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Cross-curricular planning for KS1 history

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1 Cross-curricular planning for KS1 history
Man’s First Moon Landing With thanks to Sarah Duck who trialled all the ideas when at Oakley Infant School, Basingstoke

2 Which subjects are you going to link?
Here is one school’s approach Any opportunitiesmissed? Any contrived?

3 What form of integration do we want? Linking subjects
Naturally literacy, also Art D&T Science Drama ICT Numeracy Citizenship


5 Literacy Non-fiction, comparing short accounts of what jobs the astronauts did when they landed on the moon’s surface Recount writing, scaffolded by drama, mime, sequencing etc. Fiction

6 Literacy Jill Murphy’s Whatever Next?
Dressing up has never had such dramatic consequences! With a colander space helmet and a cardboard box for a rocket, Baby Bear sets off to the moon to have a picnic with his friend the owl. Why could this picnic not happen on the Moon?

7 Art: Using marbling for the planets

8 Modelling footprints in clay

9 D&T Making and moving moon buggies

10 And guessed it
Rock cakes

11 Drama With hot seating

12 Using conscience alley
To persuade others and listen to both sides of the argument. Role playing the astronauts actions, still image and thought-tracking their feelings

13 ICT: making movies Pupils still image each action the men took on landing on the moon and then make a film of their movements using Digital Blue.

14 Numeracy

15 And then there’s Creativity pupils create 3 commemorative stamps

16 Thinking skills Is it right to carry on with space travel?
Would you accept a Golden Ticket to travel to the moon?

17 Putting on one of de Bono’s hats to think through the problems

18 This girl thought we should
To prevent another Tsunami, or what she called ‘the big wave’ That is why we need satellites in space.

19 All the time protecting the integrity of history, with
Sequencing Timelines to help chronology


21 Driven by key historical questions
Respect for evidence How do we know?

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