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CMDFW A/V Team H.H Swami Tejomayananda ji Chairman CMDFW Board Resident AcharyaSwami Sarveshananda AcharyaP.B. Ghate AcharyaAsha Ghate 1.

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1 CMDFW A/V Team H.H Swami Tejomayananda ji Chairman CMDFW Board Resident AcharyaSwami Sarveshananda AcharyaP.B. Ghate AcharyaAsha Ghate 1

2 CMDFW A/V Team CMDFW Board Ashok DandekarPresident Sandhya GavvaSecretary UK GuptaTreasurer Satheesh ChandranFacilities Maintenance Sambu ManthaSatellite Centers/Study Group Sunil MainiSeva Programs Venu MenonPR/Marketing Prasad VallurupalliFund Raising 2

3 CMDFW A/V Team Joint-SecretaryRamesh Hegde Joint- TreasurerRaghu Ganapathy 3

4 CMDFW A/V Team BV Coordinators S1Kathyayini Kattamanchi S2Lalitha Rajagopalan S3Vijayashree Ramesh S4Suchitra Rahalkar C1Anu Vadduri C2Maya Nair BOP(Bhutanese)Rajesh Mongia There are 200+ Teachers 4

5 Front Desk Serve as a liaison to provide on-going communication Assist members with questions regarding mission activities Maintain sign-up sheets for different activities Assist registration team Need Help? Session Name S1 Vinod Chauhan, Disha Kanar S2 Reshma Pattabhi, Srividya Sundar S3 Roli Kapoor S4 Asha Kammath, Madhavi Sunkara C1 Praveen Panchakarla C2 Rakesh Neunaha 5

6 Decoration Team 6 SessionName Coordinator: Madhavi Menta S1Rachana Jagota, Sumana Hedge, Nirmala Manalan, Janaki Ramalingam, Uma Mahesh, Kaanan Shah, Nirupama Bellary S2Srividya Raghu, Rupa Janardhan S3Sonali Sinha C1 & C2Vijaya Lanka Bring festive atmosphere to Balavihar. Meet about 8-9 times a Year. Fun Team to be In.

7 Registration Team: Srinivas Nukala Online registration support User registration support at front desk Generate registration reports for the Board, Teachers and Finance team Registration system technical support SessionVolunteer S1Veni Gupta S2Madhavi Sunkara S3Srinivas Nukala S4Madhavi Sunkara C1Urmesh Shah C2Subbarao Manne Need Help? 7

8 What? an avenue for members to contribute and ensure that the mission endures for our children and their children Who? members with a shared vision to sustain the nurturing environment of CMDFW Details … Parivar Membership: $1,200 per annum Admission to Balavihar & Cultural classes Annual CMDFW Membership Aarti sponsorship during festivals Balavihar lock-ins Geeta chanting and Shlokathon Chinmaya Parivar 8 Goal 200 100

9 Contact info Coordinators: Anurag Jagota & Venkat Arunachalam What does the team do?  Team selected by Swamiji.  Swamiji typically starts off with the previous year list of volunteers and then adds volunteers based on drop offs  Team responsibility – Reserving Camp Site, Camp Promotion, Planning kids activities, logistics and Supplies, Teams are responsible for decoration, food, supplies, games, supervised downtime, schedule.  Who are the members? Last year members -Anil Kalicharan, Devina Jagota, Jayashree Rajagopalan, Kavitha Srinivasan, Lalitha Rajgopalan, Madhu Basude, Mamta Chhatbar, Dr. Nagaratina Salem, Nitish Krishna Murthy, Pankaj Kapoor, Rachna Jagota, Rajiv Roy, Rupa Janardhan, Sairam Appaji, Sridhar Karra, Srihari, Srividya Sundar, Sumana Hegde, Sushma Dandekar, Sushma Joshi, Syama Srinivasan, Vishwa Dave Do we need more volunteers? People interested in volunteering should send in their names during camp sign-up Labor Day Camp 9

10 Contact info Coordinator: Swarna Kura What does the team do?  Introduce and guide new CM members to shlokathon program  Make sure the relevant resources are available (shlokathon CDs, books, plaques, stickers etc.)  Conduct weekly shlokathon classes - various stotras, Geeta chanting & vedic chanting (shanti mantras and pancha sooktams) - before or after BV  Perform monthly testing & hand out stickers and trophies upon completion Who are the members: All session Shlokathon coordinators, teachers and testers Do we need more volunteers?  Yes, those trained in reciting shlokas/stotras/mantras Shlokathon 10

11 Contact info Coordinator: Sudha Ramakrishnan Members: Seetha Chandrashekar (Chitrakoot) Kavitha Srinivasan (Saaket) Madhu Basude (Saaket) Anand Amarnani (Saaket) What does the team do?  Introduce and guide new CM members to Music program  Present Music Program at CMDFW Annual Banquet  Present Year End Music Program Music Class 11

12 Contact info Balazine Saaket: Anu Appaji Chitrakoot: Sangeeta Anil What does the team do? Balazine is an eMagazine for the children, of the children and by the children. You can find it on CMDFW website and on Facebook. Who are the members? Any Balavihar student can submit contributions and any committed student middle school and up can volunteer to edit any given issue Whether they need more volunteers? Parent volunteers to help with publication and/or soliciting contributions and ideas are always welcome. Please contact: 12

13 Contact info Coordinator: Ramesh Hegde What does the team do?  Prepare relevant Geeta chanting verses for inclusion in BV folders  Teach weekly Geeta chanting class of shlokathon … help kids/adults in preparing them for the annual Geeta chanting competition  Be available to lead Geeta chanting in the assembly when Acharyas are not in town  Coordinate and conduct annual CMDFW Geeta chanting competition Geeta Chanting 13

14 Contact info Coordinators: Lalitha Rajagopalan & Lalitha Venkatraman What does the team do?  Each year we have ‘Lock-Ins’ for all of our Balavihar kids to provide exclusive fun time with Swamiji. The purpose is to allow for the kids to enjoy the company of their peers and Swamiji across all sessions  Elementary School lock-in – Grades 2-5  Middle School Lock-in – Grades 6-8  High School Lock-in – Grades 9-12 Who are the members?. Request for volunteers is announced and Swamiji also encourages CHYK volunteers  Parent volunteers Do we need more volunteers?  Volunteers are always needed. Designated photographers who can commit to the dates and also work with the Web team to publish. Lock-Ins 14

15 Contact info Coordinator: Venkat Arunachalam What does the team do?  The cultural classes offered include Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu languages, Hindustani and Karnatic music.  The classes are offered at Saaket and Chitrakoot in all the sessions.  The offerings in each session is determined by the availability of volunteer teachers and the demand Who are the members?  We have 30 volunteers for these classes across all the sessions  Do we need more volunteers?  Volunteers are always needed. They can offer non-instructional assistance to the teachers and also substitute for teachers who may need a day off for personal work. Cultural Classes 15

16 Contact info Coordinator : Pankaj Kapoor Funds are raised by T-Shirt sales and donations based on miles walked. Funds raised are donated to one of the Local Charities T-shirt design is selected by Swami Ji from Balavihar kids entries in annual T- Shirt design contest. Balavihar kids ask for donations for each mile they pledge to walk. Picnic/Holi event unites members for all sessions in one area. Event is open to all the members and their friends. Roasted Corn, Gulal, Water Colors, and Pichkaris are highlight of the event. Over 120+ volunteers are involved in organizing and managing the event. Event is attended by ~1000 members and friends. Picnic Holi Walkathon 16

17 17 THANK YOU !!! Team Leads and 110+ volunteers. You made 2014 Walkathon Picnic Holi event a Great Success Coordinator : Pankaj Kapoor TEAMTEAM LEADS RegistrationReshma Pattabhi /Srividya Sundar WalkathonPriya Chandran HoliKirti Pujara CornNavita Agarwal FoodPoonam Mehta GamesKetan Patel & Manju Menon Clean-upSiva Agnoor SetupRavi Patil MedicalDr. Rathna Salem TransportationPrakash Pai DJBani Maini and Ashwin Chandra AVRakesh Neunaha

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