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The Use of Interactive PowerPoint Files in Medical Education IAMSE Workshop June 2014.

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1 The Use of Interactive PowerPoint Files in Medical Education IAMSE Workshop June 2014

2 Interactive eLearning – the MD Students Perspective Advantages Helps develop reasoning skills Increased retention of material Maintains engagement Opportunities to apply knowledge Facilitates self-directed and user-paced learning Disadvantages “Just tell me what I need to know to pass Step I” Perceived usefulness

3 Interactive eLearning – the Faculty Perspective Advantages Student learning is self-directed Efficient, ubiquitously available resource Less time in the lecture hall and in office hours Disadvantages “I don’t have time to learn a new way to teach” Use of specialized and potentially expensive software programs to develop content Students may not utilize instructional tools Link to assessment

4 Necessity and Invention… In 2007, the Clinician who assisted with our Medical Microbiology “Wet Labs” was appointed Course Director of Pathophysiology Necessity – figure out a way for a group of PhD scientists to present the wet-lab clinical cases to medical students Invention – converted the verbal presentation of cases into “Interactive PowerPoints” or IPPs!

5 Why Interactive PowerPoints? Simple and Universal Result is user-paced but faculty directed Students learn through trial and error Encourages application of knowledge Non-passive Can incorporate words and pictures simultaneously Video and reference article link-outs

6 So let’s see a sample… These Microbiology Wet Lab PowerPoints are designed for the students to work through in small groups Physical specimens (i.e., agar plates, slides, chemical sensitivity tests, etc.) relating to each case study are provided for students to interpret This format facilitates integration of other disciplines IPP’s are made available after class for further review Strep Lab Case 3 Demo

7 What do the students think?



10 Other applications? Independent study for application of pedigree construction and genetic risk assessment methods Explanation of difficult concepts Protein Translation Orientation of integral membrane proteins

11 Does it work? Study to assess student perceptions of Genetic Risk Assessment Learning tools currently underway… 8% of students indicated that the IPP’s were one of the top 3 most effective components of the course Evidence from MCQ analysis Question regarding insertion of integral membrane proteins IPP introduced in 2013 The same year, the lecture was shortened from 2 hours to 1 hour

12 Does it work? One published study using a similar approach 3 Modules focused on Endocrine Pharmacology Voluntary Registration Only 38% completed all 3 modules Significant increase in pre-test score vs. post-test score (p<0.001) High student rankings for: Understanding Utility User friendliness Overall learning experience

13 The Nuts and Bolts Let’s take a look at the Demo as a regular PPT file…Demo Plan out your presentation Generate slides as you would in a normal PowerPoint To link a slide Highlight the text or image “Insert” a hyperlink Select “Place in this document” Select the slide number and click “OK”

14 The Nuts and Bolts To use the Action Buttons Click in “Insert” and “Shapes” Select the appropriate Action Button Click and drag the Action Button in the region you wish to insert A dialog box will automatically open enabling you to hyperlink the Action Button to the appropriate slide

15 Testing the Module! To run through the module, make sure you are on full-screen mode Test early and often! Summer students are a great resource for testing the material!! Once you are satisfied, there are a few key steps to ensure interactivity!!

16 Preparing for Posting… There are a few additional steps to ensure that your IPP is truly interactive Go to the “Transitions” tab and unclick the “On Mouse Click” under the “Advance Slide” section Make sure you also select “Apply To All” Next, click on the “Slide Show” tab and select “Set Up Slide Show” Under “Show Type” select “Browse at a Kiosk” Finally, save the document at a “Power Point Show”

17 So lets get to work… You have been provided with an outline of a fairly simple case on Genetic inheritance risk assessment Working in groups, map out an IPP If you have a computer, try generating the PowerPoint

18 Results Let’s compare the IPP we just generated to the one that I had prepared previouslypreviously What worked and what didn’t?

19 Pro’s and Con’s “The key to choosing technology lies in the intersection of pedagogy, content and technology where technology affords the best support of pedagogy and understanding of content” IPPs are Relatively easy to prepare Do not require specialized software Can be an effective self-directed learning tool Mayer’s multimedia principles Only relevant information is included Information presented in user paced segments Words and pictures simultaneously But there are some limitations… Keeping track of the hyperlinks can be difficult with really complex problems Not good for narrative branching

20 References Cook et al. “Internet-Based Learning in the Health Professions” JAMA 2008;300(10):1181-1196 Gaikwad, N. & Tankhiwale, S.” Interactive E-learning module in pharmacology: a pilot project at a rural medical college in India” Perspectives on Medical Education 2014; 3. 15-30 Triola et al. “New directions in e-learning research in health professions education: Report of two symposia” Medical Teacher 2012;34: e15–e20 Mayer, R. E. “Multimedia learning” (2nd ed.). 2009; NY: Cambridge University Press. Wittrock, M. C. “Generative learning processes of the brain” Educational Psychologist 1992;27(4), 531-541 Wong et al. “Internet-based medical education: a realist review of what works, for whom and in what circumstances” BMC Medical Education 2010;10:12

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