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CRCT Prep #1 In the sentence below, which pronoun would BEST replace the underlined words? My sister and I went shopping for camping equipment. a.They.

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1 CRCT Prep #1 In the sentence below, which pronoun would BEST replace the underlined words? My sister and I went shopping for camping equipment. a.They b.We c.Us d.Ourselves

2 CRCT Prep #2 Which of the following is a complete sentence? a.Bonds rounding first after his game-tying homer. b.In the autumn when the leaves begin to fall. c.Come here, please. d.Because I felt like it.

3 CRCT Prep #3 Sasha wants to write a paper about the poet Walt Whitman. Which of the following questions should probably NOT appear in her research? a.What was Whitman’s influence on American poetry? b.What is the meaning and importance of Whitman’s free-verse style? c.What did Robert Frost think of Whitman’s style? d.How did Whitman publish his first poems?

4 CRCT Prep #4 Tyrell is doing a report on air pollution. Which of the following organizations’ web sites would have the information he needs? a.The Humane Society b.The Environmental Protection Agency c.The American Political Science Assoc. d.The Army Corps of Engineers

5 CRCT Prep #5 Which of the following statements would most likely require a reference citation in a research paper? a.“The loss of the Titanic was the most tragic ship disaster in history.” b.The Titanic was considered the most luxurious ship of its day. c.The Titanic sailed out of London and was headed for New York. d.On September 1, 1985, the Titanic was found about 400 miles south of Newfoundland.

6 CRCT Prep #6 Using an author’s words without giving credit is called a.Summarizing b.Paraphrasing c.Plagiarizing d.Refuting

7 CRCT Prep #7 Which of these sentences would be a good topic sentence for a paragraph that describes the Japanese paper-folding art of origami? a.Be sure to press down completely on the paper folds. b.The Japanese have been receptive to many aspects of American culture. c.If you think that the best use for scrap paper is for writing memos, you haven’t seen the wondrous creations of the paper-folding art of origami. d.Environmental activists are concerned about the rate at which forests are vanishing to provide pulp for paper.

8 CRCT Prep #8 Which correction should be made to the sentence below? Before turning the ignition key, Kip ran a checklist of the following items position of rearview and sideview mirrors, air-bag light, seat-belt lock, and gas gauge. a.Remove the comma after key. b.Add a comma after Kip. c.Add a colon after items. d.Change the comma after lock to a semicolon.

9 CRCT Prep #9 What change should be made to the sentence below? The vase of flowers make a beautiful centerpiece for the table, doesn’t it? a.Change make to makes. b.Change make to have made. c.Add more before beautiful. d.Change it to they.

10 CRCT Prep #10 Which word(s) can you take out of the paragraph below in order to eliminate repetition? Americans are lucky to have such a dazzling array of musical choices when they go shopping for CDs. Although hip-hop and pop dominate the best-seller charts, a leisurely walk through a music superstore will reveal a rich enough variety of styles to please every musical taste and preference. My parents usually wander into the jazz section, while my older sister ends up looking for old Dylan classics in the folk bins. In the Latin section alone you can find a dizzying variety of nation styles and rhythms: samba, salsa, mambo, and tango, just for starters. a.Dazzling b.And pop c.And preference d.dizzying

11 CRCT Prep #11 What type of sentence gives a command? a.Declarative b.Exclamatory c.Interrogative d.Imperative

12 CRCT Prep #12 What kind of pronoun is missing from the following sentence? The class threw a surprise party for Jenny and _________. a.Interrogative b.Personal c.Demonstrative d.Relative

13 CRCT Prep #13 In which of the following sentences is the predicate nominative underlined? a.Firefighters are brave. b.Children like candy. c.Reporters are investigators. d.Novels give readers pleasure.

14 CRCT Prep #14 Which combines the sentences below into a compound sentence? Dogs are very loyal. Dogs require a lot of care. a.Dogs are very loyal and require a lot of care. b.Because dogs are very loyal, they require a lot of care. c.Very loyal, dogs require a lot of care. d.Dogs are very loyal, but they require a lot of care.

15 CRCT Prep #15 Which word completes the sentence below? When my sister’s friends arrived, we hung the __________ coats in the closet. a.childs’ b.children’s c.child’s d.childrens

16 CRCT Prep #16 Which sentence below is a complex sentence? a.The test proved to be surprisingly easy. b.I sing when I work. c.Few believed that our team had much of a chance in the playoffs. d.The snowstorm had made a peaceful wonderland out of the city.

17 CRCT Prep #17 Which word is the subject of the sentence below? After the play the star’s eager fans waited outside in the hope of getting an autograph.’s d.autograph

18 CRCT Prep #18 Where should you put the phrase “standing on her toes” in the sentence below? Rachel and I watched the elegant ballerina. a.Before Rachel b.After Rachel c.After I d.After ballerina

19 CRCT Prep #19 Which of the following is an example of an interrogative sentence? a.Ana wondered whether the rain would stop in time for the big parade. b.Now that’s a big brass band! c.Ahmad asked whether he could help with any of the final arrangements. d.Is there no end to the heat that we have been enduring lately?

20 CRCT Prep #20 Which transition would best join the two sentences below? I knew that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great civil rights leader. __________, I did not know that he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. a.However b.Therefore c.Finally d.Consequently

21 CRCT Prep #21 Which underlined part of the following sentence contains an error? We were all shocked to hear Bernie say that his A. B. C. most favorite TV series is 60 Minutes. D.

22 CRCT Prep #22 Which sentence is NOT related to the topic sentence below? As the cost of oil and gasoline rises, many states are seeking to develop alternative sources of energy. A.Windmills, long a feature of European countries, now provide significant amounts of power to some California counties. B.Solar panes are also proving a popular way to cut heating costs for some homeowners. C.Smaller cars are known to get better gas mileage that larger vehicles like SUVs. D.Some believe that battery-powered cars will also become a common sight in the next few decades.

23 CRCT Prep #23 Which of the following is the BEST way to combine the sentences below? The fund-raising picnic was fun. The picnic also raised a lot of money for a good cause. A.The fund-raising picnic was fun that raised a lot of money for a good cause. B.The fund-raising picnic was not only fun, but it also raised a lot of money for a good cause. C.Raising a lot of money for a good cause, the fund-raising picnic was fun. D.While being a fun fund-raising picnic, it also raised a lot of money for a good cause.

24 CRCT Prep #24 Which of the following sentences would BEST support the topic sentence below? Kudzu, a leafy green vine common to Georgia, is used in cooking in Japan. A.It is added as a flavoring to lemonade, sweet-and-sour sauce, apple pie, and fried eggplant. B.In a single season, one plant can creep 100 feet. C.Kudzu spread from Florida as far north as Maryland and as far west as Louisiana. D.The Japanese brought Kudzu to this country in the late 19 th century.

25 CRCT Prep #25 While reading a book on public speaking, you come across the unfamiliar term peroration. You would most likely find that word’s definition in the book’s A.Prologue B.Table of contents C.Footnotes D.Glossary

26 CRCT Prep #26 What revision could be made to the sentence below? The alligator and the crocodile are different reptiles but they are related. A.reptiles; but B.reptiles, but C.reptiles: but D.reptiles. But

27 CRCT Prep #27 Which of the following sentences is in the passive voice? A.Most critics were struck by the movie’s sensitive treatment of the topic of personal loss. B.Scientists have found that human activities have probably contributed to global warming. C.The host of the party could not have been more gracious. D.By the time we arrive home, the election will have been decided.

28 CRCT Prep #28 Leaf-cutter ants are very skilled in cutting leaves. The cutter ants then transport the leaves into underground areas, they do not eat the leaves. Instead, they feed them to worker ants, who help to convert the leaves into molds that keep the entire colony alive. This remarkable division of labor helps to sustain cutter-ant colonies with populations of up to eight million. Which sentence in the passage is a run-on sentence? A.Sentence 1 B.Sentence 2 C.Sentence 3 D.Sentence 4

29 CRCT Prep #29 Which word is the predicate adjective in the following sentence? My physics teacher was very proud that I placed first in the science competition. A.very B.proud C.first

30 CRCT Prep #30 What would be a good transition for the concluding sentence below? Georgia is the perfect state in which to take your next vacation. A.Secondly, B.In addition, C.However, D.In summary,

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