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1 Bear Rank Debrief Guide. Bear Rank Requirements Complete 6 Core Adventures Choose and complete 1 Elective Adventure With a parent or guardian, complete.

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1 1 Bear Rank Debrief Guide

2 Bear Rank Requirements Complete 6 Core Adventures Choose and complete 1 Elective Adventure With a parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide, AND earn the Cyber Chip award for your age. 2

3 Core Adventures 3 AdventureDescription Bear ClawsWoods tools, safety Furs, Feathers, and FernsNature, habitats, wildlife Grin and Bear ItCampfire performances, leadership Paws for ActionService to Others, Citizenship Fellowship of FaithPractice and demonstrate Duty to God Bear NecessitiesOutdoor adventure, outdoor skills

4 Elective Adventures 4 AdventureDescription Baloo the BuilderUse of simple tools, planning A Bear goes FishingOutdoor adventure, nature, wildlife awareness Bear Picnic BasketFood choices, planning, life skills Critter CarePlanning, organization, ethic of care ForensicsApplied Science Make it Move!Science, Engineering, Technology Continued….

5 Elective Adventures (continued) 5 AdventureDescription Marble MadnessFun and games, craft skills, good sportsmanship RoboticsScience, Engineering, Technology Salmon RunOutdoor skills, swimming and boating skills, safety Super ScienceScience inquiry skills, physical properties of matter World of MusicCultural expressions, craft skills, music and performance Roaring laughterPerformance and fun

6 Planning Considerations – Core Adventures Bear Necessities Adventure Delivery date/time is flexible. Complete this adventure during a more temperate time of year Plan and coordinate outing with parents and pack leadership. Recommend planning this Adventure during annual pack program planning sessions Can also complete through a council or district family camp outing Units that are chartered by organizations that do not allow CS camping – can complete activities on a day outing with the pack or by the den 6

7 Planning Considerations – Core Adventures Grin and Bear It Adventure Bears teach and lead games with younger Cub Scouts – coordinate during annual pack program planning. Suggestion to deliver as a Cub Scout carnival Fur, Feather, and Ferns Make arrangements to visit a local, state, or federal wildlife reserve, zoo, nature center, bird aviary, game preserve, local conservation area, wildlife rescue group, fish hatchery or other animal preservation area for one of the den meetings 7

8 Planning Considerations – Core Adventures Bear Claw Arrange for a visit from (or to) a knife collector or wood carver (not required, but desirable) Paws for Action Arrange for visit to law enforcement agency Arrange to visit a historical site Service project delivered by den members –Note that trip to historical site and service project could be completed on the same outing 8

9 Planning Considerations – Core Adventures Fellowship of Faith Family-based Packs that include only members of a particular faith may consider making this a den-centered adventure 9

10 Planning Considerations – Elective Adventures Baloo the Builder Need access to simple carpentry tools Wood to construct simple project A Bear goes Fishing Fishing gear Space for casting Outing to lake/river for fishing practice; fishing license appropriate to boys in your state 10

11 Planning Considerations – Elective Adventures Bear Picnic Basket Access to kitchen, cooking utensils Outdoor cooking activity Critter Care Opportunity to care for a pet Outing to visit a veterinarian or animal shelter 11

12 Planning Considerations – Elective Adventures Forensics Requires simple household materials to carry out forensic investigations Outing to police or sheriff department Make it Move! Craft supplies and household materials to create projects present in adventure 12

13 Planning Considerations – Elective Adventures Marble Madness Marbles, craft supplies to create marble storage bag Craft supplies, scrap cardboard to create project described in adventure Roaring Laughter Time at a pack meeting or pack campfire program to present a skit 13

14 Planning Considerations – Elective Adventures Robotics Craft supplies, household materials to construct project Outing to company or organization that uses some type of industrial robot or automated manufacturing process Salmon Run Access to boating equipment, including a rowboat or canoe Outing to swimming beach or pool –Note that this is an adventure that would be appropriate for a day camp or resident camp that offers waterfront and swimming activities 14

15 Planning Considerations – Elective Adventures Super Science Household and craft supplies to carry out scientific investigations World of Music Household and craft supplies to construct musical instruments 15

16 Analysis Criteria: 16  Impact on Your Den, District or Council?  Financial?  Manpower Needs?  Planning Considerations?  Weather?  Availability?  Training  Pack Meeting Impact?  Adventure Highlight?  Day Camp Usage  Organizing Principles?  Others?  What do you need to share about this adventure with your group when you get home?

17 One Step Beyond… 17 What are your key takeaways from learning about the bear adventures? Are there implementation challenges to address? What is the most important thing you have learned that you will pass on to other members of your pack (or district or council)? What do you still need to know? 

18 Bear Adventure Analysis Assignments 18 DenRank & Elective Adventures YellowBear Claws, Bear Picnic Basket Kelly GreenFir, Feathers & Ferns, Critter Care RedGrin and Bear It, Forensics Lime GreenPaws for Action, Make It Move, Marble Madness OrangeFellowship of Faith, Robotics, A World of Sound TurquoiseBear Necessities, Salmon Run PurpleBaloo the Builder, Super Science, Navy BlueA Bear Goes Fishing, Roaring Laughter

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