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Introduction to FCCLA Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

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1 Introduction to FCCLA Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

2 What is FCCLA? Watch Be Part of It! Video (5 minutes)
Human Scavenger Hunt Each of you have a page with FCCLA Questions on it and 1 or 2 Answer Cards. Mingle around the room and work with your classmates to match the correct answer to its corresponding question. Fill in your question page with the correct answers. Review Scavenger Hunt- How did you do?

3 Who can be a member? A member is a person who belongs to an organization. FCCLA is open to all students who have taken or are currently enrolled in any Family and Consumer Sciences Education class. Membership in FCCLA is obtained by paying an annual dues amount. There are more than 220,000 young men and women in over 7,000 FCCLA chapters across the nation.

4 What are membership dues?
Dues are a fee or charge for membership in a group or organization. Dues for FCCLA are $15.00. What does this pay for? National, State, Regional, and Local affiliation Subscription to Teen Times magazine The opportunity to participate in all national, state, and regional sponsored competitions and meetings. Registration for Regional Meeting on 10/9/13!

5 What are the benefits of joining FCCLA?
A benefit is an advantage. FCCLA offers lots of benefits for it’s members. New Friends: meet members from chapters all over the country. Career Preparation: through competitive events and chapter programs and events. Travel Opportunities: opportunity to travel to regional, state, and national meetings. Projects/ Goals: setting goals and carrying out projects that have positive a impact on your school and community.

6 What are the benefits of joining FCCLA?
More FCCLA Benefits! Personal Growth and Development: students involved in organizations report high self-esteem. Public Speaking Skills: through competitive events and working with peers and adults in the community. Scholarship Awards: FCCLA offers many scholarships to its members, plus being involved gives you something to put on your application for other scholarships! Leadership Experience: opportunity to run for various offices.

7 What is Leadership and What Does it have to do with FCCLA?
Leadership is the position or function of a leader- the ability to guide or direct others. FCCLA members can experience leadership by participating in chapter projects. Members are what make the organization work and the chapter projects successful. You can also run for an office position on the local, regional, state, and national level.

8 Cassville FCCLA Officers
President Skylar Lowe  Vice President Rachel Lasley  Secretary Audrianna McCracken  Treasurer Cameron Koehler  Public Relations Brianna Wiertsema  Parliamentarian Drake Thomas  Historian Taylor Wolf  Freshman Representatives Dustin Sims, Megan Boyd, & Callie Meek

9 Important Dates… Tuesday Aug. 21st- 1st Meeting during ACES
“Build Up Your Leadership”: Join us for more information about FCCLA, food, and fun! Aug. 24th – Sept. 7th Chapter Fundraiser Tuesday Aug. 28th- Family Picnic Cassville City Park 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Sept. 14th Dues & T-Shirt $ Due! Tuesday October 9th Regional Joplin All chapter members attend!

10 Let’s Review Who can be a member of FCCLA? What are membership dues?
What are the benefits of being an FCCLA member? What is leadership? You can be a member of FCCLA!

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