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By:クワン·ミシェル 岡下亜古 ユーン·ソラ

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1 By:クワン·ミシェル 岡下亜古 ユーン·ソラ
日本の学校 By:クワン·ミシェル  岡下亜古  ユーン·ソラ

2 Table of Contents Schedule じかんわり かもく After school activities ブかつ
School festivals 学校さい School uniforms せいふく 休み 学校のルール

3 Schedule Class is about 50 minutes There are about 6 classes each day
Break 10 minutes between classes 1class-8:20~9:10 2class-9:20~10:10 3class-10:30~11:20 4class-11:30~12:20 L:unch-12:20~110 5class-1:10~2:00 6class-2:10~3:00 Schedules may be vary depending on the school.

4 かもく Japanese, Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, World History, National History, Politics, Geography, Physical Education, Art, Handcraft, Calligraphy, Music, Health, Computer, Cooking, Sewing, Future and Career Must take all of these subjects. No electives

5 After School Activities
Called クラブかつどう short term ブかつ Choose to do or not do Get credit and later benefit to go to university Do it Everyday Usually about 75 ~120 minutes Art, Music, Photography, さかどう, Basketball, Softball, やきゅう, Volleyball, Tennis, Soft Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, からて,じゅうどう、きゅうどう、 Rugby, Track and Field, Swimming, さかどう さかどう: いけばな, さどう Schools compete each other and goes to the final Acknowledged-school will be popular

6 School Festivals Have school festivals beginning of December.
Start preparing in August, which the second semester starts, One boy and one girl is chosen to lead the school festival Prepare the events in their clubs or class. Some Grade 12 students don’t participate. Some do. Every class decides one event such as creating a café, haunted house, etc. Anyone is welcome to come to school festival Big school festival have many events such as singing contest and band concert. Cleaning ta’kes whole day or more. Students don’t have classes on that day.


8 Uniforms Most of schools wear uniforms
For winter, summer, spring and fall,   gym strip セーラーふく      がくラン              ブレザー

9 セーラーふく

10 がくラン

11 ブレザー

12 休み Winter vacation-4 weeks Summer vacation-4 weeks
Spring vacation-2 weeks Homework is assigned for students for winter and summer vacation Usually test after the break

13 学校のルール No earring, no makeup, no curling or dying hair, no long nails or applying nail polish, proper use of uniforms (no shortening skirts or tightening shirts and pants. No wearing pants low) If these rules are broken, students have to write an apology of certain length

14 Bibliography Ako Okashita

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