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Demographics of the Diversity at UC Davis Picnic Day Davis Honors Challenge Third Year Project Bo Sun Linda Luo Carol Shu Beena Patel.

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1 Demographics of the Diversity at UC Davis Picnic Day Davis Honors Challenge Third Year Project Bo Sun Linda Luo Carol Shu Beena Patel

2 Mission Statement To gain a better understanding of the demographics of visitors at the 2006 Picnic Day through primary and secondary research methods. To make suggestions for future Picnic Day events that will appeal to the diverse backgrounds of students, faculty and community residents.

3 Outline of Presentation I.What is Picnic Day? II.Departments involved in Picnic Day III.Survey Collection IV.Picnic Day Survey V.Data Analysis VI. Suggestions for Picnic Day 2007

4 What is Picnic Day? The word picnic is derived from the French term, piquenique, to describe an outdoor potluck. Showcase of UC Davis departments, organizations, and many various achievements of the students, faculty and staff. UC Davis tradition since 1909. Largest student-run event in the United States.

5 Departments and Student Orgs. Involved in Picnic Day A variety of UC Davis departments are involved in Picnic Day activities. The Student Organization Fair showcases a wide range of cultural, social, and community service based student organizations.

6 Survey Collection Surveys were collected at the following locations: –Memorial Union Information Booth –Silo Information Booth –Children’s Area Information Booth –Davis Dance Revolution at Freeborn Hall Davis Dance Revolution is a hip-hop dance competition that took place the evening of Picnic Day. Incentives: –Candy, frisbees, or tote bags

7 Picnic Day Survey Is this the first time you are attending Picnic Day? Main reasons for attending Picnic Day –Cultural events –Shows –Exhibits and showcase –Etc. Which aspect of Picnic Day is most interesting to you? Where are you from?

8 Picnic Day Survey Continued What best describes you? –Student or Prospective student –Alumni –Staff –Other What ethnicity do you most identify with? On a scale from 1-10 (1 being the least diverse and 10 being the most) how would you rank the diversity of Picnic Day?

9 Introduction of Data 454 surveys collected during Picnic Day and Davis Dance Revolution. - Average diversity score at Picnic Day: 7.96 - Average diversity score at DDR: 7.94 3821 surveys collected from Quick Survey.

10 Ethnicities of Attendees Caucasian Chinese-American South Asian *Results based on 436 responses

11 Compared to UCD Compared to the UCD undergraduate population, percentage representation of ethnicities of Picnic Day attendees is similar. 38% vs. 26% 40% vs. 46% 11% vs. 7% 3% vs. 5% 1% vs. 1%

12 Which events do you attend at Picnic Day? Cultural activities Alumni activities Dept. events Activities for children Animal events *Results based on 2300 Responses Parade Entertainment No response Other

13 Why are you uninterested in attending Picnic Day? Data from “Quick Survey” Majority of responses did not include diversity as reason. (less than 4%; 6 of 177 responses) Most common responses include: - Time - Transportation - Potential intoxication of attendees

14 Observations Perceived diversity ranking: - 7.96 and 7.94 According to the data, most reasons for disinterest in attending Picnic Day are not diversity-related. Ethnic representation is similar to undergraduate student population at UCD. Participation level in cultural activities during Picnic Day is moderate, but not low (9%).

15 Proposed Suggestions How to further increase the diversity of the participants in Picnic Day activities? Goal: To encourage more of the cross cultural departments and organizations to attend.

16 Proposed Suggestions, Cont. Cross Cultural Center Affiliate Program –8 diverse cultural student organizations. –United with the help of the Cross Cultural Center. Solution: Encourage the Cross Cultural Center Affiliate Program sponsor an event at Picnic Day.

17 Cultural Academic Departments –6 departments at UC Davis. Solution: Encourage the departments to host an event to introduce to potential students and other attendees to the unique qualities of each department. Proposed Suggestions, Cont.

18 Cultural Weeks at UC Davis. –Soaring to New Heights –Native American Culture Days –Asian Pacific Culture Week –Black Family Week –La Raza Cultural Days Solution: Encourage the cultural week programs to publicize their events at Picnic Day. Proposed Suggestions, Cont.

19 Concern about the origins of the term “picnic” as a racist term. – Associated with African American sub conjugation Goal: Letter to the school newspaper, the California Aggie, to increase awareness about these concerns and to further encourage participation at future Picnic Day.

20 Special Thanks Margaret Ortega, group sponsor & Director of Student Programs and Activities Center (SPAC) Roseanne Mandel, Assistant Director of SPAC & Faculty Advisor for Picnic Day Gillian Butler, Administrative Analyst for Student Affairs Research Information Linda Tran, Chair of Picnic Day Isabel Montanez, faculty sponsor & professor of Geology Carrie Devine, Davis Honors Challenge counselor

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