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Creative Writing Workshop. Lesson 2: Figurative Language.

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1 Creative Writing Workshop

2 Lesson 2: Figurative Language

3 Simile a COMPARISON using LIKE or AS eg. The dancer was as graceful as a swan. eg. The students behaved like angels on Friday.

4 Bingo!

5 Metaphor A comparative statement that says one thing IS something else. eg. Jeremy is a rat. eg. The students were angels on Friday.

6 Spot the Differences eg. The dancer was as graceful as a swan. eg. The students behaved like angels on Friday. eg. Jeremy is a rat. eg. The students were angels on Friday. SimileMetaphor

7 Write Down 1 Simile OR Metaphor (not both!) and pass it up to the front. Draw an S on your green sheet of paper. Draw an M on your blue sheet of paper.

8 Onomat opoeia A word that imitates a sound.

9 Onomatop oeia...are often made up words, and so vary from language to language. Check this out: The Dog Says... Vov! Vov! (Swedish) Gav! Gav! (Greek, Russian) The Cat Says... Ya-ong (Korean) Meo-Meo! (Vietnamese)

10 Onomat opoeia Write an onomatopoeia for each of the following sounds:

11 Alliterati on I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring... I will go around the class and ask if you are coming to my picnic. If you would like to come to my picnic, you have to bring something that I approve of. Take a guess at what you might bring and I will tell you if you can come or not. HINT: THERE IS A PATTERN THAT YOU HAVE TO FIGURE OUT!

12 Alliterati on Is the repetition of the same sound in a string of words eg. Captain Jack was the Savviest Sailor on the Seven Seas!

13 Alliterati on Alliteration is used to create tongue- twisters. Can you say these 5 times fast? Bertha Bartholemew blew big blue bubbles. Karl Kessler kept the ketchup in the kitchen. Julie Jackson juggled the juicy, jiggly jello.

14 Personif ication Is giving human qualities, actions or feelings to inanimate (non-living) objects. eg. The alarm screamed at me, “Time to get up!” eg. My computer hates me!

15 Personif ication Draw a picture to demonstrate why ONE of these phrases is personification (ie. rather than the intended meaning, draw it literally) The sun danced across the summer sky. The full moon guided me through the dark forest. The wind whispered lonely sounds as it blew through the trees. The tropical storm slept for two days.

16 Personificati on We need to elect a class pet. Because we can’t bring actual animals into the classroom, we need to choose an inanimate object that will act as our class pet (pet rock style) Decide what object will be our class pet and write a nomination (using personification) about what it does to deserve the status of class pet. eg. “The Classroom Door should be elected as our class pet because it welcomes us to class every morning.” Email your nomination to me and we will vote on the top 5 at the end of class.

17 Simile Metaphor Personification Alliteration Onomatopoeia

18 Descriptive Paragraph Once you have one example of each of the 5 figurative language devices, arrange them into a descriptive paragraph (you may need to add an intro or concluding sentence to make it flow a little better). Once completed, upload it to Blackboard Journal.

19 Homework Challenge Over the weekend, wander past some local business and take pictures of any business names or slogans that contain any of the literary devices we have studied today: alliteration, simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia. You will not be penalised if you don’t do it, but there will be prizes awarded for the students who find the most.

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