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Growing Up in Dallas Marion Butts Collection Dallas Public Library.

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1 Growing Up in Dallas Marion Butts Collection Dallas Public Library

2 1946 Two young boys sit on the steps of the Moorland YMCA.

3 1947 E.C. Dillard Variety Store - E.C. Dillard and newsboys/girls in front of his store. L-R: Bennie Louise Morris, Elsena Brown, Dorothy Brown, Jean Brown, Mr. Dillard, Nathaniel Mullins, Harvey Lee Brown, Glenn Carton Everett, Preston Ealum, Richard Ealum

4 1947 E. C. Dillard and Dallas Express “newsboys” in front of Dillard’s Variety, 1805 Singleton Blvd.

5 1949 American Education Week of 1949 features students from B. F. Darrell, Fred Douglass, K.B. Polk, and Lincoln schools. The students stand in a line holding letters that spell out “Educational Opportunity.”

6 1949 Children display signs related to the “Making Democracy Work” theme during American Education Week, 1949. Some of the children are students from J.P. Starks, and C.F. Carr schools.

7 1949 State Fair of Texas baby doll parade costume winner, Harriet Adell Morgan, poses with her with doll and trophy.

8 1949 Students wearing hats and holding a mural illustrate “music appreciation through dramatic play” during American Education Week,1949. The students are from B. F. Darrell, Fred Douglass, K.B. Polk, and Lincoln schools.

9 1950 Smiling students from C.F. Carr School take the bus to a symphony performance.

10 1950 Dallas Morning News & WFAA Radio Quizdown. Stage with children on either side, holding signs identifying themselves. Two children in center at "question box" Students from B. F. Darrell School.

11 1950 Dallas Morning News & WFAA Radio Quizdown. Children in western wear on stage dancing in a circle. B. F. Darrell School vs. Fred Douglass School.

12 1950 K.B. Polk School – Seven Boy Scouts participate in a tug of war.

13 1951 Children drawing in classroom at B. F. Darrell School.

14 1951 Moorland YMCA boys use Kiwanis Club of Dallas YMCA Boys Camp Bus

15 1952 First graders from J.W. Ray school are shown on a bus. The students toured the Bachman Pump Station and Filter Plant that day.

16 1952 Booker T. Washington School cheerleaders and drill team. Group of girls dancing outside; one boy in drum major uniform on right.

17 1952 C.F. Carr School on T.V. (Channel 4) Hattie Perkins, teacher; Josephine McCoy, Willie T. Anderson, Leona Hurd, Margaret Rose Tennell

18 1952 Dallas Express News Theatre Party

19 1952 The mechanical arts department in the new addition at Booker T. Washington High School.

20 1952 Sic children of various ages with cerebral palsy sitting in half – circle; woman reading a pop-up book to small child.

21 1954 Moorland YMCA tumblers make a formation in the gym

22 1957 Queen's Ball. Boy and Girl dancing in center of large circle of people in gymnasium, Colonial School Dance.

23 1958 Boy Scout Troop 156 of Hamilton Park prepare for overnight camping trip at Edmondson Ranch; 1st row (seated) L-R: Paul Dwayne Morgan, Vincent Sudds, Elliott Legington, Horace Foxall, Jr., Gus Edmonson, Roger Waiters, Lindorf Blakeley, J.E. Alexander, Edmo

24 1959 Moorland YMCA Camp Pinkston – horseback riders on trail

25 Salem Baptist Church - Mrs. Kennedy and Rev. L. Butler Nelson observe in Ms. Crump’s Kindergarten class, 1957-61.

26 1959 Moorland YMCA Camp Pinkston. Boys learning to swim at the pool; pictured: Arthur Allen (counselor), Floyd Feace, Herman Holland, NamonMcQuay, Bobby Joe McFarland, Lester Eugene Bell, Andrew Adkins, Don Irving, and Tyrone Louis Armstrong

27 1961 Fred Douglass School. Children at outside sink and water fountains near bathroom – an older boy washes his hands while two girls drink from the water fountains.

28 1961 Fred Douglass School bathroom – an outhouse with multiple non- flush latrines.

29 1962 Three students with their Science Fair Projects during Texas Public School Week at Colonial School. Left to right: Melvin Manual, Donnie Garrett, and Deborah Moore.

30 1963 C.F. Carr School Variety Show. Dance group with a male singer and five dancers on stage.

31 1963 Moorland YMCA Basketball Team – three players and coach receive trophies from officials in the gymnasium.

32 1963 Group of boys in front of the Moorland YMCA building.

33 1963 Deborah Whitfield shows where she fell into a cesspool behind an outhouse at Eagle Ford Elementary School. The rotten boards lay in front of her as she points to the new cover.

34 1964 Dancers wearing “heart” costumes stand on risers and the stage in the Talent Show at Colonial School

35 1964 Four Children standing behind a table-top display honoring John F. Kennedy. A Junior Patrol boy stands on the left with two Girl Scouts in the center, and a girl wearing a "Welcome Y Teens" ribbon on the right.

36 1964 Moorland YMCA, (Young Men's Christian Association) campers look at the results of their archery practice Camp Pinkston.

37 1964 A young boy leans against a tree, reading his Boy Scout manual – with other books and a new baseball mitt by his side. Moorland YMCA, (Young Men's Christian Association) camp at Camp Pinkston

38 1965 Coach instructs a batter during softball practice at the Moorland YMCA Campers

39 1965 Camp Pinkston counselor shows a group of five boys sitting on a picnic table how to conduct a science experiment. Moorland YMCA Camp.

40 1967 Young people protesting for more jobs. Protestors standing in front of a “Jobs for Your Community” sign from the U.S. Department of Commerce hold signs saying that the City Council turned down money that could have been used to provide jobs for youth.

41 1967 “Kids-Kan” Dallas Youth Clean Up. NAACP Youth Corps members stand along Oakland Avenue with officers from the Dallas Fire Department in front of the pile of cans they have collected. Photograph from the Juanita Craft Collection.

42 1967 A boy celebrating his birthday admires the carousel cake with its animals and canopy as his friends look on.

43 1970 NAAC Youth Clean Up. Three girls and a boy stand beside the large pile of cans that were collected as part of the project. Photograph from the Juanita Craft Collection.

44 1970s Two teenage drummers and a young man playing pan pipe jam as the audience standing around them looks on.

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