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4 th Sustainable Development Youth Convention 3 rd August 2013 PRE-CONVENTION BRIEFING.

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1 4 th Sustainable Development Youth Convention 3 rd August 2013 PRE-CONVENTION BRIEFING


3 We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.




7 DRESS CODE Days 1&3 – School Formal Attire, Blazer, Court Shoes Day 2 – SDYC 2013 Polo Tee, School-based Bottoms Social Event – Smart-casual

8 DAY 1

9 TIMEEVENT 0800 Registration Breakfast 0900Opening Ceremony 1100Lunch 1215Committee Session 1 1515Tea 1600Committee Session 2 1800Dismissal

10 DAY 2

11 TIMEEVENT 0800Committee Session 3 1100Lunch 1200 Science Exhibitions Science Activity 1500Tea 1545Committee Session 4 1715 Superlatives Session Change for Social Event 1815Social Event 2130Dismissal



14 Theme – Your Favorite Character Dress Code – Smart Casual Polaroids, DJ, Guestbook and more!

15 DAY 3

16 TIMEEVENT 0930Committee Session 5 1100Lunch 1200Committee Session 6 1430Tea 1500Sharing Session 1615Closing Ceremony 1815Dismissal

17 POSITION PAPERS Position papers outline your stakeholder’s stance on your committee’s topic Two page maximum, outlining the present scenario, your stakeholder’s stance, past UN actions, and your proposed solutions to the issue at hand Submit by 25 th August, 2359hrs!

18 CONTACTS Email us at Read about us at In case of emergencies, approach staff or call 9863 3092 Like us on Facebook!

19 RULES Pre-writing of resolutions is not allowed No digital communications devices allowed in committee sessions Note-passers are available for communicating with other delegates in committee



22 WHAT IS A MUN? Delegates act as states or organisations Moderator of debate is known as Chair or Dais Discuss issues, find solutions Write and pass resolutions to solve these issues MUN protocol is the “language” of MUNs Two main parts: Points + motions, debate speeches

23 MOTIONS AND POINTS Motions Asking for the whole committee to do something together Start debating, stop debating, etc. Points For things you want to say to specific delegates / the dais.

24 DEBATE SPEECHES Formal speeches, limited time Address everyone in third person Order of speaking decided on speakers’ list May be voluntary, may be arrowed by dais

25 BASIC PROCEDURE Call to Order, Roll Call It’s important to be punctual! Motion to Open Speakers’ List Immediate vote, ½ majority to pass

26 BASIC PROCEDURE General Debate Speeches should outline topic and main issues to be discussed But when you end your speech, you have to yield your time... Yielding Your Time Yield to the chair, points of information (questions), or other delegates

27 CAUCUSES Motion for a Moderated Caucus To discuss specific issues; separate speakers’ list opened Seconds and ½ majority to pass Motion for an Un-moderated Caucus No specific purpose required; allowed to run around Seconds and ½ majority to pass

28 DRAFT RESOLUTIONS Write Draft Resolutions (DRs) Get 20% of committee to sign, get approval from dais “Sponsor” vs. “Signatory”

29 DRAFT RESOLUTIONS Preambulatory Clauses Give context of resolution! Operative Clauses Things to be done!

30 Sponsor(s): Canada, United States of America Signatories: China, France, Zimbabwe The Committee on Renaming Nations: Understanding that current paperwork for the myriad country names present today is getting out of hand, 1. Encourages member states to adopt a new official state name, which: a. includes the word Canada, or b. includes a derivative of the word Canada (e.g. Canadian); 2. Endorses corporations which facilitate in the changes mentioned in Clause (1), through means such as framework and technological upgrades.

31 DRAFT RESOLUTIONS Amendments Changes to the individual clauses of a DR “Friendly” vs. “Unfriendly”

32 DRAFT RESOLUTIONS Friendly Amendments Written by sponsor(s) and signed by all sponsors Applied immediately, no vote Unfriendly Amendments Changes written by non-sponsor Changes not agreed upon by all sponsors Must be debated

33 DRAFT RESOLUTIONS Motion to Vote on an Amendment After amendment is introduced ½ majority to add amendment to resolution

34 VOTING Motion to Close Debate a.k.a. Motion to Move into Voting Bloc Ends formal debate on topic No more speakers can be added to speakers’ list 2 speaking against, 2/3 majority to pass

35 VOTING Motion to Re-Order Draft Resolutions If there is more than one DR to vote for Seconds and ½ majority to pass Voting 2/3 majority to pass a resolution

36 ENDING DEBATE Motion to Suspend Debate If debate is not over If breaking for lunch or tea Seconds and ½ majority to pass Motion to Adjourn Debate When debate is completely over 2 speakers against, ½ majority to pass

37 POINTS Point of Personal Privilege Toilet break, volume of speakers, temperature of room Try to pass notes unless it is extremely urgent Point of Order To question the Dais on procedural issues

38 POINTS Point of Parliamentary Inquiry Asking the Dais when unsure of what to do Right to Reply To demand an apology from someone who has insulted you Granted on Chair’s discretion


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