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2 THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to come tonight! Thank you to all who volunteered to help with parties and send in items. We also appreciate everyone getting beginning of the year forms turned in so promptly.

3 Meet the Teachers Mrs. Guy – Math Mrs. Jackson- Reading/LA Mrs. Malecek- Social Studies Mrs. Westbrook-Science Sixth Grade Website

4 Behavior Card o Your behavior card must stay in your agenda at all times. o You must get behavior card signed if you lose points or if you don’t turn in an assignment. o Students who maintain 90+ points for the quarter will attend a reward activity.

5 Grading  -10 points per day off grade for each day it is late  You have 1 day of grace for each day you are absent before points are taken off  Grading Percentages:  Tests25%  Projects/Tasks25%  Classwork20%  Quizzes20%  Homework10%

6 MAKE-UP WORK Students are responsible for work, even when they are absent. They can check teacher websites to find missing assignments, or ask when they return. If a student is absent for more than 2 days, we will make a list of make up work for them. They have the same amount of days to make up the work as the number of days absent from school. (i.e. absent 1 day = 1 day extra to turn in work) Missing assignments can be found on teacher websites.

7 Miscellaneous Items Puberty Class –Class will be held last 2 days before fall break –Permission Forms will be sent home soon. PTA Membership –We are short of our goal of 100%. If you need an extra form, we have them available on the forms table.

8 Miscellaneous Items Upcoming Dates: –Tuesday, August 26: Non English Speaking Families Curriculum Night –Thursday, August 28: Picture Day –Tuesday, September 3 Progress Reports

9 Miscellaneous Items Field Trips –April 30-May 1: *Coca Cola Space Museum in Columbus, GA *Extended Day Field Trip * Cost = $75. Will begin collecting in January –May: * DRMS Tour & 6 th Grade Picnic at Biello Park

10 Miscellaneous Items Firebird Communities Designed create a sense of community across grades among our students and staff. Students will draw to see what “house” they belong to during Specials tomorrow. Each house will meet on a regular basis throughout the school year during the school day. They will work on different service projects that will benefit our school and the community around us. Our goal is to create more connections between all grade levels.

11 Mrs. Malecek 7 th Year of Teaching Taught at Woodstock Middle prior to IKES 2 Sons: 1 is in first grade at IKES, the other turned two in April

12 Social Studies Sixth grade Social Studies standards address Europe, Latin America, Canada & Australia. We study the –Geography –Governments –Economics –Culture –History

13 Social Studies Reviewing notes each night is a must! There is a lot of new vocabulary and locations that students are not familiar with. There will be daily work, projects, quizzes & tests.

14 Mrs. Jackson First year at IKES Previously taught at Lake Winward Elementary Has 3 children- Drew (K), Kelsey (4 th ) and Ally (6 th )

15 Reading Reading thematically connected fiction and non-fiction each quarter and analyzing using CCGPS Independent Reading: We will be utilizing the Reading Challenge. Students should complete 6 entries each quarter. Warm up: flocabulary all on websitewebsite –15 words each unit –Quiz every 3 weeks (typically on Friday)

16 Language Arts Focus on 3 Types of Writing –Argumentative –Informational –Narrative Material from Other Classes Supported through Writing in ELA Conventions and Structure *Implementing a new writing program: Lucy Calkins Writing

17 Mrs. Guy 20 years teaching experience Have previously taught at Canton, Dean Rusk, Crossroads & Holly Springs Have taught many subjects & many grades Married and have 4 children – Jessica (Asbury University), Jonathan (Oglethorpe University), Laura (Sequoyah), Caleb (IKES) and one son in law- Joshua

18 Math Math standards address number system fluency, algebra, geometry, integers and statistics. Students do have a WB that we will be using this year along with USATestPrep & VMathLive. There are many practice activities on my website. Expect homework on a regular basis. Some will be pencil/paper; some will be computer based. Morning tutoring is available on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:00 a.m.

19 Mrs. Westbrook This is my 26 th year in education. Before teaching into Cherokee I taught in Cobb and Gilmer counties. In Cherokee, I have worked in the county curriculum department, at E.T.Booth Middle, Woodstock Middle, Holly Springs Elementary and Indian Knoll. My husband is a teacher and coach at Etowah H.S. We have 5 boys ages 24-29 and one grandson. We are “usually” empty nesters.

20 Science In 6 th grade science, we study Earth Science all year. This includes the study of ecology, space, weather, climate, rocks, minerals, water, oceans, plate tectonics, volcanoes, & earthquakes. My website is a great way to stay informed of what we are doing in class.. Mrs. Westbrook's websiteMrs. Westbrook's website

21 Conferences We would like to meet with parents at least twice during the school year. We will begin scheduling Fall conferences tonight. Sign up sheets are available on the tables as you leave. Please sign up on your child’s homeroom teacher’s conference sheet.

22 Let’s Work Together to Have a GREAT Year!


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