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5/12/2015 NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING.

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2 5/12/2015 NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING

3 5/12/2015 Teaching DepartmentResearch Centre DIVISIONS OF ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT

4 PROGRAMMES OFFERED UNDER ELECTRONIC DEPARTMENT 5/12/2015  Undergraduate (B.E) Electronic Engineering Telecommunication Engineering  Masters (M.Engg) Industrial Electronics Micro-System Design  PhD Program

5 Chairman Prof. Dr. Syed Shoaib Hasan Zaidi Ph.D (University of New Mexico) Co-Chairman Prof. Dr. Attaullah Khawaja B.E(Electrical) M.Engg(EE) Ph.D(Comp & Info. Sys) Prof. Dr. Abdul Qadir B.E (Elect) M.Sc (EE) Ph.D(NED) TEACHING FACULTY

6 1. Ms. Sadia Faraz B.E (Electrical); M.Engg (Electronic); NED 2. Mr. Hashim Raza B.E (Electrical); M.Sc (Communications Engg); Germany 3. Mr. Safi Ahmed Zakai B.E (Electrical); MBA (Marketing); Ph.D. University of Karachi (In Progress) 4. Ms Nida Qureshi B.E. (Electronics); M.Engg (Electronics) 5. Mr. Amir Zeb B.E.(Electrical); M.Engg (Electrical); NED ASSISTANT PROFESSORS

7 5/12/2015 6. Mr Muhammad Javed B.E.(Electrical); M.Sc (Electrical); 7. Syed Usman Ali Shah B.E (Electronics); (On study leave) M.Sc (EE); NED 8. Mr Ghous Bakhsh B.E (Electronics); M.Engg (Electronics); NED 10. Mr Shahzad Siddiqi B.E (Electrical); M.Engg (Communications); NED 11. Mr Muhammad Khurram Shaikh B.E (Electrical); MSCS; USA 9. Syed Riaz un Nabi Jafri B.E. (Electrical); M.Engg (Industrial Electronics) 12. Syed Naeem Ishrat B.E. (Electrical), MSC ( Microwave System); London MBA (IBA) 13. Mr Adeel Razi BE (Electrical); (On study leave) M.Sc (Communications Engg);Germany

8 1.Ms Sana Arshad B.E. (Electronics); M.Engg (Electronics) 2. Ms Nida Fareed B.E. (Electronics) M.Engg (Electronics) 3. Ms Fatima Farooqi B.E. (Electronics); 4. Ms Madiha Shabir Shaikh B.E. (Electronics); 5. Ms Amna Shabbir B.E. (Telecommunications) 6. Mr. M. Nasir B.E. (Electronics), Mengg (NED) 7. Mr. Yawar Rehman B.E. (Mehran UET), M.E (In Progress) 8. Mr. Tariq Rehman B.E. (IIEE UET), M.E (In Progress) 9. Miss Ayesha Akhter B.E. (Electronics); M.E.(In Progress) 10. Ms Bushra Tasaduq B.E. (Electronics), M.E (In Progress) 11. Mr Yousuf Raza B.E. (Electronics) LECTURERS

9 13. Miss Saba Ahmed B.E. (Electronics); M.Engg (Electronics) 14. Miss Marium Ahmed B.E. (Electronics) M.Engg (In Progress) 15. Miss Hira Imtiaz B.E. (Electronics); M.Engg (In Progress) 16. Miss Saleha Bano B.E. (Electronics); M.Engg (In Progress) 17. Mr. Shiekh Zahid Ali Siddiqui B.E. (Electronic, NED), M.E (In Progress) LECTURERS

10 EDC DEPARTMENT FACULTY 5/12/2015 Electronics Design Centre performs cutting-edge fundamental and commercially driven research in electronic devices and circuits, radio frequency and microwave integrated circuits. Since its inception (January 2011), EDC's primary objectives have been to investigate scientific fundamentals necessary to obtain incessant improvements in ultimate miniaturization, increased functionality, enhanced bandwidth and improved efficiency. EDC strives to enhance NED University's reputation for quality research output

11 INTRODUCTION 5/12/2015 Facilities Curricular & Co-curricular Pursuits Extra curricular Activities Prospects

12 FACILITIES 5/12/2015 A single building complex. A faculty with a wide spectrum of interests and pursuits. Fully equipped state of the art laboratories. Access of IEEE library over internet readily available. High speed networking throughout the department. Instrumentation Center Computer Center Library and study area PCB manufacturing facility.

13 CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 13/10/2009 Undergraduate Programme Interests span Microelectronics, Industrial Electronics, Telecommunications, Embedded Systems, etc. Industrial cooperation with Siemens, Mobilink, CAA, PIA,PSO,Telenor,Pakistan Steel Mills, and many others. Graduate Programme Microelectronics System Designing Industrial Electronics

14 Seminars Advanced Techniquies and Futuers Trends in Semiconductor IC‘s Fabrication,March 2007 Designing with the AVR Microcontrollers,April 2007 Complex Programming and Logic Design (CPLD),May 2007 Advanced Digital VLSI Design with Verilog and FPGA‘s,June 2007 Seminar on Research Paper Writing,December 2007 Career Counseling in the area of Telecommunication conducted by Ufone and Paktel GSM,January 2008 Design and Implementation of CMOS,March 2008 Implementation of Robotics,April 2008 Getting Started with LabView,April2008 CO-CURRICULAR PURSUITS

15 5/12/2015 Publications Faculty Publications: Intelligent Navigation of unmanned land vehicles by using CPS and ABS Sensor (ICARA, Feb-2009 Wellington, NZ) Spectrum sharing studies in C-band Between IMT-2000(WIMAX) and Satellite Network. In 9th IEEE Malaysian conference in Communication, Kuala Lumpur, 14-17 Dec, 2009. Improved path planning and controlling for a low cost Narration Solution (UKSM -09, March -2009,Cambridge,UK) Designing and Fabrication of power amplifiers using ADS and active device study in TCAD, International Symposium on Microwave and Optical Technology 2009 (ISMOT2009), New Delhi, India, December 2009. Simulation, Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO based Schottky diode, Trans. Tech. Publishers, Switzerland issue June 2009 Perception Estimation of vehicle motion (EMS-2009, Athens, Greece)

16 STUDENTS PUBLICATIONS & CONFERENCES: Implementation of SCADA System for Unsought Tablets Detection through Morphological Image Processing”, 12th IEEE International multi topic conference (IEEE INMIC 2008), ISBN: 978-1-4244-2824-6, December 23-24, 2008. GSM Based Security System Using LabVIEW, Proceedings First International Conference on Computer, Control and Communication, PNEC Karachi, November 12-13, 2007. A. A. Khan, S. F. Ahmed, et al., “Digital Attendance Recording System”, IEEE International Conference on Information and Emerging Technologies, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi, pp. 112-116, July 6-7, 2007. IEEE Catalogue Number: 07EX1795, ISBN:1-4244-1246-3 A. Khan, S. F. Ahmed, et al., “Infrared Couple based Bi directional Conveyor Motion Control System”, IEEE Annual Student Seminar, e- Indus 2006, Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering, Karachi, March 11, 2006.

17 “Design of X-band 4x4 Butler Matrix for Micro strip Patch Antenna Array” for IEEE TENCON 2006 Region 10 Conference. ISBN: 1-4244-0549-1 Paper ID: AN4.5 WIMAX Transition From Nomadicity To Mobility, Changes to go mobile Journal/Conference Title: UCP-IEEEP MULTITOPIC CONFERENCE, LAHORE Wired Vs Wireless Deployment Support For Wireless Sensor Networks Journal/Conference Title: IEEE TENCON 2006. Region 10 Conference, Hong Kong. Wired Vs Wireless Deployment Support For Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE TENCON 2006. Region 10 Conference, Hong Kong ISBN: 1-4244-0548-3, INSPEC Accession Number: 9441529, Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/TENCON.2006.343679, 14-17 Nov. 2006 Software Based NAND Flash Management Techniques, Proceedings of the International Conference of Computing in Engineering, Science and Information, Fullerton, CA,USA, April 2009. Implementation of Intranet-SCADA using Lab VIEW based Data Acquisition and Management, Proceedings of the International Conference of Computing in Engineering, Science and Information, Fullerton, CA, USA, April 2009.

18 PROJECT BASED LEARNING 5/12/2015 Students from their very first year at our department are encouraged towards project based learning. Which helps enhance the skills of a fresh engineering student to becoming a well skilled individual in project making and acquiring information through research.



21 SENTEC 2011 5/12/2015

22 CAREER EXPO 2011 5/12/2015


24 PROCOM 2010 5/12/2015

25 INVENT 2011 5/12/2015

26 EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 5/12/2015 An active official Students Council. E-Society Spark Magazine (Department Official Magazine) Annual Function Annual Picnic Sports Lots of other happenings.......

27 PRESENT F.E 2011 5/12/2015

28 PICNIC 2011 5/12/2015

29 14 AUGUST CELEBRATION 2011 5/12/2015

30 SPEC ‘06 SPEC ‘07 SPEC ‘08 SPEC ‘09

31 SPEC 2010

32 SPARK SPARK is the annual magazine of the department of electronic engineering, NED University. This year the SPARK Magazine reached new milestone by becoming the first departmental magazine to be recognized by the Literary and Publication Society (LPS) of NED University.

33 PROSPECTS 5/12/2015 Excellent reputation in local industry and abroad. Industrial placement and subsequent opportunities in Siemens, Mobilink, CAA, PIA, Alcatel, PTCL, Engro Chemicals, Fauji Foundations, and most major players in the market. Graduates have proven their mettle in the best Universities and corporations abroad. Young and promising Alumini body.

34 5/12/2015

35 We offer you a LIFE!

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