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New Bridge to Success 9. Sınıf 18. Ünite kelimeleri.

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1 New Bridge to Success 9. Sınıf 18. Ünite kelimeleri

2 Soaked (adj) It was raining heavily and the dog didn’t have an umbrella. So it got soaked.

3 A fascinating picture


5 Magnificent (adj) If something is magnificent, it is big and beautiful.

6 A mosque

7 Mix (v)  mixture (n)

8 mixture A salad is a mixture of different vegetables.

9 Pour (v) Someone is pouring milk into the glass.

10 pouring When it is raining heavily, we say it is pouring.

11 Fluently (adv) Ahmet speaks English fluently. He doesn’t often stop while talking. He has been in England for 4 years. Cemil doesn’t speak English fluently. When he speaks English, he often stops because he doesn’t remember a word.

12 Göksu River in Mersin

13 The Nile river in Egypt

14 Puzzle (n)

15 Hurricane (n)

16 Twister (n)

17 Storm is a strong wind.

18 Affect (v) There was an economic crisis in the USA last year. It affected Turkish economy, too.

19 Reduce (v) Using electric cars reduces pollution.

20 Occur (v) = happen The accident occured at 3 pm today.

21 Foggy (adj) It can be dangerous to drive in foggy weather because it is difficult to see through in foggy weather.

22 Breeze (n) Breeze is light wind. It blows softly. People aren’t afraid of it. They love it.

23 icy (adj) = very cold In Turkey it is cold in the winter. But it is icy is North Pol

24 Sunburnt (adj) His body is red because he got sunburnt.

25 Region (n) Turkey has seven regions.

26 THRACE Black Sea Bosphorus Sea of Marmara Agean Sea Dardanelles

27 Driving fast

28 Result of fast driving! Traffic accidents are usually the result of driving fast.

29 Coast (n)

30 Uludağ is a popular ski-resort

31 Harbour (n) Harbours are car-parks for ships.

32 Beach (n)

33 citrus C

34 In the Black Sea region, it rains throughout the year.

35 Weather forecast

36 20X30=600 

37 Blow (v) She is blowing the candles on her birthday.

38 Blow (v) The wind is blowing the trees.

39 thunder

40 Fault (n) = mistake

41 No, it is his fault. He was driving the car. It is his fault. He said, “Go faster!”

42 Willing (adj) Let’s go to the picnic! They are willing to go to the picnic.

43 Air mass

44 Descibe (v) A police officer is describing a criminal to a police artist.

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