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Opportunity and necessity for the fruit sector Efficient associations/cooperatives.

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1 Opportunity and necessity for the fruit sector Efficient associations/cooperatives

2 There are great chances for you The berry-farmers in Germany or Holland receive about 10 euros per Kg The berry-farmers in Serbia receive less than 1 euro per Kg That means there are big possibilities for you. On the other hand: you will be forced to do it better

3 Why should we do better? We are going to an open European market: you can go there and they can come here. If you are strong enough, then there will be many, many opportunities  The strongest and best in the EU. If you are not strong enough, you will have a very, very hard future  90% will disappear in a few years.

4 Joining forces is the answer Holland is very small, but it is the 2nd largest exporter of agricultural products in the world. WHY? The producers join forces. In horticulture, 80% of producers are members of a cooperative or association. If we had not  Agriculture would have been poor.

5 If you trust yourself, the EU- cooperative structure guarantees you can trust your neighbours and colleagues

6 Content of this lecture Focus on Association/Eu-Cooperative as one of the major chances you have. 1 What’s in hidden behind the word ‘cooperative’? 2 Principles of EU cooperatives 3 United supply  stronger position 4 Subsidy possibility 5 How to start tomorrow

7 1 Cooperative: What is hidden in the word? “A cooperative” in Serbia is NOT the same as a cooperative in the EU The word ‘cooperative’ has two completely different meanings in the EU and Serbia Please forget everything what you know about a cooperative. An EU-cooperative is something new you have to learn. (But you can start tomorrow)

8 2 Cooperatives in the EU Deepest historical reason: Together and united, farmers have a stronger market position  united supply  better prices We see EU-cooperatives purely and only as economic organisations.

9 The basic principles of EU cooperatives User ownership User control User benefit

10 3 United supply If you sell on your own, you may have a good product, but a very weak position on the market

11 United to the market, stronger market position

12 4 Assistance. How to get there? -Serbian Fruit Association -Dutch Embassy -Chamber of Commerce -Serbian Ministry of Agriculture -Regional Socio-Economic Development Programme 2. To make it easy: speak today with Mila Mirkovic In all cases: You need to have a plan.

13 If you are going to make a plan 50% subsidy can come from Brussels Ask for help Where there is a will, there is a way! Key to success

14 5 What can be your plan to unite your sales? How to start tomorrow? Goal: We are going to offer our products together to the market Find 3-5 persons to start Make an association according to the EU- cooperative standards (in Serbia don’t call it a cooperative)

15 What’s in the association? Choose a name for the association Formulate the Goal (united supply to the market) Formulate the Means (marketing and sales, quality standards, support, collecting point, auction?) Formulate the Membership requirements (only farmers) and the names of the first 5 – 20 members. Highest power - General assembly (one man - one vote)

16 What’s in the assocation (2) At least 80% of production goes through association (That’s the biggest challenge) Financial requirements It looks difficult. But if there is a will, it possible to start in 2-3 days. You need help? Ask today.

17 Do you need any help? Feel free to ask Dr. Harry Raemaekers, Willem van Eldik, Mila Mirkovic,

18 Questions to you Who thinks that your EU-cooperative can really help the fruit sector around Rasina/Krusevac? Who is interested in giving it a try?

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