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2014-15 Revised Twinklers Plan. A CTIVITIES DIVIDED IN 4 QUARTERS.

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1 2014-15 Revised Twinklers Plan


3 Q UARTER ONE J ULY -S EPT 15/8/2014 Independence Day – Dress like a National Patriotic Personality and send a Pic. Tri-Colour Recipe / Conv to send information about Independence Day (FAQ) send interesting Tricolor Recipes / Share your own on facebook. send small write up on Independence Day for the Kids to understand. 10/8/2014 Raksha Bandhan – Rakhi Making Competition 05/09/2014 Teachers Day – Write a Essay on your Teacher 29/8/2014 Ganesh Chaturthi- Draw Ganesha or IDOL making (Promote eco-friendly Ganesha)

4 17/8/2014 Janmastmi – Dress up like Radha /Krishna 03/08/2014 Friendship Day – Sales of personalized friendship bands available @ Regalia Fellowship lunch Factory / Small Scale Industry visit Talent Recognition Seed of Knowledge Lets Collect to educate – Piggy Bank Project for Twinklers week PFP – Pen Friends Program 07/9/2014 Grand Parents Day Post your best Pics with them on FB

5 Q UARTER T WO O CT -D EC 02/10/2014 Gandhi Jayanti- Dress in Khadi and Celebrate Joy Of Giving Week – with project executed by Twinklers Twinklers Week Nov-13 th to Nov19th – Drawing 14 th Nov – National Twinklers Day Piggy bank Project To be sent by Twinklers on educational tools Competition, Fancy Dress, Movie Show,Picnic,Art and craft. Special Recognition for Children Excelled in extra curricular activity – Sports, Music, Singing,Dance, Skating Swimming, Drama, Drawing, Table, Guitar,Etc 25/12/14 Christmas Tree Decoration competition Save Water / Electricity – Creative writing or Drawing for twinklers e mag

6 Cooking Competition – Twinkler Master Chef Nature Walk / Cycling – Publicity Halloween – Dress up Party 25/9/2014 Navratri – Dance workshop / rangoli comp / Dandiya deco 23/10/2014 Diwali – Offering Gift & spreading happiness – visit an orphanage 25/12/2014 Christmas / New Year – Host a tuck shop

7 Q UARTER T HREE J AN -M AR 01/01/2015 New Year Greeting Card Making Competition with a Message 14/1/2014 Kite Making and Kite Festival – Sankranti 06/03/2015 Holi Celebration- Paint a Wall with a message 10/1/2015 Sports Day – Area Level 01/5/2015 Exam Planner – Tip and Tricks Blue cross visit – Feed them – importants to pets Buddy day – Invite a friend to any Twinkler fellowship/Publicity

8 Q UARTER F OUR APRIL - JUNE 15 th to 20th april 2015 Summer Camp- Play and Learn, Adventure Excursions Day tour. Hobbies – Showcase your hobbies, show your collections your talent your passion Optional 27.4.2015 Imaginica – Wonderla Tour Pool Splash – Beat the heat Outbound – Pajama Party Ramandan – Attend Iftar Parties

9 World Environment Day – Clean your Surrounding initiative Fathers Day – Day out with day 10/5/2015 Mothers Day – Pamper mom-cook / Write about your mom 05/6/2015 Music – share your favorite music Dream Destination – Research/ post on FB

10 Every quarter Prince of Area / Princess of Area to be awarded in each area and all the winners will be awarded with entry pass to imaginica or wonder la A mail wishing every Twinklers b’day with art work from the NP and the twinkler convenor to be sent to every parent / all tablers of the parent’s table. Twinklers HRD & workshop can be planned during Area AGM, Table Circle AGM & National AGM & Mid-term Meet. Handwriting Competition Area level & Nat.level E- Twinklers Achievers magazine at the end of the year / half yearly Trekking & Twinklers Camp as one Mega event for the year Twinklers to take an interview of an achiever whom he/she consider the role model. HIGH LIGHT TWINKLER EVENT FOR 4 QUARTERS

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