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The picture displays an image of leisure. The children pictured appear to be wearing equestrian attire; the influence of the city life pictured, crossed.

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3 The picture displays an image of leisure. The children pictured appear to be wearing equestrian attire; the influence of the city life pictured, crossed with the suggestion of country relaxation issues the reader a thought of “the Perfect Life”. The street front appears to be an English high street, which is what is generally pictured as a desirable place to live. The picture is peaceful, displaying how easy life will be if you drive a Rolls-Royce. The car looks luxurious, new and shiny. This makes the reader imagine how much this car would improve their life. The car is designed as a owner driven car rather than a chauffer driven car, suggestive of carefree independence. This is evident through the copy that follows the picture. The Rolls-Royce appeals to the luxury of life.

4 The car pictured is a 1963 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. The name “Silver Cloud” casts a dreamy spell over the car. From the name it can be assumed that the car rides as if floating on clouds, and that it is consistent we the article’s aim of selling dreams. The car appeals to the fantasy of what peoples’ life could be, the missing piece being this car.

5 The first eye catching part of the advertisement, aside from the picture. Attention is drawn to this quote because it is a much larger size than the other text. The quote “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock” This draws the reader in, wondering how the loudest sound of a car could be the clock? It’s provocative - could the engineering behind this vehicle be so superior that the loudest sound to be heard is the ticking of the clock? For this to be a fact, the engineering behind the Rolls-Royce must be incredible; this is backed up through the copy below. This large quote is from the Technical editor of The Motor, The answer to the question is provided in the first paragraph, “Three mufflers tune out sound frequencies – acoustically.” This quote is provocative for the reader and builds up the Rolls-Royce, as this quote makes the car sound very impressive. The reason behind this article is to build up the Rolls-Royce as an incredible car and this quote raises the expectations, and also the reader’s level for measuring cars, putting the Rolls-Royce a cut above, even having an electric clock!

6 First obvious part of the copy is that it is written as a list, the check list for your dream.

7 “The Rolls-Royce is designed as an owner- driven car.” This is key to the copy, it is not selling a car for a chauffeur, but a driver’s car. This is obvious through the mechanical features and the time and effort spent on the details of this car, as well as the optional extras.

8 Appealing to the owner-driver, it has power steering and an automatic gear-shift. According to the author of the article, the car is very easy to drive and to park. “No chauffeur required” is the key - all of this car is intended to be enjoyed by the driver, the most luxurious driver’s car on the market.

9 “What is it that makes Rolls-Royce the best in the world? – it is merely patient attention to detail.“ The quote comes from an eminent Rolls-Royce engineer. Coming form an engineer gives it a credible source. The patient attention to detail is present in the article through three different points.

10 The attention to detail is present in this part of the “check list” “Every Rolls-Royce is run for seven hours at full throttle before installation, and each car is test-driven for hundreds of miles over varying road surfaces.” This attention to detail undoubtedly ensures quality. The car is punished in testing to ensure that it will run perfectly, being tested over varying road surfaces, ensuring that the car is safe and comfortable to drive. Every detail is covered and inspected, so that for the owner it is just smooth driving.

11 The second evidence of the attention to detail is this section “The finished car spends a week in the final test shop, being fine tuned. Here it is subjected to 98 separate ordeals. For example, the engineers use a stethoscope to listen for axle whine.” A week is a long time in business, and 98 is a lot of tests. The use of a stethoscope is quite pedantic.

12 “The coachwork is given five coats of primer paint and hand rubbed between each coat, before nine coats of finishing paint go on.” This shows the immense time and attention to detail that is put in to Rolls-Royce cars in the pursuit of perfection. A seemingly insignificant part of the car is cared for and nurtured here far more than in any other car. 14 coats of paint is extraordinary and hand rubbing almost makes each car a work of art - another example of the quality and luxury that the name Rolls-Royce conjures up.

13 This section of optional extras is extremely over the top, but it is this that ignites the possibilities of what this car could be to a potential buyer. “A picnic table, veneered in French walnut, slides out from under the dash, Two more swing out from behind the front seats.” The thought of picnic tables in French Walnut is extravagant. The wording of this paragraph speaks “high class.” The other optional extras for your dream car can include an espresso coffee making machine, a dictating machine, (both way ahead of the times), a bed, hot and cold water for washing and an electric razor or a telephone. These extras are homely objects offering extravagant convenience, which can be installed in your car, to fulfil the purpose of the advertisement - this car is what you need, and it is all that you need.

14 The dream car is quiet, tested, perfected, designed for the driver, and it is safe. “there are three separate systems of power brakes, two hydraulic and one mechanical. Damage to one will not affect the others. The Rolls-Royce is a very safe car - and also a very lively car. It cruises serenely at eighty-five. Top speed is in excess of 100m.p.h.” The car is very safe, three different braking systems ensure that there will be no brake failure, and the car also appeals to those who love speed. Cruising serenely at 85 with a top speed of 100 is impressive for a 1963 car, as this translates to 160kmh.

15 “If you would like the rewarding experience of driving a Rolls-Royce or Bentley” - this sums up the advertisement and the copy so well. It is not just another car to drive. It is the rewarding experience of driving one of these fantastic cars.

16 The car is so driver friendly and easy to drive that by simply moving a switch, the shock absorbers can be adjusted to suit varying road conditions. This car is all about luxury and practicality, the perfect drivers car.

17 Changing the colour of the RR monogram on the death of Sir Henry Royce, is a touching tribute, a subtle acknowledgement of the man the car was named after.

18 Rolls-Royce even offer an alternately badged model, for those who prefer it.

19 In summary, the attention to detail in the advertisement parallels the attention to detail that is seen in Rolls-Royce cars. Its almost as if you can “feel the love.” the car is presented as an extremely desirable addition to the family. You are not buying a car, you are adopting a member of the Rolls Royce Family.

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