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Click to edit Master title style Orientation Days 29.08.-30.08.2014 Ragne Kougija International Relations Office.

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2 Click to edit Master title style Orientation Days 29.08.-30.08.2014 Ragne Kougija International Relations Office

3 Welcome to Tallinn University of Technology!

4 Orientation days 29.08.-30.08.14 Friday - Academic day: Exchange studies, university information, presentations by the faculties, new contacts, Estonia Saturday – Picnic day: Orientation game and picnic!

5 Schedule TimeEventDuration 09:00Registration20 min 09:20Opening words10 min 09:30Exchange issues, introducing the programme60 min 10:30Public transportation15 min 10:45Mektory30 min 11:15 11:30 Career center, counselor Library 15 min 11:45Sport Center10 min 11:5511:55ESN Tallinn10 min PAUSE 12:30Student Organizations fair100 min 13:3013:30Tutors, buddy system10 min 14:30Tutor, buddy lessons80 min 15:…Faculties meeting Campus tour 20:00Estonian night Saturday, August 30th - Picnic Day TUT yard TimeEventDuration 13:00Start of the TUT campus-game150 min 15:30Picnic in TUT Student House90 min 17:00End of the Picnic Day

6 Exchange student LLP/Erasmus exchange Other bilateral agreements Free-movers NB! You have the same rights as TUT degree students, at the same time you hold the status of your home university student, and you are here only for ONE semester or a YEAR!!!

7 How to find the right room? TUT room marking system consists of the building number, floor and room number. For example, IRO U02-201 2nd building, II floor (in Estonia Ist floor is ground lever floor), room no 01. Extensions of buildings are marked with letter B after the building no. The numbering system changed this semester at TUT, therefore we are sorry if there are any misunderstandings.





12 Academic calendar Beginning of Autumn Semester COURSES WILL START (16 weeks) 01.09.2014 Red line days Economics (TSEBA), IT, Power Engineering Chemical and Materials, Mechanics, Social, Science, Civil Engineering 11.09. at 5 p.m. 12.09 at 5 p.m. Examination session02.01-24.01.15 Results will be sentIn February

13 Based on your first Learning Agreement Picking up the courses form the time table. Do not use „SEARCH“! Personal username and password, SOC- 132 Filling in the OIS information and registration the courses in OIS Later Making the changes to the Originally Proposed Learning Agreement Allowed to do 6 weeks from the beginning of your studies. Course registration


15 Courses in English

16 Timetable

17 Learning Agreement The Agreement is between you, your university and Tallinn University of Technology Later: Changes to Original Proposed Learning Agreement - From 15. September IRO will sign, the student will send back to home university by him/herself In the Changes document, ONLY add the new course and delete the old one Follow the requirements from your home university!!!

18 Exams and results The first lecture is the most important Be sure from the beginning what do the lecturer requires Time and rules will be arranged by the lecturer The lecturer is the person, who gives the grade TUT has Passed/failed courses, no grade! After your studies you will get an official document with your exam results These will be sent in February

19 Grading Grading system: 5 „A“– excellent 4 „B“– very good 3 „C“– good 2 „D“– satisfactory 1 „E“– sufficient 0 „F“- failed A – assessed (passed) One ECTS corresponds to twenty six (26) hours of studies (lectures, seminars, practice, home works) performed by student.

20 English courses (TSEBA) Contact to Mrs. Mall Kulasalu room no SOC-236 You will be selected to the classes based on your language level and suitability of your time-table. Later will be told the place and time of the classes. PS. Language Center Courses info you will find in your Welcome folder.

21 English grammar course Web based, no lectures Please register at Language Center Mrs. Kristel Laanpere Room no SOC-471, She needs the following information: First name and surname Your student code Phone no. and mail address You will receive your teacher’s name and password after that you have to register in OIS.

22 Choose English>Click HOME Create and save your new account Log in using your username and password Choose COURSES Course HLI2040 English Grammar Choose the lecture’s name Enter your password, registration is done! Click to the course HLI2040 and you will see the content of the course

23 Different service for degree and exchange students Basic information about the university, studies, services at and near TUT Laundry: Akadeemia tee 5 – basement, also at Endla 4 (2 machines) ISIC Card from U01-127 Doctor contacts Academic hostel issues – SILENCE! Confirmation letters from IRO Police 110 and 112 Emergency Correct e-mail address and name Student’s ABC

24 Student from EU Please register your living place Apply for ID card within one month at the Police and Boarder Guard Bureau isikut-toendavad-dokumendid Registration of the living place- General address: Pärnu mnt 9, city center

25 Non EU student Students with temporary living permit (TRP) from the beginning Students who arrive with visa don’t get the ID card Students who apply for TRP in Estonia Students who apply for TRP or visa outside of Estonia students/homepage/visaresidence-permit/ Consultation-Please agree the time with Kerti

26 FAQ How will I make my individual study plan? – Step by step searching your courses out from the timetable If I don’t find the course from the timetable? – Inform Kerti by e-mail If the courses are overlapping? – Choose the one you prefer If I want to change courses after the „Red line day?“ – Turn to IRO Who will help me? –IRO, IC, your buddy, faculty staff, academic staff, lecturer.

27 The first things to do at TUT Visit the lectures from 01.09.2014 Choose the courses from the timetable Make your personal study plan Take a OIS password from SOC-132 Submit your study plan by red line day Add courses to OIS and SUBMIT your study plan AND Don’t forget to STUDY!

28 Contact International Relations Office Mon-Fri 8:30-17:00 Closed every Friday 9:00-10:00, Kerti Sönmez, U02-201 If I am out of office for more than one day, I inform you by e-mail. It may-be also, that I am out at meetings or trainings, then I ask you to come back later. Don’t leave your urgent issues on the last moment, please! iTUT



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