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Welcome East Cowton CE VC Primary School Tea and Cakes 22 nd October 2014.

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1 Welcome East Cowton CE VC Primary School Tea and Cakes 22 nd October 2014

2 Agenda 1 Pupil Parent Survey July 2014 2 Governance updates 3 Swaledale Alliance Membership 5 Questions/suggestions from parents

3 Pupil Parent Surveys July 2014 Pupil survey based on 34 responses Parent survey - 10 families 85-90% of pupils say that they are very happy and love to participate in the full range of activities including extra-curricular clubs, Collective Worship and sports

4 * 85-95% of parents agree their child liked school, makes good progress and is expected to work hard. * 90% agree the school is well led and managed. * 100% agree behaviour is good and school keeps their child safe. Independence (mature and responsible) and a healthy lifestyle are promoted.

5 The things pupils like best are: Curriculum: Lessons are fun, Maths (interesting, pricing up a holiday), trips and visits, partner work, computers, ipads, sport/PE (active), art (you can express yourself), History, ICT, R.E, reading, Literacy, homework, outdoor activities including Forest Schools, displays of our work, choice/golden time, Church. Playtime, the field for break, big playground, flowers in garden, friends, we know everyone in our school, friendly people, ‘I don’t want to leave! (Y6 pupil), kindness, school dinners (different meals for vegetarians), packed lunches. Teachers and staff (firm but fair), make it fun, stickers.

6 Parents liked the following: Links with other schools broadening the experiences on offer, creative curriculum and Y7 transition. Great staff, well led, high expectations of the students in all aspects. Academic standards. Mixing of all the year groups, small size and classes, friendly, happy children, interact with each other across the ages. Location - wonderful outdoor learning opportunities. Diversity offered for a small school. Community spirit and involvement, school has a good atmosphere. Kindness rewarded/Christian faith, values.

7 The things pupils like least are: Going on the traffic lights Homework Lunchtimes/hometime Children being too noisy Playground rules and follow up Carpet time/legs crossed Church, include them more in Collective Worship Not being consulted Different subjects, reading, swimming Picnic tables need fixing

8 Parents would like to improve: More events including sports with Cluster group, joint teams Homework policy/differentiation on KS2 homework grid /time of issue More information about each topic so parents can build on/extend Library selection and choice Bigger School hall Music/singing for pleasure; balance between all aspects of the curriculum Code of Friendship/Respect; Award system Size of school meals

9 Behaviour/Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural: Classroom codes of conduct agreed September 2014 Code of conduct for adults on site and MSA Guidance Behaviour log Values stickers Hambleton Heroes for children from Service families New Award system with ‘Caring Bear’ New Collective Worship Creators group and resources Church Youth Worker/Chaplain involvement in RE and Collective Worship Bradford visit – three faiths National (London) and International (France, Nepal) links

10 Curriculum: New curriculum topic plan issued with parent information sheet Long Term Plan under development with other local schools Magazines, comics, newspapers for range of reading Reading Reviews, paired reading Different homework format is used, wide range; Based on a colour coded system in Class 2; certificate reward system used; Issued at start of term Water skills and personal survival taught; 1 hour lessons German for Autumn term 2014

11 Year A Autumn Term Whole school theme: Amazing Me! InfantsScience (RS) Computing (SH) History (HL) Geography (HL) Art and design (HL) DT (HL) Music (MM) PE (RW/HL/RS) German (GG/SH) RE (LT/SH) Animals, including humans Seasonal changes – ongoing across the year Unit 1: We are sharing riculum-overview Keeping safe online: finding ourselves sites safely Changes within living memory- I’m making history (?time capsule) People and places in their own locality Me and my locality: Simple compass directions Maps and aerial photos Fieldwork: Geography of school &village Design and make – maps and models Or ?Self portrait Cooking and nutrition: Healthy and varied diet Foods grown locally. ?Farm to Fork (Tesco) Listening and singing: Using my body to keep the beat, circle/action dances songs and rhymes See LT plan(Non statutory) NY 1.1 Who celebrates what and why? Myself who am I? (RE Today) A wet and windy Harvest for Puddles Literacy (Wordsmith) Numeracy (See numeracy annual plan) Opportunities for PSHE and SMSC Me and my relationships; My healthy lifestyle Remembrance Sunday JuniorsScience (MM) Computing (SH) History (MM) Geography (MM) Art and design (MM) DT (MM) Music (MM) PE (RW/SH) German (GG/SH) RE (RS) Animals, including humans Unit 3: We are tour guides riculum-overview Keeping personal information private Fieldwork in the local area A local history study – Centenary of 1 st World War ?Local historian Locate European countries on a map. -Key characteristics, capital cities 8 points of the compass, grid refs, symbols and keys Using sketchbooks ?Henry Moore WW1 sketches Cooking and nutrition: Savoury dishes – Yorkshire delicacies Foods grown in our local area – ?Farm to Fork Tesco Wartime music, traditional songs and folk music Play and perform - ?concert See LT plan 1.Me and my family 2.Colours NY 2.1 Who is inspiring me? How and why do Hindu’s celebrate Diwali? (RE Today) Harvest Literacy (Wordsmith) ?WW1 children’s literature Debate: This house believes that sugar should be banned Numeracy (See numeracy annual plan) Opportunities for PSHE and SMSC Trip to Mosque and Mandir – Bradford International links War – is there a better way to solve conflict? What have we learnt as a nation? Remembrance Sunday Me and my relationships; My healthy lifestyle

12 Lunchtimes: Lunchtime clubs: football for girls and boys School Council and Collective Worship Creators meet monthly for a working lunch Top table on fortnightly basis – family service based on ‘superstars’ New systems for clearing of tables and hall Picnic tables reconditioned Freshly baked bread for those who are ‘extra hungry’ provides more carbohydrate

13 Partnership working: School signed up to Cluster Sports Partnership; Friendly sports matches; Camping May 2015 with North & South Cowton; Forest Schools with Appleton Wiske Early Years Christmas event (local pre-schools/schools) ‘Bullied’ production for KS2 with Kirkby Fleetham; Pantomime with North & South Cowton Staff meetings/training – Cluster and Swaledale Alliance Governor working party to look at leadership, partnerships and collaborations

14 Governance Updates Instrument of Governance


16 Vision and Values A partnership which is outward facing to get the best possible outcomes for all of our children and young people strives for excellence for all of its members is self-improving is committed to the most effective CPD for most impact on classroom practice and pupil progress creates a national model of excellence rigorously focuses on QA standards and progress

17 Structure Executive Board Teaching School and its Governing Body (Brompton-on-Swale) Steering Group Partnership Schools Sub-committees Initial Teacher Training School to School Support Continuous Professional Development Research and Development Strategic Partners NYCC’s Children and Young People’s Service, Q and I The Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales High Force Education SCITT

18 Benefits for pupils The shared aim is to raise standards in achievement and attainment for all pupils *Better trained and supported leaders, teachers, support staff e.g. subject networks, bespoke local training, Headteacher triads *Highly Able and SEND provision *Sharing of resources, staff, ideas, activities, data *Sharing of good practice across schools – Peer Support teachers *Efficiencies of scale – joint procurement

19 Thank you and any questions?

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