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Increasing the Visibility of Full-Text, Electronic Format Journals Matt Hall Serials Solutions, LLC.

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1 Increasing the Visibility of Full-Text, Electronic Format Journals Matt Hall Serials Solutions, LLC

2 Finding a specific journal in full-text, electronic format is time-consuming and difficult. The causes of the problem include: Patrons must search through dozens of different databases Patrons’ confusion between full text, selected full text, & abstracting and indexing databases Constantly changing holdings Limited reporting of changes The Problem

3 Current Situation in Most Libraries: Expensive electronic resources are under-used Librarians and patrons are forced to waste time searching for journals Libraries lack information when making purchasing decisions In-house solutions are usually expensive and incomplete Current Situation

4 The Solution Serials Solutions provides a single, comprehensive list of your library’s full-text, electronic format journals. Key Elements: Updated every other month Customized for your library Will include library’s print holdings Available in a variety of formats: HTML, print, spreadsheet, MARC-Ready Full MARC records coming soon!

5 Links point to journal level (if available & stable) Links point to database search page as default Holdings dates Duplicate holdings displayed Library-specific journals for “select” databases Search script available Served from your servers. Loads quickly, keeps you in control. (Can be hosted by Serials Solutions) HTML


7 Print Initial product delivered in a three ring binder Subsequent updates sent in PDF format May be reproduced as many times as you want, for use in your library For use at reference desks and inter-library loan

8 Spreadsheet and data formats Incorporate electronic journals into an existing database Valuable tool for evaluating acquisition decisions

9 MARC-ready Incorporate electronic journals into your OPAC Facilitates single record cataloging Data is in a format to be cut and pasted into the 856 field of the journal’s MARC record in your OPAC

10 Incorporate print holdings Incorporate local holdings including print, microfilm, etc. Journal specific URLs lead you to the record in the OPAC

11 Superior data acquisition Coverage of more than 400 databases Virtually every full-text English language database. Direct relationships with aggregators and publishers Our entire database is updated every month, most distributions to libraries are every other month. Non-full-text and non-serial items are removed Embargo dates included Best available URLs

12 Benefits Dramatically reduces search time A comprehensive search for an individual journal drops from an hour or more to a few minutes or less. More efficient use of library resources Increases use of electronic resources Reduces inter-library loan costs Provides valuable information for acquisition decisions

13 Sample implementations University of North Florida - HTML with search script Website: Chapman University - HTML with print holdings included Website: Pepperdine University - Integrated Excel format into Journal Holdings Database Website: The New York Public Library, Science, Industry and Business Library Extensive use of print reports; PDF file on website Website: More than 500 subscribers in the U.S. and abroad

14 Coming Soon Coming Soon: Enhanced title and ISSN searching Full MARC records New report layouts Title level subject searching

15 New Features

16 MARC records Two-record approach: - one record for local holdings - one record for e-journals Begin with CONSER records - edits include your electronic holdings - updates overlay old records Beta version in use at Columbia University

17 Pricing Number of Journals Tracked HTML & Print Reports Under 7,000$900 7,001-10,000$1,350 10,001-15,000$1,800 15,001-20,000$2,250 20,001-25,000$2,700 Over 25,000$3,150 Additional services : MARC-ready report - add 35% Additional print binders - $15 each Significant discounts: Consortia discounts available 10% discount for subscriptions of two years or more These rates are valid through June 1, 2002. Price is determined by the number of full-text journal holdings tracked for your library.

18 Request for Quote We encourage all libraries to fill out a Request for Quote. There is no obligation. Quick and easy to fill out. We will tell you which price bracket you fall into and the databases for which we have journal specific links. You’ll receive a reply within two business days.

19 1 – 866 – SERIALS Contact:

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