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Music For Film Function of Film Music

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1 Music For Film Function of Film Music

2 The 5 Functions of Film Music
Source music (diegetic music). Sense of time or place. Paralleling the action (“Mickey-Mousing”). Emphasising the emotion. Themes for characters / places (leitmotif).

3 Source Music (Diegetic)
This is music that is created within the scene that characters would be able to hear. It might come, for example, from a radio in the corner of a room, a band playing at a gig, somebody playing a piano. Example 1 – School of Rock (the band are playing so that all characters can hear) Example 2 – The Matrix (Neo & Trinity are in a club so they can hear the music playing in the background.)

4 Source Music: School of Rock

5 Source Music: The Matrix

6 Music to give a sense of Time or Place
This is music that is written to give a sense of authenticity to a scene either for its location and country, or its place in time. It is achieved by: using traditional instruments (e.g. bagpipes for Scotland, Sitar for India). Using traditional musical forms (e.g. a waltz for Vienna in the 17th Century). Example 1 – Braveheart (Uilleann pipes being a traditional instrument) Example 2 – Hero (traditional Chinese instruments) Example 3 – Titanic (The Hills of Connemara – traditional Irish folk tune).

7 Time or Place: Braveheart

8 Time or Place: Hero

9 Time or Place: Titanic

10 Paralleling the action (‘Mickey-Mousing’)
This is where musical events are synchronised so that they carefully match any physical actions that happen on screen. Whilst originally a comedic device used in numerous cartoons (hence the name), it is also a technique used in action films to make the scene more exciting. Example 1 – The Picnic (a 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoon) Example 2 – King Kong (the music matches Kong’s actions) Example 3 – Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (video analysis of the scene)

11 Mickey-Mousing: The Picnic

12 Mickey-Mousing: King Kong

13 Mickey-Mousing: Indiana Jones

14 Emphasising the Emotion
This is where the music in the scene is written to have an emotional effect on the audience. It could be used to: Create tension in a horror film or a thriller. Emphasise the romantic or love aspect to a scene. Accompany an action scene to make it more exciting. Example 1 – Psycho (dissonant strings used to create tension) Example 2 – Gone With The Wind (music swells with character’s emotions) Example 3 – Rocky (triumphant music to accompany training montage) Example 4 – Titanic (string trio playing ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ as they face certain death)

15 Emotion: Psycho

16 Emotion: Gone With The Wind

17 Emotion: Rocky

18 Emotion: Titanic

19 Themes for character or places (Leitmotif)
This is where the composer will create a melodic musical theme for a particular character or place in the film. Example 1 – Doctor No (leitmotif for James Bond) Example 2 – Superman The Movie (leitmotif for Superman’s heroism) Example 3 – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (leitmotif for the Galactic Empire)

20 Leitmotif: Doctor No

21 Leitmotif: Superman The Movie

22 Leitmotif: The Empire Strikes Back

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