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All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) 46903 Sugarland Road Sterling, VA 20164

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1 All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) 46903 Sugarland Road Sterling, VA 20164

2 ADAMS Mission To serve Allah (swt) through service to the Muslim community by providing religious, educational and social services in the best professional manner as embodied in the Qur’an and Sunnah. Further, ADAMS is dedicated to representing the eternal truths of Islam to the broader community through positive contributions to the society at large.

3 ADAMS Vision Be the anchor of a model community of practicing Muslims of diverse backgrounds Relating to one another with inclusiveness and tolerance Interacting with neighbors in an Islamic, exemplary fashion Democratically elected and governed Efficiently served

4 ADAMS Summary Daily prayers and programs Leading member of DC-EID Committee that organizes the largest multi-masajid Eid prayers in the area Multi-location Eid prayers serving over 10,000 people (when multi-masajid prayers are not possible) 2,500 to 3,000 people served during 10 Jumaas at 6 locations – Sterling, Fairfax, Reston, Tysons, Leesburg, and Ashburn 3 Taraweh prayers in 3 Locations Saturday School, Sunday School and daily Taleem ul Quran program 5,000 Families served within a 10 mile radius 200 annual members + 400 life time members = 600-700 total active members Democratically governed - 13 elected Board members and officers – brothers and sisters Gender neutral policies and programs Progressive outlook

5 ADAMS Board of Trustees (and their committees) Br. Omar Ashraf– Chair of the Board; Masjid Construction, Operations Review & Financial Review Br. Rizwan Jaka – President; Media, Interfaith, Government Relations Br. Farooq Syed– Vice President; Social Activities, Cub Scouts Br. Arshad Hussain – Treasurer; Fundraising, Financial Review Sr. Bibi Younis – Secretary; Membership, Operations Dr. Tanveer Mirza – Trustee; Fundraising Br. Abdul Qayyum Jafir – Trustee; Fundraising Sr. Sanober Yacoob – Trustee; Education, Financial Review Br. Wael Alkhairo – Trustee; Financial Review, Planning, Zakat Sr. Afeefa Syeed – Trustee; Interfaith, Education Dr. Iqbal Unus – Trustee; Education, By-Laws, Planning Dr. Khalid Ijaz – Trustee; Education Br. Mohibullah – Trustee; MIS Committee Note: Names in bold and underlined are the officers and members of the Executive Committee

6 Education Saturday School – 50-60 children (7 th -12 th grade) Sunday School – 500 children (Pre-K -6 th grade) Taleem ul Quran – Hifz Program Home Schooling support and networking Weekly seminars (Imam Magid’s / Imam Sheikh’s classes) Fajr classes Weekly women’s halaqa Computer learning, training and resource center Tutoring program Special events – Zaytuna event ISNA East Zone Conference Other educational programs

7 ADAMS Youth Youth Director Retreat in Front Royal Other weekend retreats Weekly Halaqa (Sister and Brothers) Sports Activities (Sisters and Brothers) Feed the homeless Boys and Cub Scouts (40 – 50 Children) Girl Scouts (100 Children) Volunteering for special events.

8 Interfaith Activities Over 100 events/activities a year – Meetings with 50 Churches, Synagogues, and interfaith groups. – Interfaith Iftar, Interfaith Trialogue, Speeches, Gatherings, Special Events. 9/11 Peace Gathering and Interfaith Unity Walk Open Houses of Faith – Girl Scouts

9 Government Relations Dozens of candidates and government officials attend ADAMS events – Most candidates for political office and many government Officials attend Civic Picnic – Most candidates for political office and many government officials visit ADAMS during Jumaa prayers

10 Media Imam Magid in Time magazine Interviews by local and national TV broadcasters, newspapers, radio stations and magazines Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, Nile TV, Geo TV, Bridges Television and other International cable TV Channels

11 Social Activities Black History – Soul Food Potluck Around The World Festival Annual Civic Picnic Hispanic Heritage Festival Women’s Heritage Event Fall/Spring Festivals – Tuesday Sisters Group Picnics & Yard Sales Welcome Back Hajis program Family Entertainment - Nasheed Concert Other Potlucks

12 Sports Basketball (Brothers and Sisters) – at ADAMS Center Martial Arts (Brothers and Sisters) – at ADAMS Center Badminton (Brothers and Sisters) – at ADAMS Center Volleyball (Brothers and Sisters) – at ADAMS Center Ping Pong (Brothers and Sisters) – at ADAMS Center Soccer (Brothers and Sisters) - offsite Golf - offsite Cricket - offsite

13 Other Programs and Community Services Friday Lunch Program Other activities coordinated with local and national Muslim Organizations (Local Masjids, MPAC, CAIR, MAS, ISNA, ICNA and others) Social Services and Zakah/Sadaqah distribution Blood Drives, Health Screenings, Civic Services, Seminars, etc Community Service – Volunteers in community cleanups and walkathons – Food Drives and Clothing Drives – Reston, Herndon and Sterling Festivals Prayers Times through text messaging - MIS Committee

14 Communication Website Newsletter for Community Email Lists or Forum Portal or Tools for Officer and Staff Co-ordination Town Hall Meetings/General Body Meetings Officers and Staff must be responsive to calls, voicemail, and email – Must have response thresholds – 1 day, 2 days, 7 days

15 ADAMS Endowment Fund ADAMS has established an endowment or a “waqf” fund to provide an ongoing source of funding. AEF will provide financial aid and stability for ADAMS’ present and future services and expansion. ADAMS Endowment Fund is registered as a tax-exempt charitable organization Board Members -Dr. Maqsood Chaudhry - Chairman -Br. Aziz Bari – President -Br. Omar Ashraf – Vice President -Sr. Nasreen Mohammed – Secretary/Treasurer -Dr. Ahmad Totonji

16 Why an Endowment Fund An endowment or waqf is to “confine” or permanently preserve an asset and then use the income generated by that asset for a specifically identified charitable purpose. This means that your gift will keep on giving, which is Sadaqah Jariyah – a perpetual charity. Giving an endowed gift allows your faith and your good stewardship of what Allah (swt) has given you to reach beyond your lifetime. You will participate in Allah swt's work along with future generations. Because it is a permanent fund, it will fuel the future for projects not possible within the limits of the annual operating budget.

17 How You Can Participate By making a gift by check; By making a gift of securities; By contributing real property; By including AEF by bequest in your will; By naming AEF as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or other asset such as an IRA; By arranging for a gift in trust, naming a beneficiary for his or her lifetime, and then have the remainder pass to AEF upon the death of the beneficiary; By setting up a charitable gift annuity, providing a guaranteed income during your life, with AEF as beneficiary.

18 How Are Funds Used Your endowment is a tax deductible contribution which remains permanently invested. AEF invests in Sharia compliant investment accounts for the sole purpose of distributing income to ADAMS. A percentage of investment income is provided to ADAMS. The rest is reinvested.

19 How Do You Benefit You can take an immediate tax deduction when you fund the endowment. You can support your favorite cause on a perpetual basis and reap the rewards of the Sadaqah Jariyah.

20 For More Information Visit our website @: (under construction) Contact: – Aziz Bari: Tel: 703-471-7165 email: – Omar Ashraf: Tel: 703-471-6060 ext-201 email: – Nasreen Mohammed: Tel: 703-399-4071 email:

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