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1 Our Journey:. 2 Start-up Picnic | Purpose & Principles: to build competencies and confidence for successful entrepreneurship to live value-based business.

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1 1 Our Journey:

2 2 Start-up Picnic | Purpose & Principles: to build competencies and confidence for successful entrepreneurship to live value-based business to share knowledge around our key questions. *Trust* *Confidentiality* *Having fun* *Curiosity* *Give-give-give* *Cultural respect* *Open minds* *Open hearts* * Constructive Communication* *Generate vs Consume*

3 3 We invited: Bliss Browne, President of Imagine Chicago, USA.Imagine Chicago Stine Arensbach Szlavik, Co-partner of the Bigger Picture, Denmark.the Bigger Picture Eleanor Whitley, Head of the hosting team at Hub Kings Cross, United Kingdom.Hub Kings Cross We also were blessed to get support from: –Ole Qvist-Sørensen, founder of the Bigger Picture;the Bigger Picture –Jonathan Robinson, co-founder of the Hub London;Hub London –Maria Scordialos and Sarah Whiteley, co-founders of the Axladitsa- Avatakia Learning Center in Greece;Axladitsa- Avatakia –Toke Moeller, master practitioner from the Art of Hosting Global Community and InterChange.Art of Hosting InterChange And after regular skype-calls with international friends, weekly meetings with the team, we gathered in Kyiv 2 days before the event to design Start-up Picnic. The process was fun. It was learning entrepreneurial journey for all of us. Start-up Picnic | Guests:

4 4 Profile of 50+ Participants Cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Vynnytsya, Zaporizhzhya, Lviv, Moscow, Volgograd Start-up Picnic | Participants Profile: Spheres Key Challenges to Resolve IT39%Business development31% Education14%Self-realization17% Entertainment11%Teamwork17% FMCG3%Sales8% D é cor/construction 6%Finance/investments8% Communications6%Marketing6% Real Estate6%HR6% TBD6%

5 5 DAY 3 DAY 2 DAY 1 Understand Imagine Create Based on the Appreciative Inquiry FormulaAppreciative Inquiry Start-up Picnic | Flow of 3 Days:

6 6 DAY 1: A. 10:00 to 11:45 –Introductions and agenda setting B. 12:00 to 13:45 –Knowledge Mapping C. 15:00 to 16:30 –Appreciative Inquiry Training & Practice D. 16:45 to 18:00 –Visual Language Training & Practice 19:30 Secrets of Kyiv Walking Tour Start-up Picnic | Flow of 3 Days (Cont.):

7 7 DAY 3: A. 10:00 to 11:45 –Learning Accelerator and Reflections –Wisdom panel: “What I wish I knew when I getting started?”, Q&A B.12:00 to 13:45 –Open Space Round 2, projects & action groups C.15:00 to 16:30 –Action Planning –Visual Journey of 3 days D. 16:30 to 17:00 –Closing Evaluation DAY 2: A. 10:00 to 11:45 –Vision and value-based business design –Metaphors of the Mother and Organic Farming (Creative Loneliness, care for the Land, & the blueprint) B.12:00 to 13:45 –Strategic communications (effective story-telling, media strategies and pitching). –A story of the Hub C.15:00 to 16:30 –Imagine Exercise & Collective Intelligence Game D. 16:45 to 18:00 –Open Space Hosting and Convening of Round 1 discussion groups 19:00 Open Doors Picnic

8 8 Final touches … … before start

9 9 Rainbow of ideas As entrepreneur, think from the Bigger Picture

10 10 Visualizing the dream or hope Btw, what is YOUR shape of a dream or hope?

11 11 Drum groove, improvisation by Walentine (center) & Co.

12 12 Qs for Personal Learning Journal What are the questions or key challenges that you brought here?

13 13 That’s how “knowledge mapping” looks like

14 14

15 15 Creative loneliness is your companion in giving birth to a child, or new idea, project or new business Organic farming – is when you harvest fruits, and don’t spoil the soil, but keep it productive for many years

16 16 Visual Language tells more than words Generating collective intelligence & accelerating learning

17 17 Step 1, 2, 3 – into the Future. Imagine yourself, and go for it! It’s not a minor thing in biz, think again!

18 18 Hey, let’s go into the Open Space, huh? How do we express the vision for our business in a way which attracts investments by others? – by Stine

19 19 Bliss Browne from Imagine Chicago Eleanor Whitley from the Hub Kings Cross

20 20 Open Space Sessions on Topics that bring on Passion & Responsibility

21 21 Open Doors Picnic. A great opportunity for informal networking and communication.

22 22 Briefly: Three Days on One Slide

23 23 Start-up Picnic | Participants’ Feedback: “What have you got from Start-up Picnic?” I got support of advanced, creative entrepreneurial people of Kyiv (Ukraine) “I’ve got inspiration to start my own business” “I’ve got stronger faith in myself” “I’ve set the network of talented new friends” “I take away enormous change inside (you were my catalyst)” “Now I envision my future and see greater responsibility for my actions today” “I realized there were wonderful people in Ukraine who’re able to push economics and improve life in this country.”

24 24 Olga Romanyuk: To hold the Start-up Picnic was a tremendous inspiration for ourselves - we're on the right path! I hope we properly delivered the idea of "living value-based business" to those, who were truly in search of it. And we will surely see each other in the future again! Yuliya Filippovska: We were totally inspired to make something new, which hadn’t been done before. It made all the difference, and it was a big challenge. It was a good chance to learn together and get entrepreneurial experience when you try to sell the value of your idea to your future participants for 120 USD before the event, when it’s only in your imagination. This is the beautiful load that entrepreneurs carry when they bring in innovations. And it was fun! Start-up Picnic | Hub Kyiv Team:

25 25 Anna Smyrnova: Start-up Picnic was the first such experience for Hub Kyiv in realization of the Hub idea in Ukraine. We really wished that these three days help entrepreneurs realize their potential and feel support in the implementation of their ideas and pursuits, We tried to share with you our experience, ideas and inspiration but it appeared that we got great inspiration and ideas from you that we are really grateful for. Owing to the Picnic we got new supply of energy to realize our ideas and we really hope to have a chance to share our progress with you. Viktoriya Dzyuba: What amazed me about the Hub-Kyiv's Start-Up Picnic was how the efforts of many people, greatly dispersed geographically, culminated in the event that benefited a multitude of experienced and would-be entrepreneurs in Ukraine. And all of this on a shoe-string budget! It is possible to work on enthusiasm then! Start-up Picnic | Hub Kyiv Team (Cont.):

26 26 We are grateful for support from: ALL ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS & also: –Aleksandr Lyadov, Dekarta CapitalDekarta Capital –Denis Dovgopolyi, BayView Innovations & Investors’ DayBayView Innovations Investors’ Day –Yuri Boyko, Silicon Valley, CA –Andrey Fedorov, «Люди» & «Сахар»«Люди» & «Сахар» –Volodymyr Vorobey, PPV Knowledge NetworksPPV Knowledge Networks –Arseniy Finberg, Interesniy KyivInteresniy Kyiv –Anna Iurchenko (wall-photo) –Dmitriy Vandenko (photo) –Sergey Fedoryk (photo) –Natalka Moroz (full-time mom) –Roman Makukhin (MOA Ukraine, organic farming) –Ivan Prokopenko (photo, support, fun) Start-up Picnic | Our thanks:

27 27 Start-up Picnic | Conclusions: *Hub Kyiv is: Network of innovative and socially active entrepreneurs with ideas and businesses for more than profit. Space to meet, learn, exchange ideas, knowledge and tools, investigate opportunities, make things happen, and have fun. Movement to see the best of Ukraine, and bring more innovative good here, with working business models. Start-up Picnic laid the ground for the Hub Kyiv*

28 28 Hub Kyiv Next Steps: Invite people to join our Hub Kyiv team Hold monthly or bi-monthly interactive meetings on topics and questions that matter most – to share knowledge and experience, to strengthen the network, and get inspired Invite interesting people/friends from Ukraine, CIS, and from abroad Partner with great entrepreneurial projects & initiatives in Ukraine and CIS – to bring it all forward Bring the vision of the Hub Kyiv into reality Please, keep an eye on our news, and invitations that are coming soon! Start-up Picnic | Conclusions (Cont.):

29 29 Start-up Picnic | Join us: How could you become part of Hub Kyiv? There are three circles of involvement: Core Team Members Contributors To learn more, please contact us

30 30 Start-up Picnic | Links, Resources, Contacts: Photos: Materials: Hub Story (see attached) Hub Mentality (see attached) Appreciative Inquiry Questions on Partnership and New Hires (shared by Bliss Browne) Our contacts: Our groups: Facebook LinkedIn Our “TOOLS” section at our website contains more interesting

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