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The Necessity for LVDC Power in Home Entertainment Michael Stelts, IEC TC100 1 11.

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1 The Necessity for LVDC Power in Home Entertainment Michael Stelts, IEC TC100 1 11

2 Agenda  Home entertainment runs on DC power  IEC work on LVDC  Panasonic’s perspective 2

3 Multimedia Products Run on DC External AC/DC converter (AC adapters) Internal AC/DC converter Internal/External AC/DC converter with Battery

4 Equipment DC Power for Products Saves Energy AC adaptors for each product are eliminated Conversion loss is decreased by batch feeding DC power 4 AC wiring DC Utility AC 1 2 0 V AC GridDistributionEquipment efficient converter AC Utility AC1 2 0V Low DC Low DC converter DC wiring 8% Loss 2% Loss 3 0 % Loss P.S. PsPs

5 Small Efficiency Improvements Matter 115MUS households (Census Bureau estimate) 8hr/dayUS household viewing (OECD, 2005) 180W40” LCD (Sony, 2011) Roughly 166 GW·hr/day consumed by US TVs. If DC distribution saves 8%, that’s 13 GW·hr/day. Nearest power utility to meeting: Potomac River Station Nameplate capacity = 514MW Output/day = 12.3GW·hr/day Energy savings > plant output 5

6 Power Generation is Migrating to DC Renewable energy systems Solar power Fuel cells Reserve Power Home battery storage PEV storage Household generation uses DC Household products use DC 6

7 DC Sources Create Greater Efficiency 7 Energy Generators DC ⇒ ACAC ⇒ DC Battery DC ⇒ AC AV Equipment AC ⇒ DC Now: Many AC/DC converters Goal: Direct DC distribution AV Equipment Energy Generators Battery AC ⇒ DC DCAC AC ⇒ DC

8 Upper limit = 60V to eliminate shock hazard* Lower limit = 24V for SSL lighting** High voltage needed for longer wire runs Example home entertainment system -1.6A @120VAC -4.5A @48VDC -9.0A @24VDC -43A @5VDC LVDC for Entertainment Systems 42” LCD:188WDVD:28W (energy saving efficiency catalogue, METI, Japan) *IEC 60065, **EMerge Alliance specification

9 42” LCD:188WDVD:28W (energy saving efficiency catalogue, METI, Japan) Avoids shock hazards Maximize length of wiring runs Easily create 2 x 24V busses Home entertainment running at 48V, 4.5A 48VDC is the Sweet Spot 9

10 DC Outlet DC Distribution Infrastructure White goods, etc. other equipment Infrastructure for low power equipment Infrastructure for high power equipment Voltage : 48V or less AV equipment Voltage : 300V-400V PV Battery AC Infrastructure (existing) DC Distribution with high-efficiency AC/DC converter

11 More LVDC Benefits Opportunity for common worldwide standard Products can be smaller AC adaptors can be eliminated Improved safety – no shock hazard Smaller carbon footprint 11

12 Home Entertainment Summary Home entertainment runs on DC power Standardization creates great benefits One plug worldwide One common input voltage Reduced shock hazard Small efficiency improvements are significant, due to the number of entertainment products Efficiency significantly reduces carbon footprint Eliminates wall warts and the waste they create 12

13 IEC Work on LVDC 13

14 IEC TC100 – Scope and Standards 14 Professional Consumer IEC 61016 (D1) IEC 61189 (D2) IEC 62071 (D7) IEC 62141 (D16) IEC 62289 (D10) IEC 62336 (D11) IEC 62330 (HD-D5) IEC 62447 (D12) IEC 62261 (TV Metadata) IEC 61909 (MD) IEC 60908 (CD) IEC 61606 series (Audio measurement) IEC 61606-4 (PC audio) IEC 61966 series (Color management) IEC 61834 series (DV format) IEC 62318, 62328 (Multimedia Home server) IEC 62227 (DRM) IEC 61603 (IR) IEC 60107 series (TV) IEC 62229 IEC 62448 (e-Book) IEC 60268 series (Audio System) IEC 60268-5 (Loudspeaker) IEC 62360 (ISDB) IEC 62216 (DVB) IEC 62002 (DVB-H) IEC 60728 series (Cable system) IEC 60315 series (Radio) IEC 62389 (DVD player measurement) IEC 60958, 61937 (Digital Audio I/F) IEC 61883 (Digital AV I/F) Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment

15 LVDC System (in the IEC System) 15 AV equipment(TC100) Appliances (TC59) Battery (TC21) Fuel Cells (TC105) Lighting (TC34) PV (TC82) EV (TC69) Wiring (TC23)

16 IEC Addressing LVDC Today SG4 is responsible for LVDC strategy TC100 is responsible for LVDC in multimedia equipment 16 Standardization Management Board TC100 AV & multimedia SG4 LVDC Technical Committees Strategy Groups TC69 Electrical Installation TC59 white goods TC23 Electrical accessories

17 Collaboration between TC100 & TC59 IEC TC100 Task Group (TG) for SG4 +TC59 Ad hoc group (AHG) for SG4 =Collaboration on contributions to SG4 17 SMB TC100 (AV equipment) TC59 (White Goods) SG1 SG2 SG3 SG4 (LVDC) TG for SG4 AHG for SG4 TCSG Contribute to SG4 SG5 Collaboration

18 AC Adapter Standardization in IEC TC100 Scope Unify AC/DC adapter for Laptop PC by defining DC voltage and its connector shape. Benefits Fewer AC adaptors is good for the environment Reduce product cost by reusing adapters Simplifies sales and inventory PT 62700 is important work; but, it also demonstrates a need for the long-term solution – LVDC 18 PT 62700 is developing an LVDC power supply standard

19 Difficulties in Standardizing AC Adaptors AC adaptors are designed for specific products, creating an extra layer of complexity Matching in-rush current of product to adaptor IEC 60950-1 may be insufficient for leakage current AC adapter temperature EMC fluctuations as load changes Harmonizing safety standards Some manufacturers used the same AC adaptor on products for years, slightly reducing the benefit By standardizing LVDC, everyone can design their products to one common power source 19

20 IEC is an Ideal LVDC Standards Venue Experts in every area (Technical Committees) Opportunity for a common worldwide standard Common safety practices Fewer connectors Fewer voltages One frequency 20 13 16 16 1015Domestic Current 60 50 60 50 Domestic Frequency UKItalyGermany 230V220V120V100V Domestic Voltage JapanChina Domestic AC socket France USA Country

21 LVDC Perspective 21

22 Panasonic Corporation in brief Net Sales: $100B (approx.) Business Segments Digital AV & Networks Home Appliance Components and Devices Panasonic Electric Works (PEW) PanaHome SANYO

23 23 LVDC is for more than TVs Solar System Distributor LED Fan DC high-power infrastructure Fuel cell System Refrigerator PC TEL Air Conditioner Battery DC low-power infrastructure TV BD Wire AC Cooker Heater AC infrastructure Grid Electric Works

24 24 UC San Diego

25 Kasai Green Energy Park

26 26 Green Energy Park LVDC Project DC power distribution directly from PV to PC and LED Proving test in Kasai, West Japan

27 27 Eco ideas House, Tokyo

28 28 Eco Ideas House LVDC Project AC/DC hybrid wiring system eco ideas HOUSE in Tokyo Reducing losses cause by AC/DC conversions

29 Panasonic Approach to LVDC LVDC is not just for home entertainment… it is needed throughout the home. Panasonic is considering LVDC for all these businesses: AV equipment Home appliance Lighting PV Battery Electrical distribution and wiring Home construction 29

30 End 30

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