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Peace Journalism and Advertisement of Peace Promoting Activities of Island Society.

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1 Peace Journalism and Advertisement of Peace Promoting Activities of Island Society

2 Location of Jeju Island

3 Rough Sketch of Jeju ▶ Size of Jeju Island: 1.847 ㎢ (1.8% of total Korean land mass, Jeju Island is the biggest island in Korea) ▶ Population: 554,000 (1.1% of Korea’s total population) ▶ Average temperature: 26~27°C(Aug), 5~6°C(Jan) (Annual Average Temperature : 15°C) ▶ GRDP(Gross Regional Domestic Product): 4.3 billion US $(0.9% of Korean GDP) ▶ Major Industry: Tourism, Agriculture

4 Historical Review of 20 th Century ◆ Japanese Colonies : 1910-1945 ◆ Jeju 43 Incident: 1947-1954 ◆ Korean war : 1950 ◆ Military Regime: 1963-1989 ◆ the hand-over of power from the military to civilian government: 1993 ◆ The national commission of 43 Incident :2000

5 43 Incident briefing ① Period: 1947-1954 ② the number of presumed-victims: 25,000-30,000 (at that time Jeju Island had a total population of 280,000) (Circumstance: unemployment, corruption, famine. and mistrust of both US military rule and the Korean central government.) ③ Actor: U.S Military administration, Korean Government VS Communist Guerillas, Jeju People. ④ After this incident, many Jeju Islanders suffered from the ‘Red- Complex’ ⑤ In January 2000, the Special Law was passed

6 Solving the 43 Incident 1987-1990’: freedom of speech, First stage of 4.3 incident solving (Regional and nongovernmental level) 2000: Special law, The national commission on Jeju 4.3 2003: President’s apology 2004: Peace Park, Peace Prize, Peace foundation

7 The News Media and a Perspective of Peace Journalism Year of 2004 Daily newspapers Internet News Weekly Monthly Others Total 3(6) 3 31 6 13 59(63)

8 2002: published as an exhibit (2002 FIFA World Cup). 2003: officially registered 2004: published twice 2005: publish four times Major contents : peace culture, environmental issues, human rights, and gender issues of the world. 2006 biweekly English newspaper, Internet peace news services. 2008 Broadcast Internet Peace TV 2008.

9 The challenge 1) How can we produce benefits by covering the peace culture without any commercial theme? 2) Shortage of personnel resources is a basic limitation.

10 ▷ foreign visitors were satisfied with our peace journalism’s efforts. the decision makers (local government policy makers) think that peace journalism is more valuable than instinctive economic effects by current cost-benefit analysis. ▷ Jeju Island is the second popular choice to hold international events in Korea after Seoul, FIFA World Cup, UNEP, ADB, and PATA Conference.

11 The 20th century---------------- social violence 1910 to 1945(Colonialism, 4.3 Incident) There is a Korean proverb, “A human being matures with his pain”. Jeju islanders are not only the most peace-loving people, but also their efforts in searching for peace is by no means less than any other regions. Thanks you.

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