter Benefits Direct access to the local Electrical Engineering community General Body Meeting Guest Speaker Invitation to all our events Tax-deductible Sponsorships 2-person table at both Senior Banquets Events Chair

11 FREE T-Shirt Program Purpose: To award active students by giving them free T-Shirts To advertise the student chapter Requirements Attended at LEAST half of the semester’s events Must have signed-in the attendees list at all events Membership Chair

12 FREE Membership Program Purpose: To increase local student involvement and regional Student Membership Plan: IEEE USF will sponsor (re-imburse) membership for active and involved students Requirements Miss at MOST 2 events of the Fall Events Does NOT include SoutheastCon and Senior Banquet Must have signed-in the Attendees List at all events Membership Chair


14 2011-2012 EXCOMM Members Chair : Victor Basantes Vice Chair: Disha Saha Treasurer: Ayaz Hemani Membership Chair: Robert Lewis Internal Secretary: Kelley Allenegui External Secretary: Mikel Graves Designs Chair/Webmaster: Palan Seemangal Marketing Chair: Ruby Perez Events Chair: David Touvell Events Committee: Sharina Jones SPAC Chair: Alexandria Oliveros EXPO Chair: Naval Dhawan

15 Chair – Victor Basantes Responsible for the overall management Prepare the reports for IEEE: Annual Plan – November 1 st Annual Report - May 1 st Report new EXCOMM members Arrange for efficient transition of EXCOMM members Organize and direct two EXCOMM Training sessions. Coordinate the FWCS Mentorship Program EXPECTATIONS: Manage and serve as your guide.

16 Vice-Chair – Disha Saha Assist the Chair with the work Organize each semester’s special events: SoutheastCon Competitions Annual Field Trip Perform all functions of the Chair in the latter's absence or upon request. EXPECTATIONS Be the Chair’s right wing

17 Internal Secretary - Kelley Allenegui Keep accurate and informative records of all Branch events. Keep detailed records of the Branch's supplies. Write minutes for all EXCOMM meetings Publish them online with the Webmaster's assistance Work with the Chair to create an agenda for EXCOMM meetings. Take pictures at all Branch events EXPECTATIONS Send EXCOMM minutes weekly to Webmaster

18 External Secretary – Mikel Graves Write articles for the IEEE FWCS Signal Advertise upcoming events and request for sponsorships Promote the IEEE USF/FWCS Mentorship Program Be responsible for all Branch correspondence. Attend all the monthly FWCS meetings 1 st Tuesday of every month Provide the Webmaster with information about FWCS events to make them available on the website. EXPECTATIONS: Publish an article EVERY month in the Signal

19 Treasurer – Ayaz Hemani Maintain the appropriate financial accounts private and SG two signatures: Treasurer and Advisor Submit Purchase Orders to fund the Branch's events. Prepare an annual budget for inclusion in the Annual Plan of Activities report IEEE and Student Government Oversee all fundraising efforts. EXPECTATIONS: Keep weekly accounts of incomes and expenses

20 Marketing Chair – Ruby Perez Send e-mails to the Student Branch and the College of Engineering to advertise the Branch's events Work closely with the Webmaster to advertise events on the website Maintain and update a Facebook page Constant advertising on SG’s ProGo system Physical advertising: flyers around the buildings and chalk around campus EXPECTATIONS Start advertising at least a week in advanced for our events.

21 Designs Chair – Palan Seemangal Design: flyers to advertise the Branch's events. logo to be used on the Branch's yearly t-shirts. fall/spring events pamphlets (beginning of each semester) Provide the Marketing Chair and the External Secretary with all the materials created. EXPECTATIONS: Must have all designs ready two weeks before the events Pamphlets (Events and Sponsorship) must be completed one month before the beginning of the semester

22 Membership Chair – Robert Clark Keep records of all active members Registered and not-registered with IEEE Keep a roster of all the students that attend the events. Increase student involvement by going to electrical engineering classes Organize participation in ALL Monster Sessions organized by the College of Engineering. Responsible for: FREE Membership Program FREE T-Shirt Program EXPECTATIONS: At least 10 students added to Blackboard every month

23 Events Chair – David Touvell Reserve rooms (MSC and ENB) and pavilions at the beginning of the semester. Organize the semiannual picnics and banquets Contact sponsors and create an agenda Attend the EMS’s “Event Review” sessions. Work with the Treasurer to make sure that food will be available at ALL events. Create AND lead an Events Committee In charge of the Sponsorship Program EXPECTATIONS: Contact at least 10 sponsors each month Get at least 10 sponsors by end of Fall

24 Events Committee This group of students will assist the Events Chair with: Contacting sponsors Organizing large events Putting together fundraisers This committee is mainly targeted for new students in the IEEE Student Branch EXPECTATIONS: Follow the Event Chair’s ideas and plans

25 Webmaster - Palan Seemangal Maintain the Branch's website Keep students updated about all IEEE offers, seminars, and meetings Work with the Marketing Chair and the Designs Chair to publish the Branch's events online. Keep a working RSVP system. Upload EXCOMM minutes weekly with the Internal Secretary's assistance. EXPECTATIONS: Weekly updates on the website (every Monday)

26 SPAC Chair – Alexandra Oliveros Villalba Responsible for organizing two major IEEE events: Student Professional Awareness Workshop (Fall) Student Professional Awareness Conference (Spring) Complete all required paperwork with IEEE (budget and agenda) Oversee the reservation of the venues and the food. Contact speakers and sponsors. EXPECTATIONS: Make the SPAC successful

27 EXPO Chair – Naval Dwahan Responsible for coordinating our annual participation at the USF Engineering Expo Be innovative! Contact Laser Show sponsors. Submit all the paperwork required by USF before the deadline. Apply for SG EXPO Budget Coordinate the agenda for the two days. EXPECTATIONS: Meet all deadlines given by USF (around November)

28 Officer Responsibilities (Fall): FWCS/USF Mentorship Program: Chair SoutheastCon: Vice-Chair Annual Field Trip: Vice-Chair Fall Picnic: Events Chair Fall Banquet: Events Chair PI Your Professor: Events Committee 1 st General Body Meeting: Chair 2 nd General Body Meeting: Vice-Chair 3 rd General Body Meeting: Internal Secretary 4 th General Body Meeting: External Secretary

29 Attention Officers! If you can’t fulfill certain responsibilities due to previous commitments, time conflicts or any other reason: You are responsible for appointing another officer to your event.

30 General Body Meetings ALL officers will be required to run at least one general body meeting throughout the academic year Exception: Events Chair Constantly working on getting us sponsors, and planning the picnic and banquet.

31 Year-Round Events: IEEE Competitions Hardware Competitions Software Competitions IEEEXtreme IEEE FWCS/USF Mentorship Program USF Engineering EXPO


33 Website EXCOMM Page: IEEE USF: Book of Everything IEEE USF Constitution 2011 EXCOMM Training Presentation EXCOMM Positions and Responsibilities Fall 2011 Events Information (very detailed) IEEE USF 2011-2012 Annual Budget Senior Banquet Sponsorship Letter Senior Banquet Alcohol Letter ALL Minutes Available:


35 1st General Body Meeting Thursday, September 1 st Event Title: IEEE: An Introduction Officer: Chair Location: ENB 313 Time: 6:00 pm Speaker - Jim Howard Topic: What is IEEE? Joint Meeting with IEEE-CS Recruit EXCOMM Members Advertise SPAC

36 2011 SPAC - Soft Skills Workshop Wednesday, September 14 th Event Title: IEEE USF SPAC Fall 2012 Officer: SPAC/SPAW Chair Location: MSC 2708 Time: 12 pm – 2 pm Topic: Networking for the Career You Want Personal Positioning for Engineers Interviewing Skills For Engineers

37 2nd General Body Meeting Thursday, September 29 th Event Title: IEEE USF Jeopardy! Officer: Vice-Chair Location: ENB 313 Time: 6:00 pm Topic: Recruit SouthEastCon 2012 Teams Advertise Mentorship Program Advertise Picnic

38 Fall 2011 Picnic Saturday, October 15 th Event Title: IEEE USF Picnic Fall 2012 Officer: Events Chair / Events Committee Location: Riverfront Park Time: 10 am – 2 pm *funding for canoes and kayaks

39 3rd General Body Meeting Thursday, October 27 th Event Title: Neural Engineering: An Introduction Officer: Internal Secretary Location: ENB 313 Time: 6:00 p.m. Speaker: Dr Saddow Topic: Neural Engineering In Today’s Society

40 PI Your Professor Wednesday, November 9 th Event Title: IEEE USF Presents: PI Your Professor Officer: Events Chair / Events Committee Location: Outside of ENB Time:

41 4th General Body Meeting Thursday, November 24 th Event Title: Robotics and You Officer: External Secretary Location: ENB 313 Time: 6:00 p.m. Speaker: FWCS RAS Topic: Advertise Trip (Ripley's Believe It or Not)

42 Senior Banquet with GOLD Friday, November 25 th Event Title: IEEE USF Senior Banquet Fall 2012 Officer: Events Chair Location: MSC 2708

43 Annual Field Trip Monday, December 12 th Event Title: IEEE USF Annual Trip Place: Officer: Vice-Chair


45 2011-2012 Current Balance Student Government: $2,500 Private Account: $1,528

46 2011-2012 Expected Income $200 Fall SPAC $200 Spring SPAC $200 Fall E.E Department Banquet $200 Spring E.E Department Banquet $100 IEEE Annual Report $5000 Expected Sponsors: 10 TOTAL: $4900


48 Chair Abstract for FWCS Mentorship Program One-on-one officer training Vice-Chair Prepare for 2 nd General Body Meeting Jeopardy game questions Marketing Chair and Internal Secretary Access ProGo system and submit forms External Secretary Write one Signal article to: advertise FWCS mentorship program, announce new officers mention SPAW and Picnic ask for sponsorship for Banquet Treasurer Agree on event allocations Put in PO's for the fall semester Come up with budget for PI Your Professor fundraiser Present income for upcoming year Events Chair Request rooms for MSC, ENB, and Pavillion Review database of FWCS sponsors Create an “Events Committee” Design/Webmaster Chair Develop Fall 2011 Events Pamphlet Work on updating the website Create a flyer for SPAC (Public Speaking) SPAC/SPAW Chair Find potential speakers and send e- mails to them Come up with an event description and agenda EXPO Chair Come up with an idea for EXPO and develop an abstract Membership Chair Develop an abstract for Membership and T-Shirt programs

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