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Presentation: Comprehensive Policies & Procedures Information Resources UNIT.

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1 Presentation: Comprehensive Policies & Procedures Information Resources UNIT

2 Policies & Procedures  Policies: Written record of proper practices to be implemented in an organization. They define the WHY (objectives), - Generalized.  Procedures: Define the steps required to achieve the corresponding policy. They define the HOW, - Specific.  Work Instructions & Procedures (Engineering Standards- Manufacturers) Specialized procedures, Data Sheets and practices for maintenance,Repair and Engineering applications, jobs  Above Define a Blueprint for:  Daily operations - End-User familiarization  Loss Prevention – Employee & Asset Safeguarding  Disaster Recovery Plan : Plan for (resumption of operations following an incident )

3 P & P Categories DIVISIONS & SUBDIVISIONS Finance Policies & Procedures Administration Policies & Procedures Technical WI & P Finance Policies Finance Procedures Finance Work Forms Admin & Policies Admin & Procedures Administration Work Forms Engineering Standards Technical Manufacturer s W I & P Technical Work Forms

4 Current Situation IF - Most of the policies, the procedures, and the work instruction & Maintenance manuals have been compiled some decades ago and exist, if at all, in printed format only. Therefore:  Negative Information. The content of existing policies and procedures and WI&P are mostly out of context with both current international practices and actual your operations.  Unavailable Information. Some of the printed documents do may not exist or hard to locate and even when that is possible, the searching is cumbersome.

5 Magnitude of Endeavors Common with most companies A good indication of the magnitude of the underlining policies & procedures to be addressed, is the number of forms that are being utilized in an enterprise:  Currently, a sample of the forms situation in at a 45 year s old Oil Company DepartmentActiveCancelled Finance8540 Administration190150 Technical200250 WORK INSTRUCTIONS AND PROCEDURES TIED WITH THEWORK INSTRUCTIONS AND PROCEDURES TIED WITH THE TECHNICAL PART ARE TENS OF THOUSANDS TECHNICAL PART ARE TENS OF THOUSANDS

6 Engineering Standards & Specifications Common Situation Some documents are available BUT,  No directly correlated access to referenced international standards such as ISO9000, ANSI, IEEE, ASME, ASHRAE, ASCE, ACM, BS, etc.  Not searchable as a unified knowledge base system. Plain English/Arabic queries are not available Target: Remedy the above by:- incorporating EngineeringStandards and Work Instructions and Procedures into the overall recompilation and computerization.

7 Another Necessity for Policies & Procedures  ISO Certification. The following are essential in attempting such a certification:  Existence of documentation of all operations  Written policies and procedures  Proof of implementation of P&P  Document Management and Control  Insurance Coverage. Existence of enforced policies and procedures (especially in Safety and Risk Management) are required by most corporate insurance policy underwriters.

8 Risk Mitigation & Disaster Recovery Implementation of Policies & Procedures RM & DR are essential in:  Business Continuity. Ensuring the day-to-day continuation of corporate operations.  Risk Evaluation & Mitigation. Minimization of human health hazards and firm asset destruction.  Disaster Recovery. In the event of a catastrophic event to allow the Company to resume operations in the shortest possible time. (Recovery Plan)

9 Sample Of a Company P&P Categories Following is only an indication:  Management  Finance  Procurement  Planning  Travel & Transportation  Administration & HR  ICT & Information Management Work instructions & Procedures  Safety & security  Internal Audit

10 Steps and Targets  Compile Comprehensive Policies & Procedures and W.I.&P for all Company Activities & Operations.  Organize Company’s p & p and W.I.&P in an electronically searchable format (Including Forms).  Implement a knowledge base system (Database) that will allow queries in plain English and Arabic as required.  Train End Users on searching and utilizing information contained in the P&P + WI&P and Engineering standards

11 Plan to Achieve The Target  Survey and catalog all departmental operations.  Evaluate currently available policies and procedures.  Incorporate internationally acceptable practices.  Update & Compile a revised comprehensive policies and procedures system that will take all above in consideration.  Develop and implement the necessary computerized search engines. (searchable DataBase)  Schedule a plan for the required training for all end users of the system usage Phase – I Identify Requirements Phase – II Implementation


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