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Gráinne Denning CEO Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups 4 North Brunswick Street Dublin 7 00353 1 8721472

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1 Gráinne Denning CEO Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups 4 North Brunswick Street Dublin 7 00353 1 8721472

2 The Coeliac Society is the national charity, since 1970, providing information, support and awareness to Coeliacs throughout Ireland. We are the only advocate voice for the coeliac community, representing our members with bodies such as FSAI, Safefood, RAI, the Departments of Health and of Welfare. It is estimated that currently 1 in 100 Irish people are coeliac. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Coeliacs and those who benefit from a gluten-free diet. Our vision is a healthier life for all Coeliacs and those who benefit from a gluten- free diet. Our Services Information on coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis, Information on gluten-free food Support and advice to gluten free producers Education of caters, chefs and those in the restaurant industry on best practice regarding coeliac awareness. Information on a gluten-free lifestyle Opportunities for members to meet and to share experiences A campaigning voice for Coeliacs to the government, health professionals, the food and hospitality industry and the general public. About the Coeliac Society

3 What is Coeliac Disease 3 Auto immune disease - the body produces antibodies that attack its own tissue Coeliac children & adults react to gluten a protein found in wheat, barley and rye The lining of the small intestine becomes damaged, reducing the ability to absorb nutrients from food Symptoms are very debilitating and affect quality of life You can become coeliac at any point in your life

4 Who we work with

5 Grow your Business in 2015 5 Coeliac Disease in numbers 1 in 100 people are coeliac in Ireland, 1% of the population / 46,000 people A further 7% of the population / 322,000 people sensitive to gluten, without the diagnosis of coeliac disease Market of 368,000 directly affected 9 out of 10 free from purchasers in leading multiples are choosing gluten free living – choice, not necessity European context 7.3 million people directly affected by coeliac disease

6 The gluten free and free-form market is a growing market, from our own membership the Coeliac Society is worth €5.4m to the hospitality industry. The Food Tourism market is also an emerging market, coeliacs are already active in this market and will travel up to 50km’s for a good dining experience. (*Members survey 2012) Tourists perceptions are the key to food tourism. How many treasured holiday memories are created from a “Crepe au chocolate” in France, or an Italian gelati, or patas bravas and a glass of chilled cava in Spain. According to the CSO, Tourist numbers in Ireland were up 7.2% in 2013. Almost 7 million visited the republic, while 1.7 million visitors visited the North, with a revenue generated figure of €3.64 billion in revenue.* Tourists of course can be local and people travel for a host of reasons.. A gluten free diet is not a lifestyle choice but a necessity. Having to constantly be aware of the choices you making doing everyday things like, ordering lunch, meeting friends for dinner or going to a family occasion. We would like to see more choices for coeliac’s. From a recent survey from Grant Thornton Business Insight 2014 they said “ Rifle shot consumer targeting, combined with real marketing innovation, as well as greatly improved marketing efficiencies and synergies is clearly the way forward for Irelands tourism offering internationally”* The Growth of Food Tourism

7 Bord Bia Research on Free From Foods


9 9 If you don’t you are ignoring 8% of the population who are directly affected Coeliacs influence the spend – multiplier – coeliacs don’t eat alone Venues that cater gluten free become destinations for coeliacs – repeat business Online coeliac community, attracting global travellers Legislation is here Why care?

10 It makes good business… 10 Coeliac Disease in numbers CSI membership alone is worth €5 million ( Incidence of buying gluten free foods is up from 6% in 2010 to 26% by 2014 (2010 Bord Bia research) Rise of the worried well consumer Free From grocery market in the UK is worth £355 million (Kantar 2014). Ireland approximately €33 million. Free From grocery market in the UK is projected to grow to £530 million (2013 Mintel). Ireland approximately €49 million Free From is the fastest growing grocery category (Kantar 2014). The grocery shopper also is dining out, holidaying, having working lunches …

11 2015 Embrace the change… 11 Coeliac society are here to help you – tips, product sourcing Simple changes can make your business a destination for the growing gluten free customer Increase in gluten free catering, decrease in preventable illness and associated disease

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